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The Coming Woes


Man Child on Display

In our Full Moon Meeting this morning, February 27, 2021 Roy reported he heard, “Woe to the ruthless ones.” After Roy reported this I knew this was confirmation to what I had been seeing and hearing during the meeting (I had not reported it yet).

I saw and heard the Lord saying there would be a section in the Time Clock information titled “The Coming Woes.” I saw this in glimpses on the site and the Lord told me there would “13 woes” under this section. I was able to see a few of these woes and the red words to each woe I saw were not that long.

Sabbath Judgment Meeting, February 27, 2021 - MC
mercyNumber each woe as I give them to you. Paramount, paramount the order I give them to you, Child. There shall surely be 13 woes. After I have given you My 13 woes you shall tap the wooden staff on the ground 13 times. Lets begin:

1. Woe to the rebellious in heart who gnash their teeth and use their swords to pierce My people. Your tongues and weapons shall be a witness against you.

2. Woe to the house of Satan and those who gather in his name. I will utterly forsake you.

3. Woe to those who take shelter in the strongholds of the world. They shall be your destruction and you shall not escape.

4. Woe to those who curse their father and their mother. You shall be a sign of cursing and no one shall help you. The plagues of rebellion shall cling to you.

5. Woe to the house of the Illuminati and all their outpost. Fear, dread, and mourning shall come upon you, for this is what you have sown and this is what you shall reap. You shall have no heir in your house; neither male nor female. Woe to your children also.

6. Woe to those who confide in Artificial Intelligence. Who stoop down and bend the knee to worship. Who have forsaken My Holy Spirit. You shall be consumed in your knowledge and it shall eat your flesh.

7. Woe to those who blaspheme against heaven and against those who dwell there. Will flesh boast against what is spirit and succeed? Your tongues are cursed with a curse and shall be used to lick up curses off of others that you be consumed with cursing. It shall overtake you and you shall be destroyed. Amen.

Give Me 13 minutes of silence, Child, before writing the next upcoming woes. Keep your hands on the judgment table. I done as the Lord commanded me. I set my phone for 13 minutes and gave silence to the Lord. I kept my hands on the judgment table as I was told. After the 13 minutes was finished the Lord had me continue on with the following woes.

8. Woe to those who are seekers of evil and who look for opportunities to harm the innocent. Harm shall be rewarded unto you seven-fold. A complete measure for your evil seeking’s.

9. Woe to those who eat flesh and drink blood I have not commanded, and who are perverse in spirit and in flesh. You shall be given to the beast of the field and you shall be consumed. I have not commanded the flesh of mankind to be consumed nor the blood of mankind to be drunk. The souls you have consumed shall be your witnesses.

10. Woe to those who give their young for price, the child of their womb and from their loins that they may gain leisure at the expense of wickedness.

11. Woe to those who strengthen the kingdom of the beast. Who take part in the evil thereof and forsake the fountains of Living Waters. Your birthright shall be cursed and you shall fall into a pit.

12. Woe to those who use their hands to strengthen the image of the beast and its rule. Who lord it over others in dominance and all manner of evil. I will utterly forsake you also.

13. Woe to those who partake in the cup of the harlot on the scarlet beast. Woe, woe, woe to the members of your beings that have pursued the filling of her cup with the blood of My anointed. They shall be left as members of desolation, even as the members of Jezebel.

All these woes shall come upon those who reject Me. Who blaspheme and deny My name before men. Who confide in evil and make it their stronghold. Surely it shall be so and you shall not escape the bed you have made to lay in. Seek Me, seek Me and these woes I have now given lest you doubt in your heart and reject My words. This is My “Thesis of Woes” to all who reject Me and My words. That is all, Child. Do as I have commanded you with the wooden staff. I took the wooden staff and tapped it on the ground 13 times for each woe as the Lord commanded me.

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