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The Lord said, "My people don't know
the questions they should be asking!"
the questions they should be asking!"

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God-Given Information to Move the Church from Spotted to Spotless - Harlot to Bride!

Boot Camp for the Bride Index

Information Three Spots Index - Book of Remembrance
The Lord revealed the marriage of the church to Him follows the pattern of a Jewish wedding: betrothal, cleansing (remove spots), marriage, consummation of the marriage (intimacy). Then the Lord showed us there had to be marriage counseling. Putting the wedding gown on is the first step.

God's bootcampGod's Boot Camp

Boot Camp

Quick Start & Packet Guide

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tagalog PDF

The three spots that must be removed to be able to have the wedding gown on are to the right.

Demonstration of Covenant
- (3 Spots)

Demonstration of Covenant
(3 Spots)

Introduction 14 min.

What are the first 3 Spots?

Spot - How the
Holy Spirit Teaches

Salvation Section 53 min.

Spot - Salvation
48% Missing

Protection Section 40 min.

More protections revealed in addition
to what's in the movies.

Read I Saw Mount Zion
Understand Why we need
protections and the foundational
understanding of how we get them!

God's End Time Protections

Tithing Sec. 70 min. + information
on the Bride & law etc.

Spot - Tithing

Law of Retribution
The Lord said Pay Attention

Crowning the Lord King on Earth Through Our Actions
...tell them I want to meet with them every morning… tell them there is a certain way to do this because I am Holy…
Corporate Flow Chart

Golden Meetings Book
(The Fourth Spot )

Holy of Holies Book

"The Marriage Feast of the Lamb" Book

earthNarrow is the Way into Brideship!

Narrow Way

golden meetings



Come to Life

A Perfected Golden Meeting

I Saw the Holy of Holies
and Purpose

The Holy of Holies


gold marriage table

God Reveals the Table of the Marriage Supper of the Lamb

My River Leads to a Place
Called Destiny!

The Lord Speaks

Obedience Without "Self"


Protocol Needed to Meet “in the Lord” as His Bride

Protocol Needed
become oneFirst Marriage Feast
of the Lamb

Two Become One
in the Lord's Hand

A Corporate Flow Chart -
The River of Life

River of Life


Fusion PathTried as Gold
Commander in Chief

What does it Take

Tried as Gold

"A Passion for ME is Not Enough"

Passion for Me

The Lord reveals,
it's your choice!

To Attend the Marriage
Supper of the Lamb

Give Me My Bride GO

top of River of LifeLooking at the Beginning and End of the River of Life!

Pure Live giving

fusion Narrow Path

The Lord said, "Fusion"


An In Him Meeting with Protocols and Elements.

In Him Meeting

The Lord reveals
the meaning of

"Outer Darkness"

in the parables.

River of Life Across the LandI Saw the River of Life Coming Across the Land!

River Land

Fusion- Silence
Military Units
I Saw the Lord of the book of Revelation

noselfThe Unit - God's Unit

God's Unit


Download Marriage Feast booklet
for printing - zip

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Flow Chart MechanicsMore Understanding of the Mechanics of a Corporate Flow Chart

Flow Chart Mechanics

Individual/Corporate Golden Meetings

Individual Meetings

They Will Do Exploits!

God's Demonstration of the
Battle of Jericho!


The Fourth Dimension

Satan - Evil Spirits

Tactics of Satan

Extremes of Spiritual Warfare

The Guard of Strife

In the Beginning
was the Word

Freeing People from
the Curses of Back Debt

Silence is Beauty and a Major Key in all Deliverances

God said,
"No Flow Chart,
No Government"

The Picture

Judgement Meetings -
Crowning the Lord KING!



Staffs of Silence



The Anatomy of a
Kingdom Flow Chart

The Anatomy

Beginning Flow Chart


Quick Start for a
“Judgements Meeting”

Quick Start

Download Holy of Holies booklet
for printing - zip
- 3rd Edition
cover - zip - 3rd Edition

Download - 3rd Edition
Letter page size - pdf - zip

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God reveals Man-Child!

Man-Child Insights
Man-Child Insights

Information by Tamilyn concerning
the Man-Child
the Lord OKed for this site.

Read the Man-Child information

Pdf of flow chart taken from Tamilin's information for illumination.
Download pdf

Download - zip How Does the Holy Spirit Teach and Lead?
The river of Life and Flowchart Mechanics

Cover download - zip

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The King of King’s Laver
A Basic Wash & Golden Meeting

Read I Saw Mount Zion
What's coming?
Why we need Protections!

The Lord brings up
the Millennium
- Manchild

Millennium - Man Child

God's Portrayals
End times_Manchild

A unique seed planted


God's Flow

We must learn to Flow with
the Lord in His Meetings and
in His Kingdom

God's Flow

Brideship is the Destination

The Picnic

Repository of Rhema Words Given in Golden Meetings


Cleansing, so the Lord can better work through us!

Walking in Pure Forgiveness - "Self"

Pure Forgiveness

Keeping the Lamps Lit

Read Free ebooks

Download Golden Meetings booklet
for printing - zip
- 4th edition
cover - 4th Edition

Download 4th Edition
letter page size - pdf - zip

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A Deeper Look Into Silence:


Entering Into a New Realm
Take a Look


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