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Golden Meetings must come to life and there are boundaries set by God!  It's part of crossing over into God's Kingdom.

...tell them I want to meet with them every morning… tell them there is a certain way to do this because I am Holy…

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A Meeting, Golden In Nature!
"I Give You Boundaries So You Can Find ME!"
Jesus is the Meeting
A Bridge For Crossing Over!
Beat It Into The Door Posts So It will Come To Life!
Simple Don'ts and a Do!
Behind the Lord's Heart

Before we get into God building a big picture (with little pictures) concerning meetings and government, I need to share something God revealed to me years ago when He started dealing with me about the Spotless Married Bride being in the earth. That being: people will actually be passing by a person on the street who is part of the spotless married bride and not know it. Many people passed by Jesus and/or the disciples and didn't have a clue as to who they really were. You can imagine my thought, not understanding much of anything about the spotless bride.

The spotless bride will become very visible in the earth at some point but we must understand that most people will not see her for what she is, especially in the early stages of her manifestation.

Because we are talking about meetings, we need to remember it is the acts of a woman that determine whether she is a bride or a harlot. The three main spots God revealed that are on the body of Christ all have to do with acts. So now we delve into acts and attitudes, both individually and corporately concerning meetings, which have to do with government making us harlotrous or a spotless bride towards the Lord.

The first picture:

When God began to emphasize the importance of writing about meetings, He gave me a scene in the night of a real-life situation. Because of his age and condition, a man I have known for years moved to another town so his daughter could help with his care. He had attended the church where I grew up. The scene:

I was watching the process of this man moving. He came to me and started to talk about his church, the one I grew up in. We were having a conversation when he suddenly said, "I hope they change their meetings!" I asked, "Why?" He said, "Because they don't do anything!"

I remember a Christmas program I attended in this church. The program was fine as far as man's standards go, but in the midst of the meeting the Lord started speaking to me. I don't remember all of what He said but it was enough to bring me to weeping. I knew these people and they had been so much a part of my early life. Some are spirit filled; I know they love the Lord and most certainly have heard His voice. I had to quit listening to the Lord in order not to weep openly. What was He saying? Even though I don't remember it all, I do remember these things: "I love these people! I want to be in their daily lives! I want them to know ME! I want to be in their meetings!"

Years ago when God brought us together as a body, one of the things that surprised me was that He was interested in the format of our meetings. God said, "Know the purpose of each meeting." At that time I suppose we all had ideas of what He meant; but through the years God has continually given us more, here a little and there a little, on how to have meetings that are pleasing to Him. We are talking about meeting as a Spotless Bride, not as a harlot. We are talking about meeting under the Kingship of Jesus, which is far from anything democratic, like having an opinion, a vote, or a gift. We are talking about how a corporate body can become intimate with Jesus. We are talking about Jesus leading the meeting and that is more than having the presence of the Holy Spirit. Jesus is to be in our meetings as the head. If He is not allowed to be the head, He is not leading or governing as the head of the church.

A Meeting, Golden in Nature!

When God started inspiring me to attend a meeting at West Point Academy in New York, He gave me a scene in the night. It was shown that the meeting was golden but something was missing. It was like a sheet of paper with an incomplete house plan. I didn't know this at first but God confirmed that it was indeed an incomplete plan for a house. The scene was confirming that I was to attend and because of the scene being golden, I knew it had to do with the narrow path to the marriage of the Lamb scenes that God wanted included in this information (for His purposes).

Why would God want to bring attention to a particular meeting being golden? For one thing, the meeting and its purpose was on HIS calendar of events. The following is an excerpt from Uncharted Waters, a word from the Lord found on this site.

....Oh that you could hear the sound of that fountain. Can you hear? Am I not God? I say, 'Come.' I call you to My ways and My calendar of events. The church in the world has its calendar and I have Mine. Some have made their calendar from My Word, yet they err. Even those whom I have gifted have their own calendar, but I am the Lord and I have Mine. I reveal My calendar step by step. Those who learn My ways, and find My calendar, shall ride the wings of a bird in flight into victory with Me. I have designed the Way. It is Me, it is Truth, it is Love, it is My pattern, it has My purpose. Know, My calendar stands. Time is short. 'Come forth, Bride!'....

Before the New York meeting God had also been teaching us here at Take His Heart about judging and atonement. I finally realized we must judge something to be amiss before we can atone for it. In this case it was the USA. The sincere repentance for the USA, the warfare led by the Spirit of God, and the placement of the USA flag at Jesus' feet were all a part of the atonement God instructed to take place for the USA at West Point.

We did not meet just to recognize or acknowledge the day of atonement, but to actually atone according to God's will and instruction. When God gave Moses the information concerning the feast days, He included specific instructions as to what the people were to do. We must understand this in order to determine whether a meeting is harlotrous or golden to God. He tells us specifically what to do in any meeting.

The laying of the flag at Jesus' feet revealed another part of why the meeting was shown to be golden. A bride is a coworker with her husband and we are coworkers with Christ, to bring forth into the earth His bidding according to His instruction given through the Holy Spirit. If we had met to celebrate that particular day on God's calendar and did just what we thought should be done, I believe more of the plans would have been missing from the scene.

From Uncharted Waters: The church in the world has its calendar and I have Mine. On 7-22-89 the Lord told this group, "I will cause you to walk in My statutes & judgments." Paul the apostle taught that we are to fulfill the righteousness of the Law. Just one more clear reason God would show the meeting at West Point to be golden in nature. We walked out a statute of God, obeying Him in the midst of it! We as Christians are supposed to observe the feast days mentioned in the Bible!

As far as I could tell at the time, all the people at the West Point meeting were there to serve the LORD; no person laid hands on the meeting and made it theirs. There was basically no list of events that were to take place, except God's. Moses knew he was to be used to deliver Israel, but he knew nothing of all the little events that would take place as he went through the process. It's the same with God's meetings. This is why God had shown the meeting at West Point to be golden in nature, even though imperfect.

God did show that there was something missing in the scene about the golden meeting. At first I thought this could be as simple as God wanting us to go to the meetings and bring the "thing of the Spirit" about laying the USA flag at the feet of Jesus to complete the agenda. I now know this is not true, and in the following section you will get a picture of some things no one knew at the time of the meeting at West Point. God is building a picture as He takes us through events brought about by Him.

I mentioned that God told us, "Know the purpose of each meeting." It is so easy for us to inject our own agendas into a meeting. I have noticed that we basically tend to copy previous meetings. The purpose of each meeting is revealed by God through "the things of the Spirit," both before the meeting and during it.

From Uncharted Waters: Even those whom I have gifted have their own calendar but I am the Lord and I have Mine. I reveal My calendar step by step. God has an agenda (a calendar of events so-to-speak) for each meeting He calls, and it may not include the functioning of everyone's particular gifting or calling.

"I Give You Boundaries So You Can Find ME!"

When I was at the meeting in New York, I heard someone say, "God gives us boundaries so we can find Him," or something similar. This struck home to me and you will see why as you read.

We here at Take His Heart basically have three meetings per week: prayer, oasis, and what we call a ministry meeting or church. This does not imply that everyone else must have meetings like ours, but what is important to understand is what God has revealed about these meetings. To start with, let's talk about prayer meeting.

We were originally told that positions would be established in this meeting and we have since understood that positions are certainly established through, or from, the Holy Spirit or the River of Life. Remember the Lord said, "Government comes down the River!" It must, because the government is on Jesus' shoulders and the River of Life comes from Jesus! The church must learn how to let Jesus govern meetings and let Him establish!

Isaiah 9:6
For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon His shoulder: ....

We were told that prayer meeting was the core of everything else. The format the Lord gave us was to first get rid of the "things of the world" and then to seek the Lord for His agenda. We murmured! We thought we were putting bondage on people since we were all used to praying about sick people and other worldly concerns. What God was trying to teach us was how to let Him be the head of the prayer meeting totally, letting Him govern. (He was also starting to take us out of our hidden mind sets.) We were told that we should pray for each other at the beginning of the meeting, asking that we would have "ears to hear" and "eyes to see" what the Holy Spirit has to reveal. If a particular person was having a problem getting rid of the "things of the world," then we could pray for that individual, but after that we would then seek the Lord's agenda. All of this is to arrive at the Lord's agenda. Each person must be able to totally submit to the Holy Spirit; to be led and used by Him in order for God's agenda to come forth. You must get "things of the Spirit" to get the Lord's agenda, such as establishment of positions, direction, truth, ministries being birthed. The following is a word we received some years ago concerning meetings.

"Yea, I am enthused with your willingness & obedience, & yes, I am guiding & directing you. It is My desire that you come together as you've been doing, not just once but 2 or 3 times. Yes, I have chosen you. Yes, you are each called. And when you come together I give each of you different things but they are all of the same Spirit & so when you come together, let each one bring that which he has so that it can be put together, so it can be shown what the bigger picture is. ....And I say to you when you come together, let each one's mind & heart be clear....

And I say to you when you come together, let each one's mind & heart be clear.... is why we must pray for those who are having problems getting their minds clear to be able to seek the Lord's agenda. As a side note we used to pray for those who were part of the group but were not at the meeting at the time. We finally realized we should not be doing this as we were only to pray for those present who need to have ears to hear and eyes to see what the Lord wants to reveal in that meeting at that particular time. And I say to you when you come together, let each one's mind & heart be clear.... is also about not walking in our own spirit, not having our agenda! It's all about serving the Lord and getting His agenda, nothing else. He has the plan and the victory, and we need to know His plan so we can be in His victory!

When God first dealt with me about the prayer meetings He showed me it was like going to a meeting of the directors of a corporation. People sit around a table but nothing much happens until the president shows up. He controls the agenda.

So what we do is basically this: We have a short (silent - except for praying) time at the beginning of the meeting for people to get rid of the "things of the world" and pray for each other. Then we corporately seek the Lord's agenda and act on those "things of the Spirit." After it appears we are done with the Lord's agenda, individuals can then bring prayer requests to the group. It's simple and it basically lets the Lord lead and be the Head of the meeting. Scripture says the Lord is the head of His church and I've heard leaders say the same. But the church has to learn how to truly let the Lord be the head by knowing what He wants, with action rather than lip service. Truly making Him King is an action, not just words. I grew up attending meetings with our own agendas, where there was not a speck of Him being the head of the meetings, which is really a harlotrous thing! I will add to this picture but first some information about the other two meetings.

The Oasis meeting is approximately an hour of songs inspired and given by the Holy Spirit for the purpose of ministering to the Lord and proclaiming to the heavens who He is. In this meeting we are asking nothing of Him! We are giving the Lord praise and thanksgiving for what He has done, is doing, and is going to do. It is praise and worship and sometimes warfare, again based on what the Lord brings forth by His Spirit. Very seldom do we sing about the Lord. It is a personal matter. Logically a Bride sings to her husband privately and about him publicly. After the singing is complete we share any "things of the Spirit" we receive, so they can be recorded. We take communion sometime during the meeting and we hold the meeting on a Friday night, therefore ministering (worship and praise) to the Lord on the (Jewish) Sabbath.

Sometimes revelation comes during the Oasis meeting about something the Holy Spirit brought up in prayer meeting. This is true for the ministry meeting also. We have, at times, seen a thread of revelation continue through all three meetings for extended periods of time before we get the full picture!

The ministry meeting is basically where we bring all the "things of the Spirit" together from the previous meetings to form a picture. Paul said,

1 Corinthians 14:26
How is it then, brethren? when ye come together, every one of you hath a psalm, hath a doctrine, hath a tongue, hath a revelation, hath an interpretation. Let all things be done unto edifying.

This is the meeting where we really expect what Paul said to happen, although it is true for every meeting. We start this by sharing all of "the things of the Spirit" people have received so we can move in the direction God wants. We may not get them in order, but God is constantly building pictures and giving revelation piece by piece. If we do things decently and a little out of order, we can still get the picture if every one understands. The exception to this would be when the Holy Spirit is moving and He won't continue on until we have done what we are to do, individually or corporately. This is a step by step process and must be done in order.

God has used the ministry meeting to show me different things. Being the overseer, I've had to learn not to carry the meeting on my shoulders. The meeting is the Lord's, not mine. I had to get rid of the idea that I must perform. God emphasized this by sending me to meetings with totally no clue as to what He wanted. The clues came in the meeting, either through some "things of the Spirit" or the music, which the Lord had given to the music leaders. The point is that I had to function off the clues at the time and not get into my own spirit. On the other hand, God sometimes reveals part of what I'm to do before the meetings.

Getting back to all of the meetings in general, God has dealt with us through the years about reverence to Him and getting rid of the worldly things before a meeting. He has constantly talked about unity (corporate) in doing things His way. It isn't so hard individually but corporately it is quite another thing. Getting rid of "self" is key as an individual and when this is accomplished, it is easy for that individual to do it corporately.

At a meeting in April, 2004, a person saw, and recorded, some symbols. One of them was a barrel on wheels. She didn't know if it had the oil of the Holy Spirit in it or if it was ink. We had no idea why she saw this, but we were soon to learn that God was going to use it to confirm some things.

God had been teaching us more and more about our meetings and I had learned that the meetings were supposed to be His. Then in another meeting on April 14th, the same person saw a courtroom with pillars of white marble and white curtains. In the vision she entered this courtroom knowing she had to be quiet. She then saw that same oil barrel on wheels, and it was drawing a line around the inside of the room where we were. She then reported that the court room atmosphere is the way our meetings are to be - like a King's court! The line being drawn around the room has to do with, "He gives boundaries so we can find Him!" God had just set another boundary concerning our meetings. He did it in a big way because it is that important!

In a court room all the talk is very low, even though people are preparing for the judge to appear. When the judge appears, all talking is basically stopped. Nothing is done unless the judge initiates it. Considering what we have learned about keeping a record of everything in a Flow Chart, isn't it interesting that everything that goes on in a court room while the judge is present is recorded?

Jesus is the Meeting

The next important thing the Holy Spirit impressed upon me was that not only does the meeting belong to Jesus but the meeting was Jesus - that we enter into Him.

I give testimony here of the next Oasis meeting. We as a group had talked about the courtroom atmosphere and were intent on getting it right after all the correction we had been given. I instructed the group to enter the meeting place for Oasis as though they were entering into Jesus. I had no idea what that would be like or how to do it, but I can give my own personal testimony of what happened.

My wife and I arrived first and I looked at the door thinking I had to enter like I was entering into Jesus. There was some kind of process in my mind as I entered. I walked across the room starting to prepare for the meeting and was praying within myself, when suddenly I realized the Lord was already there. Others came and were quietly preparing for communion while I was getting the recording equipment ready. People talked very softly but always next to each other, as if in a court room. As the people entered with this kind of attitude, it seemed the anointing got stronger until it was as strong or stronger than I had ever experienced without a gift manifesting. I thought that it very strange as the meeting hadn't started and we most certainly had not entered His court with praise. We all looked knowingly at each other and I realized there was no reason for prayer or anything else. "The Lord is here!" The music started and believe me the very first song was anointed on the first note. This anointing continued throughout the meeting. We did our normal things but with a lot more reverence than usual. There was no particular miracle during all of this but I was totally blessed by the experience.

One thing I noticed is that with my mind on "entering into Jesus," it was not hard to rid myself of the "things of the world" and the thoughts associated with them. As a matter of fact they never entered my mind because my thoughts were focused on entering into Jesus! I did think during the meeting how strange it was that a mindset of entering into Jesus would produce the spiritual connection that Jesus was already there, which He most certainly was. The Lord was demonstrating that HE is the Meeting and we had entered into Him. The problem in the connection is on our end; thus "He gives us boundaries so we can find Him!" Do we really want to find Him in a greater way on a more consistent basis?

After the meeting I realized that God had simply demonstrated to us what He was teaching us, as He has promised. He was establishing everything He had revealed about the atmosphere and patterns that we should have in our meetings. Some may yell, "Bondage and legalism," but our freedom is in Him, our liberty is in Him. Why would a person observe the courtroom atmosphere in the world system and complain about it in the Kingdom of God? Jesus is a King and if He manifested physically, so everyone could actually see Him in front of any meeting, we would immediately have the courtroom atmosphere.

The Lord told me I would be surprised at how narrow the path is that leads to life. This information concerning the narrow path to the marriage of the Lamb is no exception. It is necessary for us to receive the boundaries He gives so we can find Him on a regular (consistent) basis as a corporate body. We must realize that this is a way for the corporate body to be intimate with Jesus. This must happen corporately because the Bride of Christ is a corporate body!


I had written this information to here and asked the Lord if it was complete. That night He gave me a very clear scene depicting that the information contained in this writing is how we, the corporate body, "Cross Over." There is more to come. The scene:

crossing over

I was standing in what I would describe as a park. There were trees and well kept grass. It was a beautiful place. In front of me was the end of a bridge that was suspended in the air. (This is a side view of the bridge.) It had just been built. It was made of concrete and had a very gentle arch to it as it went out to my right. It was a bridge built for "Crossing Over!" I could see three or four pipes (not depicted in the picture) on the very end of the bridge. These were used for people to throw a rope over to pull themselves up to the entrance of the bridge. There were no steps and I would guess the entrance to be 15 to 20 feet off the ground. You had to pull yourself up.

I was then up where I could see the entrance to the bridge. I saw the concrete to be new and of excellent quality. The inside walls of the narrow path down the bridge were a little convex upward to the hand rails. On top of the hand rails was a strip of smooth steel embedded in the concrete. This made it easy to slip your hands along on both sides, if you wanted to. This bridge was certainly built for one person at a time to pass through, or over, but I also knew it was built for a group to pass single file. A corporate thing is possible! The floor and hand rails were perfect in width and height for walking. There was something beautiful about this construction and its shape that I cannot describe, other than I think it was its purpose that added the strange beauty.


"Crossing over" has to do with crossing over into God's kingdom and it most certainly has to do with the Marriage of the Lamb, simply because God injected it into the information concerning the narrow path to the Marriage of the Lamb.

Again I laid the article down asking God if it was complete. The Lord gave me a vision showing me that I would be going back to rewrite some of what I had written, that I needed more seed. I knew the seed would have to come from God in the future! There is more to come concerning "Crossing over."

Beat It Into The Door Posts So It will Come To Life!

Meeting held 12-19-04

At this time I shared the article with the group here at Take His Heart and more scenes that God had given me. One scene depicted me having to beat, over and over, this information into a doorpost (jam) to make it come alive. This was easy to understand because the reason God instructed the Israelites to write His Word on their doorposts is because they needed to see it every day or they would forget it. We don't remember information very long; it is sometimes lost in our minds in just days. I realized that we as a group were sinking back into our old ways and not concentrating on walking into Jesus when we have meetings. I understood why God had said what He said in a previous meeting on 12-12-04: Through our watchman we were given the words: – "Corporate." "Erase the old," "Instill" - "MY word," "Perfection," and "Praise ME."

Of course we praised Him but we didn't understand what we were to get rid of, that which was old. You see, we had not erased the old way of having "corporate" meetings. The old familiar way was creeping back in. (If you totally erase something it will not come back.) We were to Instill - God's Word to us about walking into Him in meetings and this has to do with "Perfection."

As we discussed this I reminded everyone that God had frequently been telling us to "listen." I suggested that because God was dealing with us so often about meetings during this "particular window of time," that He was saying for us to listen when we enter into Him. In other words, "Here I am Lord. I have no agenda. I am listening for instruction. I am desiring to hear what you have to say. You are my King, I am your liaison."

I have realized that God is helping me to beat this information into people's minds by giving me more and more visions while I have been writing this article. It is about conducting meetings pleasing to God. I share another vision so you will understand this when I give you the interpretation God gave me. The vision:

I was looking at a section of carpet being taken up and made into two balls about the size of a basketball (or bigger). As this was happening the carpet changed into a fabric similar to Velcro. It also turned from brown to black. I was then looking at two black balls suspended in the air side by side. I saw a few sheets (8-10) of regular paper (20 - 24 Lb) being stuck into the fabric. The paper did not curl or fold and fall like it would in the natural. These papers were placed on end all over the balls sticking straight out. Both balls and papers seemed to be identical. I was told, "Do not let these leave the office."

This scene made absolutely no sense to me and I wondered if I had put something in this article I should not have. I shared the scene and asked people to pray because I did not want to write anything that I shouldn't.

As we discussed this, I shared the following question. Is the total format for a meeting (all that God has taught us), including the concept of walking into Jesus, for the leaders of the church or for the whole church body (including children)? I felt it was ridiculous to be distributing this information without knowing the answer to this question. It became obvious to me that leaders of the church need to know this in order not to be harlotrous towards the Lord.

On 12-20-04, I had another golden vision. I was watching a very wealthy man build houses (mansions). I was taken to specific places here and there all over the world. This man would point his finger and say, "I want to build a house here!" The terrain of the areas he chose made no difference because of the vast amount of this man's wealth. worstplaceThen I was looking at the most difficult area in the world on which to build a house. It was a full color scene of rocks that were about 8 - 10 inches wide with spaces between the rocks of about a foot. Since the whole area was this way one would have to be careful just to stand. I saw the wealthy man point to this area and He said, "I want to build a house here!" Immediately I saw a plumber putting pipe through the solid rock and the house was started. Then the scene changed to the finished house and I was inside. I was looking at this wealthy man's very large family. I was making a special effort to look intensely at the family to see who they were. There were old people down to babies the size that could sit up in your arms. The scene ended.

I knew God had given this information about His meetings for the whole church. A house represents what we believe and do in life. This was a "golden house." With the wealth (golden) representing "knowledge and understanding," a golden house can be built anywhere in the world according to the Lord's will - even in the hardest places. Without the wealth (knowledge and understanding) it cannot be done. God has given us this knowledge and understanding through the "things of the Spirit." The reason for the plumber being first on the scene concerns piping. Piping transmits needed information. I have been piping to you in this article.

After I awoke from this scene, the Lord gave me the interpretation of the two black balls suspended in mid air. The brown carpet turning into black spheres with white papers being inserted represents what we walk on (in) - the correct earthly walk becoming black and white. (I had already been shown the front of this writing was colorful [the golden meeting information], but it turns into black and white within the article. The information is black and white on how to conduct meetings.) The papers standing stiff means the information on each sheet stands alone. The two spheres represent the New Heaven and the New Earth as seen on this site. The papers and spheres being identical corresponds to one sphere being heaven and one sphere being earth and us praying, "Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven." (The patterns in heaven concerning God's kingdom need to be manifest exactly on earth.)

When I was in heaven there were meetings going on and God was in charge. I can guarantee that they knew the purposes of each meeting and God's agenda for them. God's people have been praying for God's will to be done on earth as it is in heaven. Are we up to the task of change? It takes effort to pull ourselves up to the entrance of the bridge for "Crossing Over." Will we exert the effort?

Why did God say to me, "Do not let these leave the office?" He was telling me never to lose this information from the office of prophet or apostle; that I am responsible to keep it. I am also responsible to keep beating this information into the doorposts of people's houses (belief system) so Jesus can truly become the head of His church, as a Husband and King.

God has given this vision to help beat the information into our doorpost so we never forget it! Our meetings must be pleasing to the "King of Kings" in order to become intimate (corporately) with the Lamb of God. Intimacy is a must to have a good working, on-going marriage.

To encourage everyone I will say that this may all seem a little overwhelming, but I can assure you that it is simple when you understand why. It's simply getting rid of all of our flesh (self) in a meeting. Here is another scene given during this same window of time: The lady who saw the oil barrel and the court room scene also saw a person climbing out of the water into a boat. The person sat down on a white seat at the back (there was no motor). The boat was white and blue with some finished wood at the front. She did not report this scene during that meeting, because she said it was gross. She said the person was bloody, as if all of their skin had been peeled off. I told her that the colors of the boat were good, including the white seat and that all the skin being gone from the person probably meant being totally void of flesh or "Self." Boats and ships represent the church and this boat could represent a single meeting, corresponding with what God is teaching us. The effort here to climb up into a boat on our own would represent the same effort on our part indicated in the Crossing Over bridge scene. We have to make the effort. God will not do it for us. There was no motor or steering on this boat. This means God can take the meeting (the boat) where He wants (by the Holy Spirit) instead of us steering it our way (by the flesh).

I have been around a real king in the natural and I can tell you that you do not just approach a king as you do any common person. We simply must meet with our King of Kings on His terms and accomplish His agenda for that time. We must walk into Him as He desires (fleshless - without self), looking for His agenda!

Simple Don'ts and a Do!

I realize to some this may seem extreme but, nevertheless, close to the truth. There are a lot of things that can interfere with walking into Jesus for a meeting, especially when it comes to corporate. Because of this I was thinking that all of this was impossible on a continuing basis. I was in a prayer meeting when the Lord said to me, "If something goes wrong or trails off the correct path, don't make a big deal out of it, just bring it back on course." This is a "Do."

As I said, I have been around a king and we are talking about meeting with the King of Kings. During this window of time, I spoke to the group about coming to the meeting with eyes set on really seeing the King. I can tell you that if we were really going to have an audience with a king, and especially the King of Kings, we would be focused early in the day on what was about to happen. We would have our mind on being dressed properly but not to bring attention to ourself. There is a message in this fact as clothing depicts our acts symbolically, and we should bring no attention to ourselves or anyone else. When we enter a king's court room we are centered on the king.

At that time we met in a barn and if we knew the King of Kings was in the barn (physically), we would not be talking in the parking lot with our neighbors about what was happening at work or what color dress they had on, etc. There is no way we can do this before a meeting and be focused on entering into Jesus when we enter the meeting room or building. The idea of Jesus really being there in a different way in these last days can be hard to get a hold of.

On Take His Heart's site it is revealed that Jesus is here on earth in a different way than He has been in the past. After the Holy Spirit revealed this to us through the White Horse scenes, Jesus has been talking to us differently, as if He is personally here in our meetings; and it is not just like letting the Holy Spirit move in meetings. Jesus being here differently is evidenced through a word through another ministry not connected to us. Here is a portion of that word:

I will now reveal that which has been hidden, but I have not come to reveal only sin that has been hidden; I have come to reveal the hidden mysteries of the last days, says the Lord. ....

So you see, Jesus is revealing in the world that He is here in a different way. He is here in our meetings and how we enter into the meeting, our attitude and our thought life affects the meeting. Little things are important and how to let Jesus be the head of meetings is a learned thing.

Behind the Lord's Heart

I'm so glad that God gives us pictures so we can get hold of what He wants us to understand. Meetings are important, and corporations and kingdoms could not exist or function correctly if there were not meetings of some kind. The same holds true in the Kingdom of God in the earth.

As God dealt with me many times about meetings, I saw why. They had to be conducted in a way that let Jesus be the head. With the new boundaries He was giving I was wondering where it was really going, what's so important about meetings and why does holiness enter so much into the equation. (Not man's idea of holiness but God's idea of Holiness.) It was around this time that the Lord was dealing with us about holiness; that He is Holy, which is something we know and have known.

I was headed towards a meeting when I was just thinking, "What in the world is so important about meetings and all these fine lines; why is this going on and on?"

I suddenly had a vision and I was inside the Lord looking at the back side of His heart. His body was way bigger than mine and His heart was right in front of my nose. The Lord said, "I have not had a woman I could love on!" Shaken, I instantly thought, "My Lord, He has never had a woman He could adore since the beginning of time! Israel was never the Spotless Bride and neither was the early Church."

I emerged from the vision with a boundless desire to have meetings acceptable to the Lord. I understood that the Bride is a functioning group of people flowing together, letting the Lord be the head. The thing that bothered me now was the fact that I could not make this happen. It takes a yielded group, both to the Lord and to each other, each functioning in their proper place and all without their own agenda.

I understood that the Lord had used a phrase that I had used in my younger years with my wife so I would understand what He was saying. This phrase meant things as simple as just holding her hand, "loving on her."

We must understand that it is in a meeting the bride can be manifest as a single body, whether she be a harlot or a spotless bride. The Lord will not love on a harlot like He will a Spotless Bride. He can do so much more because the Spotless Bride lets Him be the head of the meetings or, better put, lets Him take His position in the Body of Christ. In this experience the Lord was simply revealing to me how important meetings are when you cross over into His Kingdom, striving to become spotless in Him.


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