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The Information on this Site is Partial Fulfillment of Prophecy

God once said to me, "Do not judge a Word by the vessel it came through."

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Two words through two different men!
(The Importance of Obedience Without "Self")  

    I am sharing this to bring attention to the fact that God is fulfilling His word to us on what I call 'a daily basis'. Sometimes the body of Christ receives a word and it is soon forgotten. I have seen this happen in individual lives and in the church as a whole, even when it was to the body as a whole. God is always showing/warning people of things to come. (John 16:13). The problem is, a lot of Christians don't hear or know of certain things that God has revealed. It is my hope that these prophecies will stir you and maybe bring some more understanding as to why this site is different and is a part of the Lord's "last days" ministry to us. The Lord does not want us ignorant of what He is bringing forth in His church and in the earth!

The first prophecy came through Rick Joyner and is taken from a booklet put out by Derek Prince some time around 1988. There is no copyright on the booklet. The title of the booklet is: "He will Tell You Things to Come" (John 16:13). The title of the prophecy is "A Vision of the Harvest."  Here is section 6 of that word: "6. The Lord will soon open our understanding of His Word and purpose to a depth beyond our present comprehension. The "books" are yet to be "opened" as they will be. When they are, our understanding of even the basic truths such as salvation, being born again, etc., will be enormously increased. This will give far more substance and depth of purpose to the entire body of Christ. The functions of the gifts and ministries will come with increasing authority and power as their confidence increases with knowledge. The spiritual dimension will become more real to the church than the natural. When the proper Foundation has been adequately laid in the church (our union and devotion to Jesus Himself) the Spirit of revelation will be poured out as never before. Do not resist the Lord in this work. Seek greater intimacy with the Lord and open yourself to your fellow members in the body of Christ. Reach out to them and remove the barriers. The Lord will merely cause His people to rise above such differences and worship Him in unity. As He is lifted up, we will gradually begin to wonder how many things that were so important to us, and often divided us, could have had so much of our attention. As this final battle begins, we are all going to be amazed and sometimes ashamed at those we find on our side. Humble yourself under His mighty hand so that you may take part in a great exaltation. Those who allow themselves to be emptied, who lay aside all personal ambition to become of no reputation, who patiently suffer rejection and misunderstanding, will soon stir the entire world with the King's message."

As you read the information or watched the movie on this site, it is obvious that the Holy Spirit has brought forth a lot of information concerning what was predicted in this particular prophecy. Deeper understanding of salvation and being born again have all been presented by the Holy Spirit. Information on intimacy with the Lord or how to be a Bride in our actions as a corporate body, has also been presented by the Holy Spirit. I must say that the people here have made of themselves no reputation yet they are affecting the world. It is very interesting to watch.

The following is a word through Bernard Jordan and is taken from his book "Written Judgments," Vol. I - Copyright 1989. With permission from Bishop Jordan, here is the word for the state of Kansas:

"I will cause prophets to evolve out of Kansas, the Sunflower state. I will bring a major visitation of My Spirit to this area. I will call the heavens and the earth to take notice of what I will do in this state. I will bring forth those who are highly educated concerning the Word of the Lord. I will raise up major prophetic voices who will sound from this place at the turn of the century, for in the 21st century, you will hear of men who have been in hiding coming forth one by one, speaking the oracles of the Most High God. I will turn the economy of this state, and oppressed areas shall be raised up. The Church in Kansas will also begin to re-evaluate its teaching. There will be a sudden change in their theology concerning the last day events. The church in this state will be brought out of delusion, which will try to sweep the entire country at the close of the century."

To explain why I have placed this word here I present the following information:

The Importance of Obedience Without "Self."

Years ago the Lord dealt with me concerning prophetic words. I list three references to something we need to understand.

Matthew 24:34
Verily I say unto you, This generation shall not pass, till all these things be fulfilled.

Mark 13:30
Verily I say unto you, that this generation shall not pass, till all these things be done.

Luke 21:32
Verily I say unto you, This generation shall not pass away, till all be fulfilled.

What does it take to fulfill what Jesus said, "...This generation shall not pass away,..."? The truth is that one man of this generation being alive is all that is needed to fulfill the Lord's Words. For years God has dealt with me concerning His movements in the earth usually starting with one man or a very small group of people. Realizing this, I began (to include) looking at God's movements and fulfillment of His prophetic Words from a different angle and this is why this Word is on this site.

So with this understanding I share the following information for the purpose of learning. Years ago the Lord brought two groups of people together here in Kansas. For a while we met together in prayer meetings, then the Lord told us to meet together as a church. Soon the Lord told us to name it "the Church" and we wrestled some with that. With the events during the time of writing, What's in a Name, we added the location to the name matching the Biblical pattern. So we have "the church West of Dalton on our letter heads. The legal name of the church here is "the Church" and Take His Heart to the World Ministries is a part of the legal, "the Church." West of Dalton is the location of "the Church."

We were a cross section of church backgrounds all brought together for the Lord's purposes. The Lord began changing our end-time theology and soon the Lord dealt with us about spreading the information about the delusions He had shown us. He started by telling us to get on the internet and having us buy data base so we could send a post card to every church in Kansas. When we completed Kansas we started to send to surrounding states. We never finished sending post cards to the whole USA, realizing the Lord had not told us specifically to do that. It was during this time that the Lord outlined the USA with a red line in a vision and the Lord began more noticeably bringing people to the website. This has continued and it is now worldwide. This was all generally occurring before, during, and after the turn of the century, fulfilling the picture presented by this part of the above prophetic word.

The Church in Kansas will also begin to re-evaluate its teaching. There will be a sudden change in their theology concerning the last day events. The church in this state will be brought out of delusion, which will try to sweep the entire country at the close of the century."

So we see the ability of God to bring His Word to pass, without our fore-knowledge, in His telling us to name the assembly here "the church." We knew nothing of any prophetic Word and were just being obedient. God has also done a work in the group here, fulfilling this part of the Word through Derek Prince.

Those who allow themselves to be emptied, who lay aside all personal ambition to become of no reputation, who patiently suffer rejection and misunderstanding, will soon stir the entire world with the King's message.

So we see God is doing a work in those who will let Him. The thing here is not to bring attention to these people here, specficaly "the Church" here in Kansas, but to reveal the importance of obedience to the Lord without self. Moses obeyed God and became a part of fulfilled prophecy. The Lord said to us, "I'm looking for obedience, not accomplishment." As we have worked at being obedient through the years, just doing what the Lord told us to do, we never dreamed that we would be involved in fulfilled prophecy. The key is obedience; focusing on what the Lord is doing.

For all this, we need to thank and give glory to God!  - We are Blessed!


You can e-mail us at: Take His Heart Ministries

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