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Guard of Strife - Demon of Strife


Pdf of The Guard of Strife

The Depths of It

The Guard of Strife

I begin with an excerpt from my meeting with the Lord on 11-25-2015:

…the unknown, the unknown / careful / Guard of Strife correct / resilient be / teach / share / understanding / important / work for Me / love Me and My purposes / you may go

I knew from the meeting above that if I really loved the Lord and His purposes I must write about the Demon of Strife because of it’s ability to interfere with the Lord’s purposes and plans for His chosen, mainly because of the unknown.

The Guard of Strife was first introduced to us here at Take His Heart on September 9, 1997. I share from our records part of
what happened back then:

The guard of strife:

Person A went to visit a church. A man came up to person A and said God told him to tell person A a vision he’d had. His marriage was messed up and his wife was trying to leave him. God said to him, “Let me show you what you let in your house,“ and showed him a “demon of strife.” He was wearing a helmet of pride, breastplate of unrighteousness, loins gird with bitterness, shield of hate, belt of deception, hammer of judgment (hanging from belt), sword of lies.

(In this, person A realized it was like the soldier she had seen before at a person’s house.)

Later person A called and said they were sounding the trumpet!

1. The Lord said the Guard of Strife has been set.

2. Strife is already in families, and will come into the church
through families.

Strife is not always an open war - deception. It's underneath; the
appearance is that all’s well and normal, but it is covering up anger.

You can’t have strife without pride. They go hand-in-hand.
Strife is coming in a unique way - it’s an undercurrent - not open.
It won’t go away on it’s own. It’s got to be confronted and dealt
with or it will suck the life right out of people.

Person A later went on to reveal where the Lord had shown her the guard of Strife in people’s houses or on their property, person’s A’s included.

The Lord brought up the Guard of Strife to me again on either the 13th or 14th of November, 2015. I had the information given on Sept. 9th, 2015 in my hands when suddenly I remembered things that had happened back then. It is always interesting to look back in our records because one usually sees a much clearer picture than they had at the time.

I was thinking that all the people whom the Holy Spirt had revealed the Guard of Strife was either in their house or on their property. I remembered person A had seen the Guard on their property twice and the second time it was closer to their house than when first seen. It is interesting that person A eventually left what the Lord was doing here. Understand that we knew little about where the Lord was really taking us at the time. A lot of where the Lord was taking us was an unknown.

The Guard of Strife was seen in hallways, doorways, and living rooms of houses and on properties. As a result some people had left, but most interesting to me was the Guard of Strife that was seen on my back porch. A person I’ll call person B came to my house one morning and stood on my porch and asked me a question. Person B didn’t like my answer and announced they, meaning the whole family, were leaving the group. Person B had decided not to follow after the “things of the Spirit.” Why? Because of pride and the lack of understanding of what God was bringing forth.

When strife operates it separates at various degrees, but separation is always there in some way, usually spiritually or physically. In this case there was not only a separation among people, but a separation from what God had planned that would have been a blessing to God and people both - had strife not entered in. God revealed to me that He lost a ministry. Why did He tell me that? He wanted me to understand the seriousness of not obeying Him even when we don’t quite understand certain things or the big picture.

Looking back at what happened on my back porch when the Guard of Strife manifested, it is evident to me person B didn’t want their plan of life interrupted. Person B was guarding their family plan, keeping things the way they were. So we see the Guard working unknown to the person.

I had a plan of life back when I was just out of high school. Had I chosen to protect it when the Lord called me into His ministry I probably would not be writing you now.
Missing the mark affects us, the people around us, and families going down through generation after generation. Making the mark also changes lives, including generation after generation.

On 11-25-2015 I received some information and quickly realized that the Lord provided it for this writing. It was about something we knew, but didn’t understand for sure as we certainly didn’t have solid evidence from the Lord until now.

Introducing person C, here are the Lord’s words: "She had no cancer at all. The cancer was in her footsteps.” (“She” being person C.) Person C is the first person we know of that passed on from what doctors consider cancer, who was tithing correctly. We had believed there is more to do with tithing than money. I personally had felt there was more to this happening to person C than met the eye. Person C had been with us for years, a Christian who loved the Lord. With the Lord’s words, “The cancer was in her footsteps,” I realized that the events in the past I had wondered about, were true.

We must get into the lack of knowledge, not knowing God’s ways, and the lack of obedience and hanging on to our old ways allowing a spirit to function in our lives.

A picture:

Back when the Lord brought this group together He told us to gather as a church. Then through the pastor’s wife the Lord gave us our church name, “the Church.” I proceeded to inform everyone in our next meeting about the name. After the meeting person C informed me the Lord had said, “That name stinks in My nostrils!” Person C went on indicating that we were placing ourselves above other churches. Person C was accusing me and others of being, “High Minded.” I knew the Lord had not spoken and from the sound of Person C’s voice that it was a spirit operating.

I finally wrote person C an e-mail, basically everything I wrote in the What’s in a Name article on the site. The article came, with some adjustments, from that e-mail.

Understand that spirits like the Guard of Strife, Python and some others will accuse us of being “High Minded,” trying to get at our emotions, when all we are doing is obeying the Lord. So why would the enemy be after the name of a church?

In the Whats in a Name article we have a good start on the correct picture. God changed Abram’s name, meaning "high father," to Abraham, meaning "father of a multitude.” It was necessary and has to do with the ways of the Lord, the ways of the Kingdom of God. It has to do with words and their meaning. It is also interesting that when I have seen the name “the Church” as a thing of the Spirit, it has always been in cursive.

Looking at naming a church, “the Church” (only adding a location), in the big picture was just as important as God changing Abram’s name. We didn’t understand back then, we only knew in part how important it was. Basically the Lord could bring forth anything He wanted in “the Church,” not so with any other church name because of the name. He would be limited being a God of absolutes, absolute truth. He could not bring forth His perfected Bride under any other name. It’s a legal situation in the spirit realm and has to do with words and their meanings.

So we can catch a glimpse of the magnitude of the ramifications of person C coming against the name, “the Church.” Even-though it was a spirit operating, it makes no difference. It was one of the steps the Lord was talking about, “The cancer was in her footsteps,” This brings me back to the importance of knowing God’s ways and not leaning to our own understanding.

Another picture given by the Lord as to the seriousness of what person C did! From my records:

August 25, 2014
On this day the Lord revealed to me why person C passed on.  I walked out of the bedroom & into the kitchen into a substance I could see. I walked into the Lord's presence.  A word of knowledge (understanding) came: Person C had pulled a Moses (only as a picture).  She was not allowed to enter in because of something she did wrong that was big, even though she walked things out like Moses did in what she was supposed to do.  Moses finished what he was supposed to do, but he was not allowed to enter into the Promised Land. 

So we catch a glimpse of the fact that God is the same now and forever. Person C also told us they had prayed against us as a group, meeting where we were meeting. We had been shown where to meet through a “thing of the Spirit.” It’s called praying against God’s will, even though done out of the lack of knowledge. There were many more steps person C took that were not good, basically interfering in what the Lord was doing, but the Lord was loving person C all the way through and so were we.

The Demon of Strife is something else. It was certainly in operation when the Bride and Man-child were attacked in 2014. Looking back, it is easily seen that the hammer of false judgement and the sword of lies was being used on us as individuals and as a group. Most of this was allowed to exist through unknowns, the lack of knowledge. Understand that the enemy knows a lot of the unknowns in a situation and acts accordingly.

The Unknown

This brings us to the subject of “the unknown.” Again I present the first part of my meeting with the Lord on 11-25-2015:

…the unknown, the unknown / careful / Guard of Strife correct / resilient be / teach / share / understanding / important / work for Me / love Me and My purposes / you may go

As a witness I can tell you almost 100 percent of what has happened concerning the Guard of Strife had to do with “unknowns.” I haven’t yet thought of an incident that happened otherwise.

One Example:
Years ago the Lord told us He was going to change communion here. Immediately a person we will refer to as person D set out to figure out how it was to be changed. Person D went to the internet and eventually presented to us how communion was to be done in the future here. We knew it was not correct, just man’s ideas, not taught by the Lord. When we didn’t accept person D’s presentation, strife came in and a meeting occurred with us being accused of being “High Minded.” Person D left. The truth is that person D was being “High Minded” (prideful) to think they could figure out what only the Lord could reveal. Was it important? Yes! That’s when the Lord taught us about the “Single Cup.” Reading the Single Cup article you will see that the Single Cup was very important concerning the Lord and End Times. This all happened because person D was trying to figure out “unlearned things,” leaning to their own understanding, something needing to be left for the Lord to reveal.

The unknown truth concerning the importance of the name, “the Church,” allowed pride to come in and strife came with it. Pride showed up in defense of the person’s belief system and background. Remember the shield of “hate” the Guard of Strife carries? Person C saying that the Lord said, “That name stinks in My nostrils!” can you smell bitterness? The hammer was used in the determination to give me the message in the tone it was given in.


When the Lord brought this group together for His purposes a lady told me to always be careful concerning letting pride in. She explained that Pride had been the down fall of many ministries. This was back when we had hardly any idea of where the Lord was leading us to, in Him.

Here I share the meeting where the Lord instructed me to teach about Pride:

Meeting 11-19-2015 (Bold and underline added for this article.)
plain, simple / do the actions / move millions / yes, it is possible / duty bound / My ways teach / My way / My way always / must be / closer,closer,closer / perfected Bride / perfected Man-child / Men with pride falling to the wayside / teach them pride / identify it for them / I gave you a way / significant / some will understand / move out / march / much to do

I could go into all sorts of words identifying Pride, but I think this example is best for a picture. There is such a fine line one must be careful not to cross.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014
I saw myself put a person on the couch, lying down on her back. I was told to put my hands on her belly and pray in the spirit for 10 minutes. I was thinking about the 10 minutes to have the Lord ask me, “Who knows more about Python than you?” I thought, “There are men all over the world the Lord could have worked with concerning Python. I sure wasn’t going to say, “No one.” Anyway that would be pride. I finally said, “Lord, I don’t have enough information to make that decision,” (knowing what the Lord has said to me about a Judge judging without all the evidence.) The Lord said again, “Who knows more about Python than you?”

Had I said, “No One,“ I would have entered into pride. That’s a pretty fine line to see in my estimation. I remember the Lord telling this group not to lay hands on what is His. To do so would be prideful as He is bringing forth something new that never existed before. Look at what the Lord said to me when people who thought themselves to be in the Man-child were trying to correct the Bride.

Meeting 1-8-2015 (Bold added for this article.)
I am purifying My Bride / purifying as only I can perform / need I a child to cleanse My Bride? / no, Lord / you have thought well / some have laid their hands on My project / pride is a dangerous thing / self is a dangerous thing, as you saw in the dream / protocols are important or I wouldn’t have given them / be glad for all revelations / you may go

Pride, Python, necromancer, the Guard of Strife, among others, was functioning back then. The best advice I can think of at this time is to slow down, pay attention, walk in what the Lord has demonstrated to be true and watch not to get into unlearned things, especially thinking you know something or are something.

Meeting 12-11-2014 (Bold added for this article.)
HP - rest assured all things are possible in My plans / develop these thoughts in yourselves
HH - Rest assured I will be in your comings and goings / walk in My ways / practice / practice until it becomes a habit / teach and show others My ways / reside in the calm / take My hand as Stephen Gola says / rest in Me like a child / like a child / like a child / remember the Man-child is in your hands / not because you are anything / simply because I put him there / My will prevails / go and reside in the calm

Learn God’s ways and let God be God!
Remember the Guard of Strife.
Walk humbly before your God.

Pdf of The Guard of Strife

Witchcraft Hidden in Plain Sight

You can e-mail us at: Take His Heart Ministries

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