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Called Out for a Purpose!
Come out of her my people!

(Two scenes, a vision, a Word)

The Lord once told me, "All are called to My Kingdom!"

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Called Out for a Purpose!

The following is my testimony of the events of 10/13/00. This testimony and Word of the Lord will give some insight into what God is doing now and a little of why. The first time the Lord told me He was calling His people out was on 9/19/89. He said, "I'm calling My people out." He had some time earlier told me to leave the church I grew up in, saying I would never become the man He wanted me to be if I didn't. It was not until lately that I have been able to see a much clearer picture of what He is calling His people out of and into. The Spirit and the Lord give the best teaching and insight so I pray the Holy Spirit, through this testimony, gives you a better understanding of what the Lord is doing now in this window of time.

A scene in the night:

I was taken to a place of unregenerated souls, a place I had once been. I met my brother there and he asked me to take his child out, while handing me the ministry and vehicle already there in that place. I wanted to oblige him, so I tried by using the vehicle and ministry he handed me to take his child out. I soon gave up as it was impossible for the vehicle to move itself, let alone my brother's child or the ministry that was there.
    Then I was taken to a house I had once lived in. Some people had bought it and wanted to fix it up. I was walking with the man of the house, giving him suggestions as to how to fix it up, until we went to the basement. In the basement I realized the house was not worth fixing. Its foundation was not built right in the beginning. It had let the floor sag in the middle, so far down that I knew every nail had been pulled at every joint in the superstructure. The house would have to be dismantled completely to salvage any lumber at all. When the scene ended, I was telling the man it would be less costly and faster to just build a new house.

I had awakened from the scene and was pondering its meaning when the Lord gave me a vision. This vision was of a colored, full-length image of Jesus Christ cracked into a glass door of a church. I had seen this same picture in a scene the Lord had given me many years ago. This is the scene and some background for your understanding.

In 1980, when the Lord told me to leave the church I was attending I was devastated. I had grown up in that church and loved the people in it. A small group of us were having prayer meetings and a part of that group attended the same church I was attending. The Lord gave me a scene in the night where some of us in the prayer group, who were a part of that church, went and laid our hands on its door, praying. A full length, full colored image of Jesus was cracked into the glass. At the time the scene was given, the church had glass squares in the upper part of the wooden doors but in the scene it was a full glass door. (This did not detain us from laying our hands on those doors and praying anyway, revealing our ignorance at the time of the ways of the Lord.) Some years ago that church building was torn down and replaced with a new one, having full glass doors like in the scene where we cracked the image of Jesus into its doors. I have always remembered the vision of cracking Jesus' image into the doors, whenever I would go to a wedding or a funeral in that new church building. I have always wondered, "When Lord," and "How?"

That gives you some background to the full length image I was looking at in front of me. It did not go away until the Lord said, "From which side of the door did you crack the image into it? - pause, image gone - You cannot crack the image into the door from the inside! Tell My people I have been calling them out and am still calling them out. Some have stayed because of the love they have for the people. Some have stayed to have a place to marry and bury. Some have left, only to go back. Some have a burden for the people but I say, LET GO. The burden is Mine. My ways are not your ways and they are much better. My people, called by My Name, must come out to have a part in cracking My image into the doors of their churches. Yes, I have been with you in ministering to people in the harlot but this only produces a glimpse of Me. If you continue to stay, all you will ever produce is a glimpse of Me. My people, called by My name, are called to grow up into the full stature of ME and this can not be accomplished in glimpses of Me. It cannot be accomplished in cathedral settings, run by men.

My People, called by My name, are unknowingly reaping the fruit of harlotry by sitting in the seats of harlotry in cathedral mentalities. If you are seated in the seats of the harlot, you become one and reap as one. The world is reaping the fruit of harlotry right now. My people are dying at the hands of the enemy because of harlotry in their churches. It is an open door. Look around! Cathedral mentality is not My way and not in My order of doing things. I WILL, says the Lord, have a spotless Bride who walks in My order of doing things. Do you really want to be a part of what I am doing? Or do you want to be on the sidelines, watching and catching the crumbs off the table of My Spirit, thinking you are a part. Come apart from her, through faith in Me. It is the first step! Lean not to your own understanding, as you cannot see clearly, having her mote in your eyes from sitting with her. Will you come out with me? I am leaving, as I revealed in My Word I would. I am turning My back on her so maybe she will seek after Me and My ways. The time is now. Will she notice I am leaving? Pray for her. I have given her gifts and My love, but she understands not. Pray for her people; she has doctrines for her own purposes. Pray for her people. She has led many astray, even those truly seeking ME. She has caused them to look at her and her purposes, not Me and MY purposes. Pray for her, that she receives My true messengers and will be willing to change her pattern of doing things. LOOK AT HER! Come out My people, called by My name, for it is the light in you that makes the harlot think she is full of light when she is full of darkness and even eternal death.

"Roy, walk among the unregenerated souls of My people and shake them awake, for I am the Lord. There are many of My well known leaders who think they know and understand My ways and My calendar. The darkness of the harlot has discolored their vision concerning My patterns of doing things. Can the blind truly be My hands and feet, to lead the blind? My calendar is a calendar of daily events, led by Me. You know how it is."

"I am not going to tell My people, called by My Name, all is well for all is not well. Repent and come out as it is not well with you. The harlot has blood on her hands and you have partaken of that blood, by sitting with her in her pattern of doing things. I am leaving her; will you? I am in the process of taking a step. Will you? The time was and is NOW. The attitude in which you come out determines what it will take for Me to get you into the position of your true calling. Come out and learn; come out and walk with Me, says the Lord. I am preparing the way for those called by My name. I am preparing the way for the teachable. Come out, setting your eyes on Me, seeking My ways; or you will never become the person I want you to be, says the Lord. Look at world events! It's time for My marriage, says the Lord. Who will be My wife in marriage?  Who will learn?  Who is teachable? Who will cling to the past?"
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