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The Third Day of the Lord's Calendar!
Plus - I saw books in Heaven out of
which mankind will be judged.
Revelation of John 20:12

PDF download of this material zip

The Third Day of the Lord’s Calendar!
Plus - The Lord Verify’s His Calendar in a Unique Way!
I saw books in Heaven out of which mankind will be judged.
Revelation of John 20:12

On April 26, 2016, in a scene I was looking at gold tubes that looked like woven flexible brake lines or water lines but these were gold and long with connectors on both ends. I saw a gold line coming down from above and a horizontal line coming from my right. The two lines met at a cup type connector with an open top. There was a line going on from that cup connection to my left. I knew the lines had water flowing in them and obviously not pressurized because of the open cupeling. It was all a free flow, with no pressure.
Then I saw a table saw with another golden line going to my left (physical) from it. It was all free flowing with no pressure.

I knew the scene had to do with receiving “the things of the Spirit” and bringing them together. I was reminded of what the Holy Spirit taught me in the beginning about recognizing the Lord’s revelations, “If something suddenly strikes you as being simple and it make’s sense, it’s true.” The table-saw symbolism pertains to “rightly dividing ‘the things of the Spirit.’” The main purpose of a table saw is to divide. There was a calmness with all of this and I assumed the Lord was reminding me or perhaps He simply wanted me to give people the picture.

Little did I know that the picture presented that morning was going to come into play before the day was over. I had no idea that the Lord was going to illuminate more of His calendar concerning mankind and his true believers. It has to do with what the Lord said in Uncharted Waters:

…Can you hear? Am I not God? I say, 'Come.' I call you to My ways and My calendar of events. The church in the world has its calendar and I have Mine. Some have made their calendar from My Word, yet they err. Even those whom I have gifted have their own calendar but I am the Lord and I have Mine. I reveal My calendar step by step. Those who learn My ways, and find My calendar, shall ride the wings of a bird in flight into victory with Me. I have designed the Way. It is Me, it is Truth, it is Love, it is My pattern, it has My purpose. Know, My calendar stands.

I’m thankful for the simplicity that is in Christ and the resulting freedom that comes when He reveals His simple truths. I was working on the picture depicting how the Lord taught us how to tabernacle with Him without walls in a meeting. Obviously It’s built without hands as Jesus predicted in Mark 14:58. I was working on enlarging the words in the picture so it was easier to read.

One of the steps in what the Lord began revealing was what He showed me in the night, in red. That being what He said in Mark 14:58. In reading the scriptures surrounding Mark 14:58 we find that people were in disagreement as to what Jesus said. It’s like me talking to ten people telling them something disturbing and later someone else asking them what I had said. You would get differing testimonies of what I said but it is possible one of them would get it right unknown to the whole. It’s simple, take a look, I put what Jesus said in red because of what the Lord showed me about verse 58 in the night:

Mark 14: 55-59
And the chief priests and all the council sought for witness against Jesus to put him to death; and found none. For many bore false witness against him, but their witness agreed not together. And there arose certain, and bore false witness against him, saying, We heard him say, I will destroy this temple that is made with hands, and within three days I will build another made without hands. But neither so did their witness agree together.

As I said I was working on the picture of tabernacling with the Lord using His protocols and Mark 14:58 in red at the bottom. All at once I realized the, ”within three days” means “within three thousand years” our time according to the Lord’s calendar. I have been fully aware of the following scripture having to do with days because of when the Lord took me to heaven years ago.

II Peter 3:8
But, beloved, be not ignorant of this one thing, that one day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day.

Instantly a lot of things made more sense as we have known the Lord had raised up the Temple without walls here in our time. This fits perfectly with what He said in Mark 14:58 and within three days His time (three thousand years our time) I will build another made without hands. We have operated in the Lord’s temple without walls for some time knowing that the Lord had said we were pioneers and others would follow. I had realized this picture in my mind:

So, so simple! I felt a freedom as I had wondered why we are seeing so many things beginning to manifest now that the Lord had revealed years ago would happen in the Last Days or the Millennium.

A few days ago in a scene I was shown then to write about ISIS in this article. So I’m taking time to do that now. Then we can move on. The Lord’s testimony was given to us years ago concerning these things that are happening now.

The atrocities I was shown, the complete godlessness attitude of men, men without consciences laughing at the atrocities committed. No respect for life, human or otherwise. This account can be found in the Mt Zion book and on the site in the right column under “Insights.” Here is the link to that particular section.

In another article the Lord plainly showed what would be going on in the Millennium. People were being rounded up, captured with an orange ring, and tortured. Reminds me of the men dressed in orange shown in the news in cages going to have their heads chopped off by ISIS. The Lord showed a friend of mine the mass chopping off of the heads of people. We’ve already seen this happen on a much smaller scale than he saw. I just heard an account of a person who was forced into ISIS who revealed ISIS has been burning people alive. In the Millennium article people were being tortured to death. This week of the 16th of May 2016, I heard on the radio that It has been reported that ISIS has been tying people together and were then lowering them into acid. The Lord had already painted a picture of this happening in the Millennial article given on August 17, 2012. Link to Millennium article - - You will have to scroll down to the article.
End of ISIS section.

It should be noted that in the scenes given to me concerning all these things, there were some Christians dressed differently who could not be touched or captured by the people who were doing these things. They did not even raise their guns to use even though they wanted to. God was revealing back then that there are protections available for His people who “dress differently.” Protections like Israel had when they won wars without a scratch. They were untouchable and God was glorified!

Because of things happening now, I had thought we must be approaching the Millennium. I was missing what the Lord had already shown me until the moment the Lord showed me His calendar. Remember the Lord is the revealer of His calendar: “…Some have made their calendar from My Word, yet they err. Even those whom I have gifted have their own calendar but I am the Lord and I have Mine. I reveal My calendar step by step….My calendar stands.”

It all fits now. Mankind has entered the Third Day, the Lord’s Day, the day of the Lord’s millennial reign of a thousand years! The masses can’t change it! Believers through faith can’t change it! No man or government can change it. No one! As the Lord said, “My calendar stands!”

Where exactly are we in the Lord’s calendar?

We know the temple was destroyed as the Lord said and now He has, step by step, illuminated His calendar revealing where we are in His calendar. I took a picture of the Lord’s Third Day with the grid behind it in the program the picture was made in. There are 24 squares spanning the thousand years making up the Lord’s Third Day. Each square then represents 41,666666… years. So when we get to the year 2020 we still won’t be half way through the first square past the year 2000 AD.

The Lord Verify’s His Calendar in a Unique Way!
I saw books in Heaven out of which mankind will be judged.
Revelation of John 20:12

A scene turns into another trip to Heaven.

On 5-9-2016 in a scene in the night I was in a place that was very colorful. There seemed to be a family of people there, and I knew I was going to have to leave for a while and come back. I thought it was for 7-10 days but I didn’t really know for how long. I didn’t want to leave because I was in love with this girl whom I was to marry. I wanted to be around her. Her Father was very protective of her and I’m not sure she had a mother. Suddenly it was time for me to leave and she came to me and I asked her how old she was. She was dressed in soft blue and white, the blue I consider to be the Bride’s colors. She didn’t answer, but began cleaning my left ear. For some reason I knew she was 16 years old, but I was hoping she was 18 because if she had said she was eighteen I would have taken her with me without her father’s permission. I loved her that much.

Suddenly I was in a place, a huge, huge place, looking up at what I thought to be the corner of the wall and ceiling. I cannot describe it as it was a place of light but seemed to be surrounded in something I could not see or describe. I thought, “What is this place?” As I looked for a second or two, in the bottom of my vision area was the face of the top of a hard backed book. It must have been sitting at an angle because I was looking up the face of it seeing the very top part of the corner of the book and I knew I was looking up. Then I was in front of two hard backed books side by side. My attention went to the left side of one of them. The binding looked dark, not like the cover, which may have had a canvas type finish. I’m not sure I should even be trying to describe it. The book was so large and thick the binding was mechanical. I kept looking at both books lying side by side, trying to figure out how big they were. My attention went back to the mechanical binding of the left book trying to figure out how thick the book was. My attention then went to the right of both books and I saw another third book had been started to the right of the huge book. It was up at the top and looked to be the size of my fist. I was some distance away because of the size of the books. I could distinguish the mechanical binding on the third book. I knew it would grow with the book that was just started.

Then as suddenly as I had left the girl in the scene, I was back in my bed holding my eyes shut. I knew not to open them. I began trying to figure out some things about what just happened. I knew it was more than a dream I had come out of. How do I describe how big the books were? I thought “20 feet thick, no, 80 - 100. No, that wasn’t even close.“ I saw three of me going up like superman taking off beside the mechanical hinge. There was two or three feet between the images and it looked like I hadn’t even started up the hinge. During this time of holding my eyes shut I was thinking about what had happened and realized I had another experience of being taken to heaven. It was a twinkling of an eye here but more time than that in that place where the three books are. I knew it wasn’t a dream. I was still conscious of having to hold my eyes shut as all of this was coming to me. I finally realized I could not know how big the books were or how thick they were! I quit trying to figure it out. I also had the thought that I couldn’t even come close to having the strength to be able to drag a page open, let alone move the cover. Then I was aware again of having to hold my eyes shut. Do not open them! Time passed. Finally I suddenly realized these were the “Books that hold the records of life” of the three thousand years of the Lord’s calendar. They contained all the records of everything that happened in each thousand years. I realized the fist sized looking book was the Lord’s “Third Day” and the records are being written as we go through time.

When I came to this last realization the emphases of keeping my eyes shut shifted to me not opening my mouth. I laid there a long time not opening my eyes, realizing my mouth didn’t want to speak. I knew I could speak but my mouth didn’t want to speak. I could actually feel this and I still do. I finally opened my eyes and saw it was light out. I got up to record what happened. The feeling is dissipating concerning my mouth but I haven’t uttered a sound to this point of recording this event. It’s now 8:55 AM here. I hadn’t spoken to my wife either. It may have been that I was not to utter a sound until this was recorded, I don’t know.

Later that morning My wife and I had our Golden Meeting and the Lord spoke to me:

Meeting 5-9-2016
Squelch not / sound the alarm / I would not have My people ignorant / work, write, speak / the hosts of Heaven are excited / push forward / humbly, but deliberately / be not afraid / arise

Revelation of John 20:12
And I saw the dead, small and great, stand before God; and the books (the ones I saw this time that pertain to Jesus’ calendar of time.) were opened: and another book was opened, which is the Book of Life (I saw the Book of Life when the Lord was teaching me about eternal salvation.): and the dead were judged out of those things which were written in the books, according to their works.

PDF download of this material zip

I saw the Kingdom of Heaven!
At the edge of the Universe



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