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Africia boxesTuesday, April 6, 2004

I was looking at a scene taking place in Africa. There were boxes of materials sitting around that Take His Heart had sent to them, some open and some not. It was as if they were just starting to open them. A person was then holding up an off white sweatshirt for me to see. It was a sweatshirt we had sent them with a Take His Heart advertisement on it. The man began holding out the sleeve where they had put their address in permanent black ink and bold block letters. They were sending the shirt back to us because they were very concerned about us losing their address or forgetting them. At that point in the scene I felt all the deep need and desire of the people there to get what we were sending out to them. They were very concerned that we not lose their address or quit sending them things. I felt this need from every person who was among the boxes. It was serious!

When the Holy Spirit gave me this scene I didn't understand it because we had never advertised Take His Heart. It didn't make sense to send sweatshirts to Africa as advertisement for Take His Heart. Without understanding the scene, we moved on but paid special attention when it came to anything to do with the people of Africa. We realized that we only knew in part.

People are asking to know more about Take His Heart to the World Ministries and this writing will give some insight into some of what we do and are faced with. I'm presenting it this way because I also believe it gives a small picture of following the "things of the spirit" here a little, and there a little, to bring us into the position and purpose the Lord has for us at any given window of time. Obedience is usually necessary for a God-given vision to come to pass. The Lord has told me not to speak when I wanted to and told me to speak when I didn't want to. I have seen this type of obedience bring a previously given vision to pass. Through our obedience, following line upon line, God has brought Take His Heart to the World Ministries into the midst of this Africa vision.

Years ago we received a word saying that our war is to get the information out. When God gives something it is always for a purpose and the Africa vision is no exception. Part of coming to really understand comes from being in the midst of this vision as it continues to speak for itself.

The vision concerning Africa was given in April of 2004. Since then, off and on, God has dealt with us about advertising. We have always known that we were to advertise what God has shown us but not Take His Heart in particular. The harlot advertises herself but the bride is always bringing attention to God and what He is saying and doing. We worked on some things along this line but finally on November 4, 2005, the Lord said He wanted His word to go around the world. Understand that we have been sending materials around the world for years but we had never advertised. I remember years ago when we started to send materials into India our head elder was shown that the 48% plus figure had started down. This was a real uplifting moment for us.

Realizing the only way we could advertise around the world was on the Internet, we began advertising in January but mainly in February and March of 2006 - bringing over 6000 people to the site.

On December 25, 2005, the Lord told us we were to take a giant leap of faith and to stock pile. We didn't know what the leap of faith was but we began trying to stockpile materials.

On December 27, 2005, I was shown a copier - printer with networking. I began looking for what I saw as it had certain colors on it. I didn't find one like what I saw but we were now actively trying to stockpile materials. Because we were shipping packets all the time, we didn't gain much ground on having a larger supply.

We had been seeking the Lord about the printer I was shown and on March 26, 2006, He gave us the brand of printer. We looked at that brand and it had the colors I had been shown bringing confirmation. We were blessed with precise instruction and now came the leap of faith. Upon possession of the printer we were now able to start to stockpile.

Orders and a Good Report:
While all of this was going on, the orders had increased from the advertising, but we were still able to stockpile a little. We had, by now, received orders to send boxes and boxes of materials into India and Africa and even with the bigger capacity printer we were not able to begin to fill all of them. The cost of shipping was a major constricting factor also.

On April 16, 2006, we received a testimony from Africa from a believing person who was one of the 48% missing. Someone had given them one of the free salvation books we distribute. Here was a person that the church had said was saved; she was not, and now she really was! This really spoke to my heart as I knew if there was one person, there were many more. What a blessing from obeying the Lord, step by step.

Africia smallWe had an order to supply a pastor's meeting of about a hundred pastors in India with books and DVDs. Upon seeking the Lord He told us to "ship" and we obeyed, using up our small stockpile. We have since experienced more orders world wide and especially Africa. When all of this began the Lord had shown me that there was a far off land that was extremely good for farming. It was His way of showing me there are many believers in far away places who are wanting to receive His message for this day. What a blessing to be a part of this end time move of the Lord and indeed, anyone can take part.

AfricaWe have standing orders, unfilled to this day, for boxes and boxes of materials to be sent into Africa to pastors and individuals who have asked to be able to distribute the materials. We here at Take His Heart are in the midst of the Africa vision presented at the beginning of this writing. Africa is big by itself, let alone the whole world. Because of the vision we will not forget Africa as we endeavor to fulfill the Lord's desire for materials to go out all over the world. Will we ever catch up? The permanent ink in the vision may have a clue to this. I know the Lord gave the vision to us for His purposes, to encourage us in the midst of the vastness of what He has laid before us.


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