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Repository of Rhema Words Given in Golden Meetings
( 2013 and older )

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"What You are doing is for others"

These are the Lord's words taken from Golden Meetings of various individuals.
These individuals are scattered in several states across the USA.
Some are excerpts on a specific topic taken from a meeting.
We will be adding to this information from time to time!

A person can learn much just by reading the Lord's words in these Meetings.

(You will also see that the Lord trains us in the little things so we will obey Him in the bigger things!)

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Nov. 1st
I AM heard in the silence. Much noise in the world. Golden path, narrow focus required. Enemy works in confusion.

27 Oct 2012
I will speak in the silence the one paying attention will hear.

25 Oct 2012
Silence, in the silence I will be heard.

22 Oct 2012
The silence away from the world seek Me here, Yes Lord. Holiness, reverence, honor, discipline, justice, righteousness in these I delight.

16 Oct 2012
I AM in the silence; seek Me there you will find Me.

13 Oct 2012
Silence in spirit realm much transpiring, much on verge of breaking loose, shielded you are.

13 Oct 2012
Action in the silence, much done in silence unknown to you.

26 Apr 2013
Silence is key when entering before Me; focus, I am here in your midst. I am the meeting, let Me work unhindered, free flowing in your midst.

25 Apr 2013
You are almost there, Obtain true silence, I AM there.

24 Apr 2013
I will be heard in the silence, open your mind to Me through focus. Trust Me to lead and guide in paths of righteousness.

24 Apr 2013
Silence has been offered up. Offering received. This has moved mountains for you, My son.

24 Apr 2013
I AM here. Can you hear Me? I'm all around, My son. You hear the silence and the thundering calling you. I have spoken in various ways. Again, know when I speak. Silence is beauty and a major key in all deliverances.

23 Apr 2013
I am moving the unseen through your silence, perfect silent offering,

23 Apr 2013
I speak in the silence, hear Me as I whisper in the silence. A quiet mind receives what is spoken, much done in silence all around you. Can you hear?

22 Apr 2013
Silence, you are learning reverence through silence, reverence in this sanctuary.

21 Apr 2013
Explosion of life, Victory in the silence.

21 Apr 2013
Moving silence,much power, corporate silence a must, guiding and directing My people.

21 Apr 2013
Take in the silence, become one with it. I work in the silence unknown to man; achieve this and achieve power, captives set free.

20 Apr 2013
Find Me in the silence, Practice.

20 Apr 2013
Silence...listen to the quiet. Battles are won in the silence.

19 Apr 2013
Much is done in your silence unbeknownst to you. Render to Me time of silence.

18 Apr 2013
I am in the silence, Holy tabernacle, My place of dwelling glorious (saw extremely bright light) (saw brightness pass by or ahead) I am that brightness you saw. wow! I am close at hand...

17 Apr 2013
New level of responsibility being added, corporate silence must be achieved, … ... I will deal with each. Silence is key, collectively much power in silence.

17 Apr 2013
I will be found here in the deepest silence; seek Me here. The power flows in the silence unknown to man.

16 Apr 2013
Take it all in. What say you about this? Silence, beautiful, pleasing, peaceful, full of life and power.

16 Apr 2013
Eliminate noise, silence is key, power in silence unknown to man, operate in it, courtroom atmosphere, maintain proper protocol, follow, I will be heard in the silence.

14 Apr 2013
Silence, Group silence must be achieved, My spirit will overcome the enemy.

12 Apr 2013
I am heard in silence seek Me here, not in the commotion of the world.

03 Apr 2013
Silence must be learned. I speak mysteries in the silence of man's mind, revelation made known in the peaceful quiet this is My dwelling, unlike the world's chaos and frenzy, meet Me in the quiet place, it's there we dwell as one.

29 Mar 2013
All one voice...lifted up to Me. Corporate silence and unity, Seek these things. Great power in them. Take the nest step as a group.

30 Apr 2013
I will verify everything I have spoken. You need only trust, I will honor My Word, Amen. Continue to go forth led of Me. I am in control. Self must die to progress further. Instant obedience a must, listen always for instruction. I will be with you. Fear not as you go. Be bold in faith experience. My power, how so Lord? Through obedient actions, continued obedience, continued power, walk in. Silence is the key, maintain. That is all for now. You may go.

21 May 2013
Silence, I work in the silence. You must be quiet. You must be still. Then I work. I work through you in the silence.

Economic Times

30 Apr 2013
The words will flow contain all that I give you record and pay attention to your surroundings. Listening is vital hear clearly miss nothing, report what you hear. Where would you have me report? You will know. Trust has been established, continue to follow My lead. Let nothing hinder your progress, well pleasing. I will use you mightily, the power is in the silence. Spend time in My presence. Much power on display for My beloved, tap in be filled use wisely. I will carry you through tough economic times which are upon you. Thank you My King, be patient wait on Me, Yes Lord. You may go.

20 May 2012
I AM with you My son, Thank you King Jesus for being here. Your welcome My child I AM ever with you. Prepare,prepare,prepare now is the time to be prepared for the economic storm that's coming. Take heed to follow all My commands. A day of wrath awaits all those who would not heed My Word. Thank you for the warning King Jesus. Your welcome My child I warn you because I love you. Many caught off guard sinking under pressure, beware this comes soon. Time of prayer, be led by My Spirit into safety, Man will know this is My doing. Heaven and Earth moved out of place the shaking begins soon. Many lives lost because of disobedience, be focused fall not away follow My leading I have the way. Prepared is the place for My people. Thank you King Jesus. Your welcome My child. Remember I have told you all things. That is all for now. You may go.

Corporate Body

02 May 2013
My ways are not man’s ways (then I heard the song), Season, Corporate silence a must. Achieve this, Believe this (is) so. (I did...I pictured the group meeting corporately), You may follow the path chosen by Me. Footsteps Surrender all to Me, Path taken less chosen. Right in front of everyone. That is all, be finished. Peace be with you.

29 Apr 2013
Bow before Me (did it) progress being made instant obedience well pleasing listen for instructions carry out acts corporately. how so Lord? Follow instructions given individually carry out act immediately your obedience affects the corporate body, you have heard correctly. Encouragement be, give hope of your God Jesus impart to all show My love this will be well pleasing. Absorb all I'm sending, you will need this later. Yes Lord. You may go girded in strength. You may leave.

20 Mar 2013
I have shown the way. You have done well to follow. Corporate anointing given. One body united many parts. I AM establishing units at My direction. All eyes focused King Jesus. Much to be accomplished time limit. Compass given. Follow all precisely. Spiritual warfare in the heavenlys. My Bride power unknown to man given. Strength ability brought together unified. Next accomplishment horizon. All must follow in obedience. Each at leading of your God Jesus. Kingdom building. Prepared battle ready. Take back land grab. Swift mighty men of your God Jesus. Single focus. Continue forward momentum gaining. I Love you. Meeting over.

15 May 2013
Excellent better. Keep focus forward looking. Abdul pray for. India Pray for. The will of your God Jesus done in each. Corporate anointing. Two or three I AM present. Ask what you will receive doubting nothing. Gospel go forth in truth. Unity in focus. That is all.

Beloved - Bride

01 Nov 2012
Hearken unto Me, instructions ongoing pay close attention much is being revealed in this period of time. Yes Lord thank you. This is a time of great difficulty and trials many more are coming great turbulence is on the way. The world will marvel at My beloved for the blessings that overtake her. Thank you King Jesus. Your welcome. There is no one who can protect you like Me, Amen, All things are possible to Me. Troublesome earth great danger lies ahead I will protect My beloved Bride, Thank you Lord Jesus. Your welcome My child. Worry not for things surrounding you it must needs be, Yes Lord. All will come to pass exactly as I have said, Amen. This is time of the end labor abundantly. Yes Lord. Warn the people the time is soon. Yes Lord. That is all for now. You may leave.

06 Nov 2012
Very good. Clearing clarity. Many things are coming into focus. Stay diligent as pictures form. Guidance and instruction. All coming into focus. My plan the plan of your God Jesus on stage. Unencumbered. I have removed the worldly things from My Beloved. Set free usable. The worlds hold removed. Freedom in your God Jesus to move at My will. Walking in unison in your God Jesus. The world is baggage My Beloved won't carry. I AM guiding and directing all your steps. Continue to follow all. Excellence in obedience. Stay focused. Pure. I Love you. Meeting over.

21 May 2013
I AM your support no other. I take care of My own. All needs of My Beloved are in My hands. You are Beloved. Always strive to do better. Correction is encouragement not criticism. I Love you and want the very best for each of you. Many things seem difficult at first press forward. With time comes understanding. Be encouraged doing well. Look forward walk forward with your God Jesus. I have much beauty to show each. Continue focus leading edge of flow chart. Understanding being established be encouraged. Continue silence practice focus. I Love you. Meeting over.

31 May 2013
Welcome, likewise My king. Receive instructions as follows. Persecution arises worldwide, many troubles are coming for those that believe in Me. Hold tight, keep the faith. Fear not the world and what they can do. I have overcome the world already, you are victorious in Me, Amen. Fear not, but be bold. I will take you through end time troubles, My Bride will be protected. You have My seal that you are My own, nothing shall harm you. Go forth in obedience carrying out the tasks I give you. Be an encouragement to all you cross paths with, let no one be down. That is all for now. You may go.

26 Jun 2013
Doing well. Show what is shown. Your God Jesus agenda on stage. Each piece important. Assembly required. Important message being given. Do not suppose. I will instruct one step at a time. Obedience to all that is shown victory. Melding as one. My Beloved on stage. Each brings important piece. Stumble not follow all guidance and instruction precisely. I AM leading you to victory. Stay focused. Stay walking with your God Jesus hand in hand step by step. Leading edge flow chart study important. I Love you. Meeting over.

16 Oct 2013
Be conscious of your actions. Be mindful of how you move forward. Remember your new gained power and authority. Remember the gifts you have been given. These all come from your Father God. He has a purpose in each, therefore as you move through your day know that the Lord’s plan is in it. Consequently, actions should not be taken lightly but instead move forward in the ways of the Lord, in all His power, in all His might, in all His grace, and all will then be right for you.

11 Oct 2013
Delve into the depths. It’s time to go deep in Me. You must understand the importance of words and learn to have discipline. Control your mind and tongue. Think before you speak. Don’t talk to talk. No idle words. Every word deliberate and for a purpose. Prepare yourselves. Focused on Me, humble, steadfast, honorable and holy for I AM Holy. Step up and info what I have called you for. Honor Me. Prepare yourselves. Now is the time.


07 May 2013
Reach out a hand of love, a heart. There is still work to be done. My children don’t feel My presence. Help them to feel Me. Help them to see Me. You know of the qualities I speak of (fruits of the Spirit but most especially love) display these. Don’t act like a know it all or as if you are holding the keys to some important secret, but instead be open to all I bring, open and loving. This is the person I want you to be. I know I have said this before, but it bears repeating.

11 May 2013
Love, Love as I love, Unconditionally, Seek My truth, Immerse yourself in it. Treat others with kindness and compassion and mercy. Pray for those who claim to know Me, but do not. Give encouragement when needed, follow My lead and all will be well.


07 May 2013
Miracles abounding by Me in the silence grab hold, what about? what I'm about to do, how so? By faith, this will manifest in the earth realm. Take pleasure in your God Jesus time spent together pleasing. Likewise My King. Listening increasing hear clearly always listen for constant instruction I will provide the details, trust Me to lead you to safety the plan is already there. Go forth and conquer. What say you about this? Self, self must die, Amen, to conquer self takes instant obedience, let self die. Yes Lord. That is all for now. You may go.


08 May 2013
Come before Me early, before you start you day. This way your first step will be the right step. Not only will you start your day with My Peace, but you will also get My direction for today. Your walk with Me is 24 hours at a time. Each building block building on the next until our house is built (complete). Do not focus on the past, do not focus on the future, focus on today and leave the rest to Me.

10 May 2013
Following My Path is not difficult. It is new. It is different. It offers peace, tranquility and calm. This is because it is the way of faith. It is the way of communion, a union, a mixing together (with Him). This is My way. You will never feel as close to Me as when you are following My way. Leave behind the traditions of men. Leave them behind and come to Me. That is all for now, go in peace.

12 May 2013
Rest in Me. You will need rest in the coming storm. Strong ties will get you through. Families are important but not as important as God’s grace, for His grace will get you through. Keep following after Me. Keep on the correct path. Know that I AM proud of you and all that you have accomplished and done. Keep moving forward in Me. That is all for now, go in peace.

15 May 2013
I AM teaching you many things. Showing you things unknown to each. Stay focused leading edge flow chart as they are revealed. Do not jump to conclusions. I will reveal in time what each picture shows. Listen and record. Keys to understanding. Each must be taught in steps. Each complete step followed by another. Walking with your God Jesus. Obedience to all guidance and instruction will keep you on track. Silence well pleasing. Continue to walk in. I AM revealing agenda. Focus on follow. Much being accomplished be encouraged. Doing well. I Love you. Meeting over.

30 Jun 2013
Rosaries and religious practices must cease. Teach this. Begin again. I will bring. No more traditions of men. Keep self out. That is all for now, go in peace.

01 Jul. 2013
Ancestors, times past, effect what happens now. Make your today your best as it effects your tomorrow. Move forward acknowledging My Plan, My Ways, My Guidance. That is all for now, go in peace.

This Nation - USA

18 May 2013
Formulating plots of wickedness abound. Men running to and fro carrying about their own foolish wicked plans that shall be swept away. Why does your government resist My principles? I'll tell you why. They have lost the vision and integrity on which the covenant and oath was built upon. They say in God we trust. But are they truly referring to Me, the Great I AM, or the god of this world? You would not believe My son the things that go on behind closed doors. This nation is wicked before Me. All nations that forget God shall be turned into hell. She refuses to repent and seek My ways. Her time draws near of judgment because her iniquities have filled the measure of her cup. Know I have warned you. Tell them to follow Me, Yeshuah. I love you. Go in peace.


20 May 2013
Be pleasing My son follow Me to life everlasting suffer not sin to reign in your being be cleansed from all filthiness turn to Me wholeheartedly, Yes Lord, bring your inner man to be delivered I will work it out, Thank you My King, Your welcome My child. Worry not I am in control all in My timing all in My plan, Amen. Many things are coming to befall the galaxy My power put on display for all to see you must repent, walk in My ways come into covenant to escape the danger that is looming, many will destroyed for the lack of knowledge present what you know to those who will listen let them make the choice to believe or deny, Yes Lord, force no one to believe each soul shall choose for themselves, know this is truth. That is all for now. You may go.

11 Jun 2013
Walk into Me fully. How so Lord? By faith. (did it) Well done. Much on agenda center stage of heaven the riders are riding much destruction is coming swiftly. I have spoken it is so. Covenant must be attained, for all those not in covenant will not make it through what's coming. I have spoken so it shall be. Dedicate your life to me. Yes Lord. I have much for you to do, serious business not to be taken lightly. The enemy is furious, much is going to be exposed about his whereabouts and doings. Spoil his plans by obedience corporately. Yes Lord. Always follow instruction given. This is the only way to defeat the enemy and his cohorts. I speak life in abundance for those who truly follow Me for Me great will our reign be, Amen. All things are lining up. Much is at stake for the future, a corporate thing is a must. It too will come to pass. What about? My Bride, I have spoken, it is truth. Blessed are those who are called to the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. Well done, you may go.


06 Jun 2013
Victory is established, Amen, we have overcome declare (did it) on Face book, Yes Lord. Victory is coming for My obedient Bride. None will overcome us, we have the victory, heavens on our side, Amen, do you believe? Wholeheartedly, well done. The time is soon. I have much in store for the earth. Beginning of sorrows is here, grief will increase greatly, strife abounds. Many more disasters to befall the earth. Those in covenant will be protected, Thank you My King, I honor My covenant, Amen, I desire to protect all, but it would not be legal. It must all hold up in the court of heaven. Victory is on the mountaintop. Come to the top of Mt. Zion by instant obedience, much I have in store for you. Glorious this time will be, excitement unparalleled in Me for my saints. Let them know the time is soon, Yes Lord. That is all for now. You may go.

River of Life

I AM guiding you, achieve perfection through obedience. Mistakes will be made overcome and grow thereby. Look for opportunities to spread My gospel, share in love and compassion be not forceful but gentle. See to it you follow My ways, My examples set before you. Refine be enriched, great is godliness in all, Amen. Pay close attention to what I send down the river of life all is given for a purpose, correctly assemble, picture made clear. Much enlightening taking place, Thank you My King, Shine bright the world takes notice. All by My power, Amen. My will made known. That is all for now. You may go.


27 Jul. 2013
Consisting data coming down the River. Important to always receive and understand. The enemy will not prevail against My chosen. I AM greater than all. You are pleasing. Continue to be obedient to My commands. Much to take place soon. Peace be unto you

Golden Meetings

07 Nov 2012
Meet with Me. It is so very important for our relationship. We become more intimate through meeting. Settle in. Silence is key.

08 Aug 2012
Meetings are important whether you believe it or not. Without meetings there is no us. Without meetings you will not have my agenda. Fellowship with one another is important. Fellowship with Me is paramount. I fellowship with you during our meetings. Do not neglect meetings. No meetings, no Bride, no Man Child. Bring all the pieces together from all the meetings to form a clearer picture. My guidance will manifest in this picture. Together we will move forward. Meetings are extremely important. Treat them as such.

18 Mar 2013
Trespass not allowed. What about trespass? My way of doing things, My functions, My protocols. Please understand these are for My purposes, not yours. Therefore learn them, as I will have silence before Me. I AM HOLY, therefore should be treated as HOLY. Nothing less will suffice. Do.

17 Apr 2013
Moving mountains for My Bride. What say you about this? Presence, can you hear Me? Yes Lord. Working it out through warfare, silence enters the equation. How so, Lord? On the scene (saw the implosion of light flash) working in your midst, much done in silence, group warfare. Is there more? Training, silent training for each individual, corporate goal participate. What say you about this? It is Me, accept? Yes, Lord. Know that I am invisible all around you, learn to seek My presence, tap in, there awaiting your company, joy in Me, delight, refreshing power dwell in.

01 May 2013
On track for excellence. Traditions of men cleansed. I AM guiding and directing your path. Your God Jesus agenda on stage. Hope in new life. Many set free of enemy's bondage. I AM showing you things unknown to you. Understanding must be received and acted on. Action shows your faith. Important take forward. Excitement builds at what will be. Your God Jesus on stage. Follow all guidance to completion. Each step revealed upon completion of first. Continue forward always forward. See your surroundings signs abound. Hope manifest. I Love you. Doing well. Meeting over.

09 May 2013
New hope new beginnings. Many are on path of righteousness. Guidance of your God Jesus needed by each. Each called for purpose fulfilled in your God Jesus. I AM assembling many together for this moment in time. Each must see and move forward in your God Jesus. Walking hand in hand with your God Jesus will keep one on track. Balance is all important. A learned thing. Each must learn, practice, understand. Wisdom is born of understanding the ways of your God Jesus. (saw a white note pad to my left with blue writing. It had numbers equations written on it). Excellent silence. Continue. Flow chart leading edge focus. I Love you. Meeting over.

31 May 2013
All is well. As you embark on this new path, work the principles I AM teaching you. Faith without works is dead. Your acts increase your faith. Remember this. Look at all your acts of faith. This meeting is an act of faith. It takes faith to hear Me. Faith produces fruit. Faith is the cornerstone, without it nothing else stands.

28 Jun 2013
Reverence in My sanctuary, reverence in your heart. Come to Me often. Come and seek My wisdom. Come and grow closer to Me. Obedience is a must. You are moving forward and in this I am well pleased. All knowledge may not yet be yours but your heart grows closer to Me and what’s in your heart will always be more important than what you come to know. This is because if your heart’s not right then My knowledge is of no use to you. Think on this and continue moving forward in Me.

16 Oct 2013
Meetings are very important, teach them to all that will listen. Know the protocols. Teach the protocols. They are the boundaries in which you will find Me. Hope springs eternal. Have faith. You are walking with Me. Push on there is victory ahead. All is well.


Day of the Clouds

25 Mar 2013
Stand. (stood) Silence, you may be seated. (sat) Excellence is coming. What say You about this? Promise fulfilled, I have spoken, it is so, do you believe Me? Yes, my King. Faith unpretended pleasing. Power, Anointing. (Saw clouds, orangish colored with lightening strikes.) (Saw Hiroshima type cloud.) I'm coming. What say You about this? My people are not left alone, I am always with you waiting to join in fellowship. Make time for Me. Yes, LORD. I desire fellowship with My beloved. (Saw many lightening strikes, thought much power.) Day of Clouds soon approaching. What say You about this? I will protect. Be anchored in Me through your obedience. Imbue revelation. What say You about this? See clearly and speak what is shown you. Yes, LORD. Spiritual eyes needed, let your sight be built up in Me. The time is soon, be ready. That is all for now. You may go.

08 Apr 2013 .
Welcome, Thank you My King welcome as well. Cloud formation. What say you about this? Day of clouds soon approaching a storm on ungodly ones take to higher ground. What say you about higher ground? Safe land be planted in Me the strong foundation. Remain close I will be with you every step of the way covenant allows Me to pull you through stay in covenant legal guideline must be followed. Honor and obey I must be reverenced as King through instant obedience to My commands move with haste to complete My tasks given you. That is all for now. You may go.


1 Mar 2013
My son follow My instructions carefully anoint yourself with oil 3x (did it) well done instant obedience well pleasing in My sight, Thank you My King, Your welcome. Stay focused major distractions being set up around you look to Me in all things I know what's best for all trust My judgments I will never lead you astray I only want what's best for you, Amen. Turn your heart to Me, how so Lord? Obey my commands walk humbly before Me, Yes Lord. Disappointment, what about? In the ways of the world it's destruction abideth not nor slumbers it will take them off guard because they wouldn't walk in My ways but you walk faithfully. That is all for now. You may go.

24 Nov 2012
Be obedient, Listen and do, No hesitation, No doubt, Instant obedience, Blessings, Storm clouds are brewing for the world, Take shelter in Me, Do not judge, Things are not always as they appear, You may go

07 Nov 2012
Learn not the ways of the world look to the eternal, the world and it's ways are passing, come out and be separate. Yes Lord. Much wisdom is being imparted. Thank you King Jesus. Receive all that is given from My hand, Yes Lord, (received). Slow down do not rush learn to listen intently. Yes Lord. I AM a GOD of order learn My ways be in order. Time, all in My timing everything according to plan, Thank you for being in control King Jesus, Your welcome. I order your steps for My purpose. Amen. Follow them this is My plan for you. That is all for now. You may go

08 May 2013
The planet has tilted towards darkness...but I AM bringing My light to cleanse all, Pure white light, Nothing and no one will be able to hide, Blessings are coming, Bountiful joy, But there is work to be done first, Keep focused on the prize...a life with Me, Feel My love, Let Me embrace you so you may feel My peace and joy, Stay strong until the end by relying on Me, I love you, You may go

17 Jun 2013
Listen intently much being poured out life giving instructions receive. Yes Lord. I am coming when the world least expects it. My people who follow My guidance will not be caught off guard. Thank you My King. Follow to life more abundantly. I have given you the key. What about? To life, to follow My instruction instantly without self and you will eat the good of the land. My ways are life giving when followed out correctly continue to act on what I give knowing it has My purpose doubt not. You may go.

20 Oct 2013 1:41 P.M.
(Before Washing) You will make it through/ Be encouraged/ Stand (did it) Victory dance (did it)
(Laver) Power and authority in My Bride
(Holy Place) Praise report/ Millions are saved/ The Mechanics of Salvation working diligently/ Continue to spread worldwide/ Blessed booklet/ Know I have spoken (saw all light inside a person possibly their soul) Truth soul cleansing/ Receive
(Holy of Holies) I am speaking to those who will listen/ Keep a ear out for Me/ Much I have to tell you/ Great devastation headed for this world/ Get in covenant now/ I love you all and would not that you perish/ I will protect My Bride/ Instant obedience will bring you through/ Listen to all instruction/ Each has a purpose/ You may not understand purpose of each/ Do not hinder/ Do and obey without having to understand/ My counsels coming forth by My chosen elect/ Receive and live/ That is all for now/ You may go


30 Apr 2013
Much is being done in the spiritual realm. Warfare is taking place. Many things are coming about and will be shown. Never fret when they do. Judgment is coming to your nation and the church's of men. The harlot is soon to be stripped from her goods and clothing I have blessed her with. Many will see My Spirit lieth not. That what I say goes. Pray for her My son. Many will be destroyed. My judgment does not slumber, it's just My grace is so endless. But this grace will reach a climax. Because the grace I have shown her, she does not show to others. My grace would not be grace to keep allowing this to happen. Therefore her husbandmen will reap their fruit of harlotry. I AM has said it. It is soon to come to pass. I leave you with this. Go in peace.

21 Jun 2012
Grow in Me I have given you nourishment. Yes Lord Thank you. Continue on the path before you. Many things being revealed take heart,do not disobey. All being shown for a reason. I AM your answer seek me. I guide through the unknown, look to Me for judgement. I AM able to discern between good and evil, trust My judgement. All coming to pass that I have spoken. My time is now, measuring lines being drawn be prepared now. My time is soon I will reveal the way. Thank you King Jesus, Your welcome My child. That is all for now. You may go.

14 Jun 2012
I AM He who from the beginning declares the ending. All is in My hand to do with as I please. I AM causing the nations to rise up one against another, I will draw them with a hook in there mouth to My land to destroy them, these are My Words. The time is now for all who know Me to worship Me. (Worshiped) You have done well. Thank you King Jesus, Your welcome My child. I AM bringing swift judgement to this nation many are the lives of those who will be destroyed, the lack of knowledge is the root cause, had My people known My law and kept My commandments. This would not be happening, but even as it is written all must be destroyed by fire and made new. Gather and reach out to as many as will hear My truth share My love, My Word. My peace with all you come across. Keep Me first and foremost in your life, treasure My Word study often, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed rightly dividing the word of truth. That is all for now. You may go.

14 Jun 2012
I speak with you what needs to be spoken. Many will not hear what I say though I warn them. Declare thus says the Lord I set this nation up for righteous judgement My wrath will be poured out on this nation. I speak My will and it is so, be anchored in Me I will bring to pass all I have spoken. Many will cry out why has the Lord done thus and so, I unleash My fury on a disobedient and gainsaying people. My people have turned away from Me they trust in themselves to be righteous this is not so every child of harlotry shall be destroyed says the Lord. Warn them I say come out from among them and be ye separate. I will not tolerate uncleanness in My sanctuary and so all must be cleansed. Listen and pray all is as I say it is. That is all for now. You may go.

Mon, 17 Jun 2013
Wake up to righteousness My judgments are in the earth coming forth one by one this is the time I have spoke of in My word, do you believe? Yes My King, All things spoken being fulfilled in My timing. Disasters will abound. What about? Tidal waves increasing, plates shifting, weather unrestrained, all these things will be. The time of the end is upon us you must be anchored in Me to survive there is no other way, Amen. Be comforted in the world, fret not for the disasters you see taking place. It is My plan it has My purpose many will turn to Me in there time of need and I will comfort them. Purpose in everything. You have heard well. Thank you My King. You may go in peace.


27 Sep 2012
(Clear our heart song in my mind) Hear Me now says the Lord I AM moving in your midst at this very moment. Thank you King Jesus. Your welcome My child. Many are the problems brought about by disobedience take not part in it, I rebuke and chasten at My will. Yes Lord. This is no problem for Me. Many heartaches for the rebellious, I cannot do what I'm allowed to do, allow Me to fix it, follow after My ways, seek Me in truth I will reveal Myself to you, do not reject My laws they are life to you follow them to victory. That is all for now. You may go.

11 Nov 2012
I offer My protections to My faithful and My obedient, Those who follow My ways and My laws. I long to be there whispering to you, Be silent and hear My voice, Spend time in My word and I will show you the passages, Yes you may go

15 Nov 2012
Preparation for the unknown see to it your ready, meet all requirements. Time of joy approaching for My saints, a glorious day it shall be, Amen, Only those spotless will obtain the promise of marriage to Me. Your work will be one of power and wonders, miraculous is her appearance. The world needs My Bride. The world has forsaken My law and must be punished for it's ways, I take no delight in destruction. I wish all my people would turn to me but nevertheless it must needs be. Warn those who will listen My time is soon I will receive My own unto Myself in this is much love, Amen. I love My people and will protect them from wrath poured out on the nations. I guide you through the storm you only need trust Me. Yes Lord. Righteousness will be learned, righteous My people are. My love manifested for you take not lightly. My peace be upon you. Thank you King Jesus, Your welcome My child. That is all for now. You may go.

04 Jun 2013
Come unto Me all ye that are heavy laden and I will give you rest even in the midst of the storm. Come to Me and listen to the message I deliver. And then follow through with obedience. This is a must. I gave My laws to protect and guide. Follow this path at it will lead you to My joy complete. That is all for now, go in peace.


29 Apr 2013
Obedience as been magnificent this morning. Much done for you in the spirit realm. My bride follows Me in this, and listens and ask the right questions. Our communication is vital, and always needs to be kept in check. I want too commune with My people. They need to use their faith to believe they can hear Me. You use your faith well in this My son, and for this you hear Me well. Continue in growing. Continue and finish up what I have given you. I AM well pleased with it. Much power behind it. I love you My son. Go in peace.

31 Dec 1969
Praise Me. (I did) Instant obedience is a must. Everyone must learn to hear My voice clearly. A drill team must be able to hear its’ Sargent. Think on this. This is the type of precision I am looking for. I call out the command and it is executed. I call out the next command and it is executed, one right after the next until I say halt. This is what I am looking for no more and no less. Like a precision drill team, this takes practice, practice, practice. This is what is required. Let's move out.

End Time Events

06 May 2013
Welcome. I will be heard listen closely, setting up end time events. Much will come to pass shortly be anchored in Me. Fear not the things going on around you, I will protect this is My covenant promise. Thank you My King. Trust Me to carry you through, I have already ordained this to be, it must be fulfilled. Yes Lord. Worry not, I am a God of peace and tranquility. Rest in Me, soak up My power, rest in My presence, time of sanctification, much to be gained through fellowship with Me. Hear clearly what I speak the time is now to be ready/prepared do not be taken off guard by events of destruction I have warned you. That is all for now. You may go.

09 May 2013
I am moving in the silence on the scene, follow My lead
. (saw something pulled into the implosion of light) Come be a part of what I am doing. Yes Lord. Do not miss out, this is for all corporate participation on agenda of your God Jesus. Receive strength, how so? Lift hands and receive. (received) Take in all the silence offers, be at peace here. This is a place of rest and refreshment. (Saw a dried up lake and sand) The Euphrates is drying rapidly, make way for the kings of the east. Is there more? Time soon for the end to be manifest, be anchored in Me, walk in total covenant in this is life and peace. That is all for now. You may go.

12 May 2013
My agenda. Become one with Me; one mind, one body, one spirit. United in purpose; to bring My rule upon the Earth. This takes focus and obedience, dedication and discipline. It will come to pass. Will you be a part of it?

07 Jun 2013
I AM bringing forth My church, Spotless...purified by Me and for Me, Great things are about to take place, My power poured out upon the earth, My people are hearing...receiving instruction from Me, Pay attention so you do not miss it, Things are escalating, Be secure in My truth...My covenant...My protection, You may go in peace
see summary

27 Jun 2013
Well done pleasing service. Much to befall the earth soon the waters are rising rapidly the earth is in tumult the birth pangs are spreading disasters will abound this is written. Look around you destruction and violence is everywhere the darkness abounds I will bring to a swift end, this pains Me to see My creation suffer in this condition. I need My Bride ready to go out and work in the field of the world sowing truth and light reaping souls in abundance the time is short I need diligent workers who will walk in love unafraid, will I find you in this? Yes Lord, Prepare. That is all for now. You may go.

Feast Days

15 May 2013
Rest is com-posited of many things My son. It is beneficial to your mind and soul. This is a needed assessment for your life. Both physical and spiritual rest are found in Me alone. Even I Myself rested in the spiritual and the physical. I came and demonstrated My Spiritual rest to mankind by demonstrating My own word in the human body. Your body has limitations, and this rest is required to be heeded for it to function properly. I give My feast days with rest in them. This is for a purpose My son. Not just for a grudgingly rule. So many see it that way and feel they need not this rest. Do they know better than their God? This is foolish of you to think this. You know not what you need of as I know what you need of. Rest says the Lord, and heed My word. I will give you more later. Go in peace.

Emblems, Symbols

01 Apr 2013
Emblems, symbols, exaggerations the world is full of these. People are seeking after an identity, desiring to be known. When all the while they never realize that the creator of the universe their Father in heaven already knows and loves them dearly. The world and the people in “it” seek an identity because they are seeking after acknowledgement and recognition when all the while this can be theirs, but what is not understood is that, that which they are seeking after is found in Me. It is only then through the seeking after Me, through the time spent in relationship with Me that they will obtain what is truly at the root of their desires. This can only be obtained from time spent with Me. All other sources of acknowledgment and recognition are fleeting while with the Father that which they are seeking will last an eternity. Teach this. (For them it’s actually about feeling as if you are worthy, worthwhile, that you matter.) That is all for now, go in peace.


31 May 2013
Trumpets sound, Trumpets call, Come to the sound of your God Jesus. Come to the call of your God Jesus. Praise Him in the heavens and Praise Him on the earth for He is your King. Reverence and respect is due your King. (Praised Him).

Be obedient, act in your position, don’t be negative, be positive. Don’t claim negative words, make claim to the positive, in other words, lay claim to what I have set forth because what I establish is positive not negative. When you proclaim the negative you are making proclamations for the enemy. Be happy, be good and walk in the footsteps of your God Jesus. That is all for not but spend time thinking and meditating on this.

Protections for those in Covenant

30 May 2012
Welcome. Thank you King Jesus. Many things are happening. Treacherous men make decisions behind closed doors, be not worried I will protect, Thank you King Jesus. Your welcome My child. I Am able, this is My time to do with you as needed. Accept responsibilities handed you. Be careful not to lay claim to that which is Mine. I AM a revealer of secrets, nothing left hidden which will not be made known. Thank you Lord Jesus. Your welcome My child. I show you before it happens. Thank you King Jesus. Take heed to do what I say all will come to pass shortly. Diversify, take in separate income for the Lord's purposes. Be not deceived that I give, it is so. Bow. You may rise. That is all for now. You may go.

22 Jun 2013
Welcome in this place. Likewise My King. Pressure is coming to those not in covenant. I will humble the haughty says the Lord. The lofty shall be brought low. This will be My doing. Enter into covenant now. Waste no time calamities are coming, destined and preordained. Without My covenant protection you will not survive, Amen. My protection is available to those who seek Me and follow My ways. I will not fail you, I keep you by My power. Enter in now. Disobedience will not be tolerated. The enemy seeks the disobedient out and brings destruction to their physical. Keep him out by obedience. Yes Lord. Know I have loved you. Likewise My King. That is all for now. You may go.

Holy Conclave

23 Sept.. 2013

Embrace My ways.  They are not man’s ways.  You must have faith to follow Me.  If My ways were like man’s ways little faith would be required.  Faith is required of you.  You are My faithful ones, that’s why you are here.  Never doubt.  My ways do not make sense to the carnal mind.  This is by design.  My faithful follows Me like little children.  Be as little children and come follow Me. 

(HP) Thank you, Joy, Watchmen Unite, Revealing, listen out (HH) United in purpose, far exceeding your expectations, Stand together, Disobedience not pleasing, go stand beside, never doubt, bigger picture than you understand. My Ministry, I will take My Bride were I see fit, you must follow in obedience. Silence, key in major deliverance, Silent protocol necessary for intercession, high on My list, carry out. Eyes and ears together for My purposes, Stand tall (The meetings went on with two Watchmen operating as they should)

26 Sept. 2013

No self required.  I provide all.  Wait on Me.  I know all.  Do you know what needs to be done?  No.  I know.  You must wait on Me.  It is My timing, My instruction, My works.  Stay in step with Me.  It is like a dance, it is to be one fluid motion.  In step together.  Accomplishing My will in the earth.  Many things need to be done.  Work with Me My Bride.  Together we will accomplish all things.  So saith the Lord.

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