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Repository of Rhema Words Given in Golden Meetings
( 2014 )

Latest additions added at the Top of each subject. Date of last addition 12/19/2014
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"What You are doing is for others"

These are the Lord's words taken from Golden Meetings of various individuals.
These individuals are scattered in several states across the USA.
Some are excerpts on a specific topic taken from a meeting.
We will be adding to this information from time to time!

A person can learn much just by reading the Lord's words in these Meetings.

(You will also see that the Lord trains us in the little things so we will obey Him in the bigger things!)


Bride instruction

Roy's Personal
Appointed Time

Golden Meetings

World End Time Events
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Bride Instruction

07 May
Speak of good works and of having a good heart. Speak of following after the Lord. Teach this. Teach of keeping a flow book and of allowing the Lord’s guidance. Teach them of what has been lost over time. Teach them of the three spots, the basics, help them to come to know Me more fully. In this I will be well pleased. Be positive. Be loving. Be holy and pure. Walk in righteousness. This is your assignment. Have honor. That is all for now, go in peace.

31 March
Nothing will stand that is not of Me. All will be laid low. Nothing will escape, save those hidden in My secret place. Doubt not, the day draws near, as it was in the days of Noah, so it is now. Prepare yourselves, only the humble and righteous in My sight will survive. Bow down low and pray for this world (Did - Lord have mercy on us for we know not what we do. Forgive us Lord extend us your mercy and grace). What you struggle against is not flesh and blood but principalities and powers in high places. This day has been foretold and it’s outcome is known. Learn My ways, little ones let this be credited to you as righteousness. There is no time to spare. You cannot walk out My ways in a day. The signs will be given, don’t miss your opportunity. All aboard, the train is leaving the station.

Come into My Tent of Meeting. Come up here and sit awhile. Listen to what I have to say. Listen to My council. I want everyone, never forget this. I write off no one, neither should you. Pray for My will to be done, pray for forgiveness, pray for mercy. Pray often. Know that My Calendar stands, know that it and everything I do is perfect.

L) Prepare for the imploding; government; know I AM with you; I AM your haven; put your hand in Mine; Did
JR) Thank You for Your Judgments, Mercy, Grace, Holiness, and All that You Are) your world will tilt; no panic; I AM your haven; fortitude; so the world tilts, stay in Me; stay in Me; all is well; comfort the faint of heart; bring them to Me; simple
HH) soothe with My balm; cherish each of My children; show them My Ways; heartfelt; watch the doorways; enter only when I say enter; allow not temptation; be not lured; all is not as it seems; trust only Me; use knowledge I’ve given; no blundering; remember, I AM in control; embarking; New life; be it so; see to My bidding; none other; precious time; do not waste; no more, go

HP- Purpose in all HH-Ordained purpose. The will and purpose of your God Jesus on stage. Extraordinary. My Beloved. Many signs and wonders My Beloved shall do. Believe only do not doubt. Learning curve. Great achievement. Necessary pressure applied. Results proven all shall see. Keep focus single. Your God Jesus guiding the way. Flowchart see what will be. Songs of praise sing aloud. Unity power. I Love you. Meeting over.

HH- Gorgeous day. Appreciate each day. Appreciate the people placed in your life. Appreciate the blessings of your God Jesus. Appreciate the beauty I have surrounded you with. Appreciate. Your words have power. Thoughts become words think on this. Use ability given for good. Help those around you. Speak words of power and blessing. You have been given a great gift. Use your words to create. Think on this and go do. I Love you. See the beauty. Meeting over.

(L) Stamp right foot (did it) Again (did it) Do it hard (did it)
(HH) Deliverance is in this place/ Be transformed inside and out by your obedient actions to Me/ I renew, I make new, I direct your path, allow Me to lead/ Follow instructions corporately/ Together you make the whole/ Each piece singly important/ No one piece can be My Bride you must work together corporately/ Power in unity/ A new level of power/ Power bursting forth as never before/ Together Powerhouse, immaculate in nature/ My glory is upon you/ Stay in the fire and be made white I am purifying each for My purposes/ Being cleaned corporately as My Bride/ That is all for now/ You may go.

HP- I Love you HH- I AM your hope no other. Focus intently see what your God Jesus sees. Hope delivered. Prayers answered. Multitudes saved. The will of your God Jesus in all. Laughter is freedom. I joy in the happiness of My Beloved. Take time to joy in your God Jesus (did so). Accomplish what is shown. Bring each to completion in your God Jesus. Method correct. Continue. Multiply law of increase. Use wisely. Instruction given follow precisely. Freedom and victory have arrived. I Love you. Meeting over.

Encouragement be to all, many people will be being added, you must be gentle with them, tender fruit they are, do not uproot / Answer questions presented you / Let them see you care by your diligence / Your desire to please Me is great, let it continue to grow / Fan the flames within yourself (did it) never let them go out, stay on fire for Me / That is all for now / You may go.

Contemplate / truth given, truth to come / order / significant / pieces in order / redeem My people / build trust / Culpable / worry not / justify / unify / bear witness / falsify nothing / prevail with truth / this is My will

Wait on Me. Man does not have the understanding necessary to make plans. Line upon line, that is how My instructions flow. You must wait for Me to give the next command. I must wait on you to carry out the last command. The less time I wait, the sharper the tool. How long do you make Me wait? Complete your task quickly and correctly. Do not interject self. I keep things simple one step at a time. Do not over complicate. Settle in. Let’s get to work.

HP- Goodness and mercy HH- I AM developing My called into unity. Each must learn the ways of your God Jesus. Teaching requires patience and understanding. Teach as you have been taught. Help them. Lessons are learned by walking them out. Learn to be a proficient teacher. Help them but don't always do it for them. Experiencing has value. Balance in all. Walk beside them as I AM with you always. Help those in need as I have helped you. Reflection be of your God Jesus. Progress being made. Continue forward. I Love you. Meeting over.

"Generate / perfect silence / allotted time / forth-coming events / My Bride / deepen efforts / tally, keep tally / adjust to My time / Proclaim My entry / justified / My hosts have announced / do likewise"

Don’t worry about what I say to others; each member hears from Me. Each member carries a message. How much can one person hear? Many people hear many things. All these things are brought together to form a picture of what I AM saying to My Bride. Bits and pieces put together to form a mosaic. But each member must be willing to come before Me, yielded, like clay in the potters hand. Each member must have faith like a little child to hear Me and have confidence to write down what they hear. Ask for faith little ones, and it shall be given. On this foundation My Bride is built.

Where will it end? That is for Me to know. Yours is to carry on one day at a time, trusting Me to take care of all your needs. A disciple worries not, for he knows all things are in My control. Have faith like a child who knows that His father has everything under control and can meet his every need. I can meet everyone’s need. Fear not little ones I AM coming soon. Makes yourself hid.

"Praise Me always / silent Praises / bless Me / now stand firm / firm / My Bride must be / unmovable / against all enemy forces / stalwart firm / all seeing / all knowing / wise to Satan's efforts / all senses alert / move forward Bride / with seemingly no effort / that sure / that solid, strong / paramount force / Her eyes Her eyes / enemy forces cannot withstand Her eyes / look, My Bride, look / see through the enemy / no foe or force can stand / penetrate with your eyes / carry My standard / let it not fall / full attention / here throughout / move out My ships / move out / conquer, conquer / bring the masses to Me / defeat harlotry / stay strong, stay strong /

"Purposeful reunion / pragmatic / solidify / My value / Mine / coerce not / present' truth / no chop job / unadulterated truth / key / progress made / slack not / now it's time"

War cry, sound the alarm.

Find Me in all you do. Connect with Me.

"Be Holy as I am Holy / scared not / accept My thoughts / reverence Me / dilute not My truth / it is as it is / come to My well / be refreshed / declare silence perfected / saw purple in her upper vision / truly take delight in Me / let's go"

Walking with your God Jesus, it is not a spectator sport. This is something that you are required to be as an active participant. You can’t just sit on the sidelines or on the fence, for that matter. You have to take an active role. In other words, you base your daily decisions on Him. You seek His guidance and direction daily. You meet with Him often. You speak of Him and your walk. You include Him in on all aspects of your life. And you picture Him as standing beside you at all times because He is. This is how you walk with your God Jesus. You include Him. You invite Him to walk with you even though He already is. Now move forward in this and all will be well.

Appointed Time

Golden opportunity do not let slip by. See with Spiritual eyes. Look at your surroundings. See the opportunity (did so). I AM revealing truth the truth of your God Jesus. Continue seeking and you will understand. Appointed time. Carry out instructions. Each in its appointed time. Varying degrees. Brought to completion. Time and season. Doors open and close in seasons. You must be aware of your surroundings. Careful consideration of all. I Love you. Meeting over.

Roy's Personal

Thank you / portrayals are important / portrayals are creative / portrayals have to do with legalities / My portrayals in the earth become the legal way for Me to succeed / all legal / portrayals allow things of My Kingdom to come forth / Satan has copycatted this / portrayals open doors and close doors / understand portrayals / more to come / symbolisms are key / My obedient people share in My victories / you are loved / what greater love is there than to serve your King in obedience?

HP - I was thinking Him for His mercy and His grace to hear (“My corrections”) so I said, “and your corrections” and all You do.
HH - Many of my people have been giving Me lip service / I want action / not lip service / faith without an act is lacking / don’t (be the one standing) stand before Me and say, “I was going to do it Lord.” / truth always prevails over intent / truth judges everyone / grace and mercy abounds, but truth is truth / walk in truth / My truths

Penetration into the dark / I present ways / the world is full of darkness / let the light shine / the law of increase / penetrate the darkness / you have the ammo / penetrate

17 Jan 2014
Theatrics will get you nowhere / speak simple truth from your heart / plant seed / plant My Love / plant My plan / plant sincerity / plant truth / truth of end times / My earth / My people / My ways / plant much / above all plant My Love / tell them I want to meet with them every morning / I want to give counsel / tell them there is a certain way to do this because I am Holy / that is not erasable / tell them I am waiting / waiting to meet with them / that is all for now


(saw a splotch of covenant red) My in covenant Bride you are taken care of, fret not nor worry all is in My hand / Speak truth of your God Jesus always / The devil flees from the truth / speak truth in all situations/ Be bold My Bride I have given power and authority use boldly doubting not / More power is coming it will be continually increased in Me / My Bride is changing the world through Her obedience to Me / Things are happening that could happen no other way / Continue to be obedient We have big things ahead that must be carried out no room for error life or death importance / We will succeed I have told you in advance know it is so / I love you / Meeting over.


This is My delight to have fellowship with each member of My Bride/ For so long man has rejected My presence and turned away from Me fully but now My Bride brings Me such joy/ I am thankful for each of you/ Man could never know My hurts and My desires for them/ You bring Me joy/ Reject Me not/ Bring Me your problems there is nothing I can't handle/ Bring Me your joy and let it be multiplied/ At all times come to Me this is My delight/ Continue to progress forward in Me My army there is much ahead to be done/ You may go.


Calm and natural this is the way you will hear Me/ Lifting silence is an art which must be perfected/ No agenda's just sit silently ready to receive/ The more you make time for Me the more I will pour out/ You must contain all I give you let none go to waste/ Absorb My blessings they are many to be had/ Always expect to receive from Me I am a giver and I look forward to giving to My Beloved/ Stay calm, stay patient be still and know that I am God/ I am with you/ You may go.


HP: Blessing, glory and honor to you and to your family 2X
Raise your hands.
My soldier, reap the reward. Glory and honor to you My daughter, from Me.

HH: My power, honor and glory goes to those who seek Me in humility.
Those who have no expectations but to honor Me.
Those who have no expectations but to obey Me.
Those who have no expectations but who seek Me with a hungry heart.
Be still and know that not all who speak Lord, Lord shall enter the kingdom, My kingdom.
For as many as say one thing, they are turning their head and doing another. Be pleased that I am honoring you this day because not many can say they have been honored by Me.

Thank you Lord for honoring me, then weeping.
All is well, all is well…all is well. I just want to be with You. You cannot come here! There is much for you to do. You shall do exploits! That is all.

HP- Beautiful surprise HH- I Love to see joy in My Beloved. Hopeful joy realized. My gifts are unknown to the world revealed to My Beloved. Be My hands and feet take them to the world. Great joy awaits. Nations turning to your God Jesus. Alignments taking place. Blessings poured out. Use wisely My Beloved. Kingdom expansion. Bring all who will. Season of harvest upon you all. Look and see. Go forth in power and might. Walk in grace. Save all who will. I Love you. Meeting over.



Golden Meetings

HP) The protocols done before a king are not religion.

L) well done; teach; all systems go; time very imminent; be punctual, ready
HP) Thank You for Your Judgments, Mercy, Grace, Holiness, and all that You are) forget not thanksgiving; complete; utter; deter not; crucial in perilous times ahead; on track; give it
HH) take not away from what I have spoken; My words are not idle; tell them to listen, I instruct; stop cutting Me off; listen, listen, listen for My complete instructions; who wants you to assume? not Me; who wants you confused? not Me; again, take not away from My words; opinions and preferences are only opinions and preferences; every word I speak has correct purpose; every pause I make has correct purpose; listen for My complete understanding; it shall come in My correct timing; now go

Seek My Counsel. Meet more regularly. More happens than you realize. During this time I work on you personally. One on one. Could one really ask for more? The more time you spend with Me the more I can refine you. The more refined you become the more I can use you in My plans. Be yielded to Me. Meet with Me more often, become refined, become part of My Jewels, become part of My Bride. This should be your goal.

I am always near waiting for My Beloved to join with Me in fellowship/ Relax, enjoy My presence, soak it in/ No rush spending time with Me changes things/ You may go.

Calm and natural this is the way you will hear Me/ Lifting silence is an art which must be perfected/ No agenda's just sit silently ready to receive/ The more you make time for Me the more I will pour out/ You must contain all I give you let none go to waste/ Absorb My blessings they are many to be had/ Always expect to receive from Me I am a giver and I look forward to giving to My Beloved/ Stay calm, stay patient be still and know that I am God/ I am with you/ You may go.

Washing, cleansing - what takes place there (at the Laver)? Are you not washing or covering yourself with the blood of Jesus whose sacrifice covers all sins. But what else happens there - remember the water of His word, it is flowing too. And remember Jesus is the word, the river of life, therefore, when you wash at the laver are you not also offering up a demonstration to the Lord of your readiness and willingness to receive that which is about to flow from Him, the river of life. Symbolically you are presenting yourself to the Lord. You have gone there of your own free will and you are spreading His river of life over your entirety in preparation for the words you are about to receive from Him. Meditate on this and realize the Holy significance of washing at the laver.

End Time Events

Sodom and Gomorrah, these are the days of the same lewd behavior/ Will the righteous reap destruction with the wicked? I will keep them by My hand, My Bride will see no harm/ This is your reward for your diligence and hard work/ I will keep you from the hard trials coming on the earth/ Many rewards I have for My Beloved/ Continue to go out and reap the fields the harvest is white with reaping/ Many are being made ready this is the time (saw the whole Bride in all white robes circled up) My Beloved the time is soon be ready/ You may go.

Foretell of what will come (saw a volcano erupt) This is just the beginning man will learn what true sorrow is/ Tell them to turn to Me while there's still time/ My hands of Mercy still remain outstretched to those who will receive of Me/ Now is the time do not wait/ I ask you to come now/ You may go.

(HP) (saw Jesus way out in dark space like He was waiting for us to join Him) 
(HH) Join Me you will at the time appointed/ Continue to follow My procedures/ Walk in My ways spotlessly do not stumble over any of the spots/ Life or death importance/ Never neglect Our meeting, no meeting hinders My flow of dealing with you, you must open the door of communication to Me/ I desire your fellowship and want to meet with you/ Do this and be pleasing to Me/ That is all for now/ You may go.

Love for My Bride unequaled in the Kingdom/ I will do for her what only I am able to do/ She will be protected during My wrath unleashed on the earth/ I keep you in My secret place under My wing/ You shall be protected/ I would let no hurt, harm or danger come unto you, you are My Beloved/ Pleasing to Me you are/ Gathering strength is My Bride, growing, expanding, being strengthened for what lies ahead/ The journey is not done yet/ My Bride must be completed/ My 144,000 clothed in white, My elect who stand with Me on Mt. Zion, this shall be fulfilled/ Continue to move forward following My guidance/ That is all for now/ You may go.


Come to Me My son/ Seek Me for more/ I have need of you (saw people reaching out with their arms) Reach them My child/ Reach them with My gospel, My truth, My true message/ Harlotry must go, her doctrines must be cleansed/ Counteract them with truth/ Purge every act produces/ Counteract/ You may go.

Glad tidings; Joy from the throng; Yes, Joy; look for it, find it; be it as I speak

Thank You for Your Judgments, Mercy, Grace, Holiness, and All that You Are) Behold Me; significant; industrious; proclaim Our undertaking to one another; each part as I reveal; bring it all forth; proclaim, proclaim; proclaim

Justified, legal; always legal; label My Prophet clean; call it to be; Did; status quo not good enough; must have increase; continual building; shout Our freedom; Did; post it; I then saw purple; things are accelerating; keep up with Me; My every move; aware; aware like never before; awareness capacity must increase; be it so; now expect ; sound Judgment; My Judgment is sound; be yours likewise; I have spoken; Now share


Man cannot know what I have in store for Him if he does not seek My wisdom and My truth. Idols abound as do foreign gods while the world ignores the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. They ignore the truth. They smooth away what they believe to be the rough edges but all they actually do is ignore Me. Come to know My ways. Walk in them. Don’t be politically correct, be correct in Me. Become as transparent gold. Be holy. Be pure. Walk in My Ways. Embrace My truth. In this you will be well pleased. That is all for now, go in peace.

The world, the World, the World / pay attention / perplexities will rise / My word in action / I have chosen ones / I have always had chosen ones / look in your Bibles / each with a particular job / particular position / I have given everyone authority in their position / recognize / recognize (them), World / I am a God of order / few really understand / teach / train / love / look for opportunities / much to do / preparation for those to come / remember My Heart for the people / you know / you have seen My tears / you have experienced My tears / can you feel them now? / You know where our tear line was on your ankles / (I remembered they came up on my anklebone as I stood in them; I was crying too.) / don’t forget / peace / you may go

Fear not, although you may stumble along the way, you will make your destination. No self-doubt, self-doubt gives the enemy a toe hold. Shut the doors and batten down the hatches. Keep the enemy out. Pure, I AM looking for pure. Yielded, in humility, putting others before self. Combine that with the faith of a little child and you have a recipe for a disciple. Think on this. Have no fear. Stand strong in what you know. You know we have already won.

Honor Me with your silence/ I am shaking the foundations of this world much chaos is about to erupt, this will be a time of trouble for those who are not anchored in Me/ I will save My Beloved out of this time of trial coming on the world/ The world will see the difference between My Beloved and themselves/ I make known who My Beloved are/ Only My true followers will make it through/ Have patience many things are coming soon/ Be ready/ You may go.

BL - Pandemonium

HH - The world does not see. Blinded and mislead they are. I come with great wrath. Tell them. Save those that will listen. Stay alert. I call, will you come? heard, "Our lips are full of praise" - song. Much I AM doing on your behalf. [thank you Father] Receive all. [did] wonderful. Go and proclaim my truth. [yes Father]

Blessings abound by continually staying within My will constant obedience necessary it's the little things that let the enemy in/ Fear not each on path to perfection nothing will stop My plan I have ordained this since the beginning of time I am calling it forth now is the time/ I will shake the nations foundation from beneath there feet they must be shaken awake I have been ignored for too long and calamity is soon coming/ I do not desire to destroy any I laid down My life to save many even all but rejecting Me chooses death and so you shall reap this must needs be, be prepared/ Stay in covenant My Bride play not serious times ahead/ You may go.

(BW) Bow down (did it) (had thoughts about homosexuality) Coming judgment
(HH) Coming judgments on the peoples of the land I will not continue to tolerate sin there must come a stop, evil can never be good and good can never be evil and now they call good bad and bad good this will not be tolerated/ An end to these things is coming soon/ My Bride you are protected from all coming judgments on the earth/ You continue to do your part and I will do Mine/ Reach out to the world bring My light to them, take My heart to them let them know I am real and I care for them/ Continue to share truth even when ridiculed I am in the truth I am the Truth/ Be not afraid/ That is all for now/ You may go.

Peril (I saw the word), The Earth is in great peril, Come back to Me all who have been lost, I AM waiting with open arms, Most people don’t understand the depth of My truth, You will teach it to them when they are ready, Do not flounder, Finish the race, You may go


Pretentious are they who take My Bride for granted / yet My grace abounds / My Bride’s grace must abound also. / your grace must abound also / be a grace giver / teach My people / reflect and absorb what you have learned / rest is in order / enjoy the day / remember I am a God of simplicity

Pristine indeed / My Bride will mature with age / not aging but over time / a mature bride / matured by walking with Me / experiences teach / there will be times when I catapult Her forward / times of little movement / Pristine, yes Pristine / that's enough for now

My Bride is beautiful. It can be no other way. She must be clean and yielded to My will. What an awesome gift to be granted the opportunity to be a part of My Bride. You must take this seriously. This is an eternal matter. Great power and authority granted My Bride for eternity. Think on this as you go about your days.

Leading Edge

Instruction and guidance being followed. Agenda of your God Jesus moving forward. Momentum gaining. Keep it going. Gentle giant. Time to reclaim that which was taken. Gain ground. Take territory for your God Jesus. Claim what has been rightfully given. Claim it now (did so) as you have spoken it shall be. On stage leading edge. Do what must be done. I have given hope to the hopeless deliver. Flowchart contains beauty see understand. Claim broader (did so) It is done. Power in your words think on this. (saw purple intense purple). Beautiful well done. I Love you. Meeting over.


L) reconstitute within; as per My directive; all systems; come together; joint healings; hearts flutter not; set as I say

JR) Thank You for Your Judgments, Mercy, Grace, Holiness, and All that You Are) Mercy; grasp My Mercy; aspect after aspect after aspect; pull it in; ( I pulled it into my heart, then into my mind, and then into the gold plate in my forehead.) done well; move on

HH) sugarcoat not; truth = freedom; balanced equation; must be; My vortex; bring them in; no time for niceties; be legal infallibly legal; jurisprudence; in all aspects; My unparalleled chosen; grasp all; preach My gospel of truth; My Bride, put it forth; excel at My rate; excel, excel; important; go in peace


Yes, My grace is sufficient but that does not make walking in righteousness of no import. When I came I fulfilled or walked in the law. My doing this did not diminish its importance; no, it did just the opposite in that it provided you with the example to follow. Therefore, walk in My ways. Be obedient unto My commands. Moses was spoken to on the mountain top and now you are spoken to as well. Moses and Adam met with the Lord and you meet with Me. Meet with Me to gain wisdom and knowledge and understanding. Therefore, receive My words and then do as I ask of you. In this I will be well pleased. That is all for now, go in peace.

HP- Beautiful. HH- I AM showing you details fine lines. Opportunity to help many. Each must progress as your God Jesus leads. One step follows another. No short cuts. I AM leading and guiding each as allowed. It is a choice to make for each. Stay focused on target. I Love you. Meeting over.

Truly seek Me for Me/ I love those who long for Me/ I long for you each My Bride and desire your fellowship each day/ Thank you for meeting with Me/ This separates My Bride from the rest only She truly seeks Me according to My ways/ My complete corporate Bride will change the world/ Power such as has never existed before will be on display in My people/ I will legally have the right to do this because of your obedience to Me/ Obedience makes this all possible/ Pleasing you are/ You may go.

Opportunities abound to work much righteousness make the best of every opportunity let no one in need remain, see the need fill the need/ My Bride is righteous because of her righteous deeds therefore I am able to protect her from all harm/ I am working all things in all/ Perfection is coming more power is coming you should be excited for what will be/ Learn to walk with Me deeper in perfection so many things I have to reveal to My Beloved/ You are rewarded for your obedience accept all that I give, hold your hands out (did it) (saw a box with a lid on it I took it off and saw all different colored jewels) My Bride is represented in that box My jewels you are/ Continue forward perfection is in your reach/ You may go.

Trumpets sound

Trumpets sound, an advance is announced. My power going forth. My energy imbedded with you all. Harvest time is near. Are you prepared to win souls for the Lord? Are you prepared to deliver this message? Think, study, pray. Prepare. Read the leading edge. Search for wisdom there. My message goes out here a little, there a little. Pull the pieces together. Read and become prepared. That is all for now, go in peace.

Devine Plan


HP - conspicuously so / I have made it clear (knew He was referring to the scene of my computer screen last night.) offer up silence / let's move on

HH - The group is fine and doing fine / much coming / some things not easy / be stalwart / way will be made through troubles / process necessary / My purposes / I am that I am / You are who You are / the world cannot change this / My will / My plan / My purposes / Woe to the Harlot’s ways / gnashing of teeth / speak truth / deliver truth / it bears fruit in those who think on Me / I am calling them out

Yes, there is a divine plan. I work all the details, the small as well as the large. I guide you. I commune with you. Listen to My voice. Pause and listen. I am moving in the earth. I AM making good out of even the bad. I work miracles every day. My angels move and interact with you upon My direction. Yes, that’s right, I AM involved. I AM active. I AM at work, therefore, never fear for I AM is on the scene. I’m in charge – submit and receive peace. All is well. Go now and enjoy the remainder of the day.


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