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...but the people that do know their God shall be strong, and do exploits.


PDF of this material _ Dutch PDF

They Will Do Exploits!

Daniel 11:32
And such as do wickedly against the covenant shall he corrupt by flatteries: but the people that do know their God shall be strong, and do exploits.

The Lord has instructed me to bring together some information from e-mails as a testimony of Him demonstrating what He is teaching us concerning Golden Meetings, In Him meetings, and the spiritual warfare that allowed victory at the Battle of Jericho. Remember, the Old Testament is our School Master, and that is why the Lord has used the Temple to teach us about meetings. This includes deeper things, elements, and facets to understand more fully of how to work with the King of Kings as a King in all areas. The Lord used the battle of Jericho to teach us more about spiritual warfare, a higher level of working with Him as King and warrior.

Silence and obedience were the key elements in the demise of the City of Jericho. The army of Israel did not utter anything from their mouths for seven days.

Joshua 6:
10 And Joshua had commanded the people, saying, Ye shall not shout, nor make any noise with your voice, neither shall any word proceed out of your mouth, until the day I bid you shout; then shall ye shout.

In 2007 I wrote the following paragraph in the I Saw the Lord of the Book of Revelation writing link). I am elated to be able to see a manifestation of the message.

“God is not the author of confusion and it is safe to say that The Lord of The Book of Revelation will be doing great things, and more, in our lifetime like He did at the battle of Jericho. He needs His Bride to come to understand His ways, knowing the boundaries, to enter perfectly into what He is doing at His command, just like the army of Israel did at Jericho.”

Jesus Himself turned the City of Jericho over to His people and we are going to see a parallel picture in the following testimony.

Let me introduce Jericho Dumapias to you, if you have not already read His testimony on the site. He is the pastor who had been baptizing people for 15 years only to find out his own spirit was not born again, which is needed in obtaining eternal salvation. Now he preaches the Mechanics of Salvation wherever he goes. He has also taught about Golden Meetings and has had people in the mountains of his country become so turned on to God and Golden Meetings that they built a cabin on the mountain side just for holding Golden Meetings. People do get excited to learn that the Lord wants to run the meeting, giving the total agenda.

To begin this testimony the Lord gave me a scene in the night where I was with Jericho and those with him. In the scene I went to one of their leaders' Golden Meetings and it was revealed that they were speaking in the meeting. In the scene I thought, “This is not an ‘In Him’ meeting.” I emerged from the scene knowing the Lord wanted Jericho and the people with him to have an “In Him” meeting. To go along with this “thing of the Spirit” message, it was revealed in our regular meetings that I was to condense and make it very simple when I presented the “In Him” meeting to Jericho.

I didn’t know how to explain the difference between a Golden Meeting and an “In Him” meeting except to tell Jericho that an “In Him” meeting is a perfected Golden Meeting. As I remember, I told Jericho to have the people take their shoes off before going into the room where the “In Him” meeting was to take place and that each person should have pencil and paper to write down what the Lord gives them. Also that they were not to speak unless the Lord told them to speak and that they were not to ask anything of the Lord with their minds. I told Jericho that there would have to be some kind of silent gesture indicating when the meeting was over and that they were to leave the room as an act that the meeting was over. This should be done as a group (no stragglers) both going into the meeting and out of the meeting, as the Lord considers His Bride as one person. I told Jericho that there was to be a second meeting after the “In Him” meeting to discuss what the Lord gave in the “In Him” meeting. This is also the meeting where they could bring any petitions to the Lord.

Here I will share in italics some of what Jericho wrote about the meeting they had - with a few corrections for clarity.

Dear Prophet Roy,
  Hello, what a beautiful experience to be in the presence of God even the noise is absent. It seems we are waiting for a judge to arrive. Without looking (at) each other, every eyes close(d), having pen in our hands and a notebook, until the Lord start talking to each one in a silent way. A (time) of silence, just commune in the Spirit of God of what He wanted us to do. Our mouth and tongue was refrain(ed) from saying anything. Without a single noise we do hear clearly the voice of God. Until the (time) arrive(d) and God allowed us to share what he has told us to every one. Some (were) not clear of what they heard, but 7 (of) us had the same instruction, a very clear instruction commanded us to go to a certain place called XXXXXXX, a tribe who practice magic, witchcraft and amulet. We saw the ugly chain has being broken, people set free from that bondage and mechanic of salvation was purely serve(ed) to them. And (then) it was confirm(ed) for after an hour my brother pastor Freddie sent a message to me that someone invited us to the place. Wow, God arrange everything according to each order and it was schedule(d)….

But God instructed us as we arrive in the place we will still do silent spiritual warfare for 3 days. Then we will do open crusade, for God has given us the place! So help us to see the result of the silent meeting. Now it was clear to us that golden meeting is not just a nice meeting, but it could be Agenda of God and only His agenda will happen and nothing else! So the 7 leaders who has the same message with me will go to the place. It takes 7 hours land travel, 3 hours in the a boat, 7 hours walking (until) we will reach the place….

End of e-mail

As I’m sure you can imagine, I was elated at what the Lord had done in the “In Him” meeting. God had given the same instruction to seven people, which included silence for three days in which the, “ugly chain has being broken, people set free from that bondage,” a parallel picture to the silence before the walls coming down at the battle of Jericho. Then “for God has given us the place!” a same parallel picture of God giving the City of Jericho to His people.

Here is the report from Jericho upon their return home from this exploit:

Dear Prophet Roy,
    I don't know how to start, but I remember it was late afternoon that we arrive(d), tired and exhausted for a long travel. All of us sleep good at night and as the day break I ask the contact (if) he would show to us the place in which we will gather in late afternoon. But the Lord spoke to my heart that I will wait (un)till 3 days, but (that) all of us should continue to make war for 3 days in a silent way. Walking doing a silent prayer as the Lord has commanded us to do. All of us (were) doing this for (the) first time, we all remember(ed) the wall(s) of Jericho, until the time (of the meeting) had arrive(d). At five pm in the afternoon we prepared the generator, LCD, and the Portable DVD. I saw people just ignore what we are doing, walking, passing by. (Some) bring some cock fighting chicken, some have deform(ed) body for they are fighting each other to dominate the place with witchcraft the weak suffer deformation of the body! Sometime(s) they do poisoning, using a line in the set. At exactly 7 pm.the generator operate the LCD show(ing) big letters of TAKE HIS HEART. After introducing us and what are our business (was) in the place the mike was handed to me. I started to feel in my Body and every one of us the special force of anointing. I called by my self the anointing of war. God allowed (me) to open my mouth with a loud voice saying, “JESUS I WELCOME YOU, PLEASE TAKE YOUR PLACE! As I said those word(s) the anointing (was) running (out) to the people that surround the place! Those who had heard start(ed) falling down, some are crying run(ning) to the platform, kneeling down asking forgiveness to Jesus. (This was happening) without inviting them to come! The force from God, His Spirit… cutting the chain that bound the people, people (being) set free from the curse! I saw awesome works of God if we welcome Him to take our place. I don't know if these things will happen again, it is a very unique moving from Him, a result of silent warfare!

It is a wonderful experience we have, but my heart have never forget to give all the glory and honor to Him alone. It is God who serve the true way of salvation! I saw in the morning a very beautiful sunrise reaching the place, an atmosphere of Love, peace, inner joy in our heart. And in the morning I talk man to man with the contact (there) to do silent golden meeting and give him all the information I have, saying to them I don't know (if) I can come again. We pray(ed) (with) the leaders and we departed the place with unforgettable move of God!

End of e-mail

Let me be clear here that this type of thing can only happen at the direction of the Lord. He has to instigate the action and it takes an obedient group of people to walk it out. It is walking in the power of God, in Him, which is different than the gifts!

Jesus was on the scene in the battle of Jericho and Jesus was on the scene in this battle for the souls of these people. This battle can be looked at as being more important than the battle of Jericho in that this battle was about eternal salvation. The Jericho battle was about physical salvation or a physical situation on earth. God told us to, “Think Eternity!” Jesus did when He instructed the Philippine group to go to those people and perform silent warfare, letting the Lord work!

It is my hope that this testimony will inspire people to get serious about the units the Lord wants to create all over the world for His purposes (link). You can read about them in the meetings section of this site. This doesn’t mean the units will all be doing the same thing, but we must understand that it is the Lord who knows what needs to be done. It is His end time plan, not ours! The battle is the Lord’s, it is His victory!

Daniel 11:32
And such as do wickedly against the covenant shall he corrupt by flatteries: but the people that do know their God shall be strong, and do exploits.

PDF of this material

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