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Repository of Rhema Words Given in
Golden Meetings
( 2015 )

Latest additions added at the Bottom of each subject. Date of last addition 12/05/2015
Subjects with new additions are marked with - N

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"What You are doing is for others"

These are the Lord's words taken from Golden Meetings of various individuals.
These individuals are scattered in several states across the USA.
Some are excerpts on a specific topic taken from a meeting.
We will be adding to this information from time to time!

A person can learn much just by reading the Lord's words in these Meetings.

(You will also see that the Lord trains us in the little things so we will obey Him in the bigger things!)

Bride instruction


Appointed Time

Golden Meetings

World Condition

Lord's Plans
Joy Silence covenant Python Bride-Cleansing

Flow Char



Devine Plan

King of Kings



End Times

Bride Instruction

03 Jan 2015

Every once in a while I would hear, “Isn’t faith great?” It was probably at least 5-6 times before we got started into this meeting.

Laver - Isn’t faith great?

HH - Isn’t faith without knowing great? / to move without understanding the results / surprising results and look what it did / it opened a new door of understanding / My Bride has been, by faith, doing My protocols without full understanding of everything / the carnal mind does not comprehend / the spiritual mind can comprehend when presented with light / relax / share / you may go

09 Jan 2015

Silent Meeting 1/9/15 11:38 A.M.
Understand I am molding and shaping you into My likeness (thanked) Nothing is to hard for Me/ Do not doubt, allow Me to work (I allow you) keep following instructions much I am able to do because of your obedience, doubt not (I disallow doubt) Good/ You may go.

06 Jan 2015

Take Me in by sitting in My presence (Yes Lord) Keep perfect peace within worry about nothing I am in control/ There is much work to be done/ Stay focused, the enemy would have you lose focus this is not My will/ Be aware of enemy activity he is on the prowl/ Expose his deeds and make them manifest for all to see (Yes Lord) Fear not for I am with you/ Trust Me in all things/ You may go.

13 Jan 2015

OC - Come. Gather unto Me. Deep into Me. Come forward.

HP - Mighty I AM. Mighty you are. Together as one.

HH - Pay attention. Everything I do has a purpose. Never neglect. Never forget. I come to you. I protect you. Shield you from many attacks. All coming to pass. Know I AM leading you through. the path is clear. Go and speak My truth. All that have ears to hear will know My truth. Take it and never depart from it. Keep your focus. Never doubt. I AM always with you. Blessed are you. Continue to move forward. Keep ears sharp and eyes fixed on Me. I love you. (I love you too, Father) Thank you. Peace.

24 Jan 2015

Do not doubt your hearing (Yes Lord) I will not always speak when you expect I have My own agenda/ Do not lose faith in My silence I speak when necessary follow this pattern/ Limit your words, choose wise words, words that build up/ Speak carefully knowing the Power of your speech/ You may go.

26 Jan 2015

Peace be unto you / much to do / work steady knowing the purpose / I am molding and shaping the group / I am molding and shaping you / stagnate not / move forward / revelations in the little things / little things make a big difference in the big picture / little things can effect victory or defeat / recognize the little things / learn / we have the victory / don’t forget Satan has counterfeits / stick with Me / you may go

27 Jan 2015

Relax, do not fear silence there is much I do without speaking/ Hinder Me not (Yes Lord) Allow My free flow (I allow you King Jesus) You must flow with Me, transition to transition/ Never doubt My voice I speak to the one listening/ Practice makes perfect, continue to meet with Me/ You may go.

29 Jan 2015

Relax My flow will come you must not rush (Yes Lord) Wait on Me/ I am the head and not tail I must lead, will you allow Me (Yes King Jesus) Leading I am in My Body making the changes I see fit/ Learn to wait on Me things will go smoother (Yes Lord) Carry out all I say instantly/ You may go.

30 Jan 2015

Look and listen at all times I am speaking throughout the day, recognize My voice (Yes Lord) Long silent period/ You may go.

06 Mar 2015

OC - Search the deep things of Me. Come.
HP - Blessed.
HH - It is all My work, My will. Allow Me. Recap. See it. No failure on your part. Walk in confidence. Not yet time. Place it before me. (did) Be at peace. You may go.

07 Mar 2015

upbringing / there are those who didn’t come in correctly in the past / I must bring them up / My way / protocols established / wrong upbringings allow the harlot’s ways / more people to come / they must enter correctly / the right upbringing / always ask, ask,ask / walk in peace / no hurry / let Me work / activate My will / ask, ask, ask / wonderments are of no use / ask

30 Mar 2015

Be at peace / step by step I am teaching My Bride / the flow, the flow, the flow / the things, the facets matter in the flow / daily flow / you did well to respond to what I showed you / don’t start as doctrine / just respond to Me when needed / be mindful of what I show you / remember I did what I saw My father do / there are facets to this / relax, I am bringing you through (knew it was the Bride) / thank You, Lord.

23 April 2015

(I saw a bank of clouds and heard,”He shall reign for ever and ever.” As I was hearing this, Jesus was rising up out of the clouds and was above them when it ended. His feet were still in them, to give a more complete picture.)
Steadfast be / make ready / for what, Lord? / for what’s coming / steadfast be / I am molding and shaping My Bride / steadfast be / hold the course / steadfast be / compromise not / truth prevails / My ways prevail

29 May 2015

Challenges ahead / expect / we conquer / eyes on Me / Eyes on what I am doing / flow / My body awaits Me / I am here differently as I have taught you / they need to know / they need to understand / stand the gap / arise

4 July 2015

My body, My body, My body / deal with My body / stagnated / stagnated in its own belief system / I move when I can because of My love for them / it should not be this way / I will shake my church because of My love for them / My love is not dependent on them / it is constant for them / My people perish for the lack of knowledge / this goes for My body too / harlotry and brideship is a choice when it is known / My people must learn the difference between harlotry and Brideship / speak it out / arise

September 22, 2015
Worry not all is My control (Yes Father) The great awakening approaches/ Many will be turned to Me through great tribulation, be ready to take in a harvest Bride (Yes Father) Nourish My people with truth, feed them of Me (Your Bride chooses to) I am pleased/ Straight, simple truth no sugar coating, plain, simple truth (Yes Father) I will guide your mouths with speech that can't be refuted (Praise you Father) Soon, very soon/ You may go.

11 Nov. 1025 - N
A speck of light can be blinding / this reveals the power of My Word / My words / My words / My words / deliver them / deliver understanding / deliver revelation / let them resound in the earth / many will come / abide in Me and you will see / marvels / mountains devoured / ways made / walk it out / Go

Appointed Time

01 Feb 2015

Write blessed is he who comes in the Name of the Lord / I am clearing the way for My Bride / much to do / many to save / the manifestation of My word / the time is nigh thee, even now / who knows My plans except Me / do not be surprised at My leadings / curtail not / relax / know that I am He who comes to set men free / remember the New Heaven and New Earth / seek My hand and My ways always / be not of this world / you may go

06 Feb 2015

Triune / blessed is the day when you meet with Me / dwell on good things / repel the enemy / thoughts are important / train them / be as I am / all things are possible with Me / expect this / take My hands and come / be at peace / you will hear clearer / restitution is mine / mine to perform / Go

Meeting 5-11-2015

Enjoy Me / enjoy Me / enjoy Me / time / I will reveal My plans at specific times / think not that you are not capable / with My help you are / remember the calm / remember the calm / put yourself in it / practice necessary / much coming / arise


12 Jan 2015

What must be done must be / question not / follow / I am the protector of the Bride / scoffers and the uneducated make no difference / what must be must be / terry not, do / remember I can stretch time if need be / much to do, much to accomplish / remember My prize / stagger not / (some time) / What does man’s world have to do with My Kingdom? / not much

09 Feb 2015

Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord / his feet have trod / his hands have prevailed / steadfast is he / in training he has endured / wavering not / groomed by the Lord Himself / no one else / a humble man is he / My liaison / perfected / boundaries known / Kingdom apparel / not seen by man / battle grounds are set / victory is ours / for I am He who was and who is and forever will be

13 Mar 2015

Peace / relax / I’m bringing things together / more to do / shutter not / My Kingdom / My ways prevail / nothing can change them / My people must conform to Me / My way / you have seen what patience and waiting on Me can provide / My people will become relaxed in Me as we flow together / A Men

13 Mar 2015

I did not come to destroy / I came to build My Kingdom in the earth / to rescue what is Mine

27 May 2015

Learn to be focused / focus on Me / the world situation is not gathering moss / much to do / continue / revelations to come / be not dismayed / there is but one truth / one way into My Kingdom / My Kingdom is and ever shall be / it is not unstable like the Kingdoms of the earth / march, march, march / arise


20 Mar 2015

enhance / enhance the mural with truth / more coming / more understanding / more revelation / Man-child / kingdom / My kingdom manifest / Oh, the joy of it / bewilder not / cling to Me / go

11 May 2015

Avalanche / Avalanche is coming / good things may appear as bad / do not surrender to the enemy / he is trying to destroy who you are / a degrader is he / subtile / hang on to the protocols / have faith in that that I have demonstrated to be true / Man-Child absorb / evidences are there / more to come / it will all fit / be of good cheer / others will see / the blind must not lead the blind / therefor you will see / all of you will see / then lead / doubt not / you may go

6 June 2015

No filtering / behold where the Bride is / ratchet it up / think beyond / preparations / flail not My commands / if you move with them they are like real butter / you like real butter / Yes, Lord / it spreads easily doesn’t it / move at My commands / look beyond / prepare / believe what you see / adapt to the Man-child / flow / discern / obey / believe / relax / relax in it / but ratchet it up / I am pleased / I am pleased / (I knew He was talking about the group.)


24 Feb 2015
Relax, take your time enjoy fellowship with Me (Yes Lord) Learn to receive all of Me not just My message I am more than words (Amen) (saw what I believe was the Lord's heart I was tiny near it) Feel My heartbeat, feel the love I feel for My Beloved/ Embrace My love (did) Take Me in always (Yes Lord) (felt at peace) This peace I bring must be allowed (allowed and activated) (felt stronger peace) (thanked) Remain in My presence (did) Excellence in obedience/ You may go.

10 Mar 2015 .

Fibers, the very fibers of your being are being changed through time spent with Me (thanked) Changed into My Glory and likeness/ Allow Me to change you (I allow you My King) Be it so/ You may go.

10 Mar 2015

Laver - My words are not cliches, All have purpose / Break free of all limitations, They are not of Me
Holy Place - Take rest in Me and me only / Pride and the gratitude of man are dangerous things / Emerald city / Grow with Me / Blessings

12 Mar 2015

OC - Come. On fire. Truth revealed. Come. Come.
HH - Take Me in. Deeper. Allow Me. (did) Well done (I don't know how to describe it, but I felt power that made my knees weak) I AM pouring into you. (I felt something being poured on the top of my head) I in you and you in Me. Together. My plan. Precious. Mine. So much to do. So much already done. Well pleased. Moving forward. Continue. Seek Me in My depths. You May go.

Flow Chart

13 Oct 2014 (New to here)

.../ center on Me every time / be not predisposed / all of this is cleansing for the Bride and the Man-child / continue on as you are / .... and .... left My flow chart / they have theirs / there is but one corporate Flow Chart / teach the people it is My Flow Chart / you know what I showed you years ago / stagger not / it is possible


20 Sept 2015
HP- You may enter, go forth
HH- I am moving in the unseen / follow Me / Worry not at what may be / I AM is in control of all, fear not / My in covenant ones / you are safe in Me, no harm shall befall you / I will show Myself strong on behalf of My Bride / Rest in Me securely / See My moves in the lands, pay attention, miss no details / Tell them to turn to Me, those who seek Me will find Me / This is Our time / You may go.


King of Kings

29 Jan 2015

Gratified / I am gratified at your attitude this morning / I am pleased / pleased that you wanted to be with Me / let Me work .....silence.....enjoy Me..... / enjoy the calm / learn to do this / who is it who would take time for Me? / Who is it who would enjoy Me in the calm? / who is it who would crown Me King? / who is it who cares about Me? / My Bride / seek Me in everything / crown Me King

Lord's Plans

05 Jan 2015

OC - Nothing to say. Nothing to worry. My plan coming forth because of your obedience. Pray for them. (Yes, Lord) My Holy one. Worthy. Come.

HP - By My hand, might I lead you. Come to Me.

HH - Wonderful to have you here. Come and stay. Sharing My truth as planned. Go forth. It is what you say. Honor Me. I stand with you. Much to reveal. Come. Come. Come. Be at peace. You may go.


01 Jan 2015

Remember the evidences of Python I have shown you / just like the evidences I gave concerning eternal salvation / evidences are evidences / they ring true / compromise not the evidences / rampant Python is undenounced / the evidences I gave you have a Triple-A rating / they stand alone / they reveal truth / they stand, they stand, they stand / My people should study the evidences / this spirit is rampant in My church as I told you in the beginning


22 Jan 2015

OC - Holy and miraculous. You are an awesome God - words to Bride song. Stay with Me. Walk the distance with Me. I AM there. You are victorious. Say it. There is power in this. You are My light in the midst of darkness. Truly to be seen. Shine. Wash and come into Me.

HP - Your feet set on My path. Walk. Walk.

HH - Signing. Let it be. Copulate. Focus. Good now I say that you are not going to fail. I placed you there. I brought you there. My plan for you is perfect in Me. Don't lose sight of it. Come. Come. Come. Focus. Truly, truly. Peace.

23 Jan 2015

Wait patiently rush for nothing (Yes Lord) Keep close to Me/ Understanding increasing, allow My increase (I allow) See as I see things, see with My sight/ You may go.

24 Feb 2015 (new)

Bright and shiny are they / My stars / they that tabernacle with Me in silence / are they as glitter? / no / they are the twinkle in Mine eyes / encourage them, I am pleased / many more to come / silence is key / obedience a must / My unseen army in the world / displayed in My Kingdom / I say again, “encourage them.” / the twinkles in My Eyes!

Devine Plan

20 Jan 2015

OC - King of Kings. Your Lord. My rule and reign. Come.

HP - Mighty, mighty, mighty. All to be seen. Allow Me.

HH - I AM preparing their hearts. Truth will go forth. Let them see. It is simple. Powerful. My holy ones. Pray for Phyllis. Call her. Calling all. Let it be Me. I do it all and will continue to. Trust. I AM all knowing. My desire. My perfect plan for you. Many to come. Deny not. Go in peace.

28 May 2015

HP - Good thinking
HH - Let it jell out / confidence needed / My plan stands no matter who comes against it / My ways / My Power / My plan / simple when seen / relax / shutter not / someone has to do it / arise

Bride - Cleansing

15 Feb 2015

record, record, record / details, details, details / the Bride is moving forward in Me / remain positive about all things / I was / think about it

04 Mar 2015

Winds of fire / tongues of fire / rings of fire / let the cleansing go forth / activate / did so / burn away the dross / winds of fire / cleansing, cleansing / be calm / steadfast / sure / benevolent

10 Mar 2015

HP- We enter into You, Lord, as instructed - an honor, Lord / I am honored too / few men in history have entered into Me / if you are in Me are we not one?
HH - My ways are simple / My Bride is learning well / we have the greatest teacher of all / well said / continue on / still much to do / preparation in some areas / engagement in others / I can bring you into being in the offensive all the time / yes, Lord, You can / activate


24 Feb 2015

Bright and shiny are they / My stars / they that tabernacle with Me in silence / are they as glitter? / no / they are the twinkle in Mine eyes / encourage them, I am pleased / many more to come / silence is key / obedience a must / My unseen army in the world / displayed in My Kingdom / I say again, “encourage them.” / the twinkles in My Eyes!

05 Mar 2015

I am here (thanked) (saw the Lord place His hand on my right shoulder) Condemn not yourself, I told you not to condemn others that includes you (Yes Lord) Know I know the whole of the matter/ Come as you are to be dealt with/ Present yourself especially when the enemy would tell you not to/ I am not ashamed of My Own but desire your perfection, keep coming to Me until you are perfect in My sight/ Love one another as I have loved you this I would have you do/ Be at peace/ I love you (felt the Lord fade away) You may go.


29 May 2015
I am pleased to meet with you (likewise Father) Relax (I choose to) Yes totally relax/ I am calling those who will listen/ Few have heeded My call, still with outstretched arms I am reaching to save that which would be last (thanked) Turn to Me now My people before the indignation begins/ Deny Me not, I desire you and want to provide for your safety but it must be legal for Me to do so/ Pay attention to what's being presented, no excuses/ Again I call to you, will you come? Warn them (Yes Father) You may go.

Golden Meetings

10 Mar 2015

Practice makes perfect, every meeting leads to perfection in meetings/ Remember My protocols they are what keep you safe in a meeting, the enemy wants to discard My protocols this must not be (Yes Lord) Power in established protocols know there Power/ Safe ground of truth stay there those on sinking sand will be washed out/ My truth is stable, sturdy, balanced/ Stay focused much to be done/ You may go.


07 Feb 2015

Train and teach all. I have given you much. Take it to the world. Be not afraid. I AM with you. Keep focus on Me. Come more power to behold. Take. (did) Yes. Thank you. More. More multiplicity. Use it. Go in My name. Shake the dust off and continue to move in Me. Set apart. My will. Come now. Rest. Peace.

28 Feb 2015

song phrase - Lord, let us hear your heart beat, let it vibrate... / the world is darkening / the clouds are coming (day of the clouds) / heavenly host poised / attention My Bride / reap the harvest / preparation / time is short / calmness in Me can accomplish much / I am the victor / proclaim it / you may go

10 April 2015

The world groans / the truth is on tap for those who are seeking it / remember the law of increase / stymie not / truth begets truth / spreading like wildfire / the harvest is ripe / ask Me to send workers / yes Lord / multiply, multiply, multiply / walk with Me / steadfast and true / My truth prevails / it’s my time / lets go

13 May 2015

Incarcerated no more / Troubling times for the world, Stay protected in Me, Stay close to Me, I will not leave you, Do not leave Me / I will reveal as needed / Blessings / Patience, Do not rush, Be quick, but not hurried / Horsemen riding, Proceed

13 may 2015

Time is soon, the shaking will increase in magnitude, see that you be not moved (Yes Father) I am doing this as you know to shake the world awake/ See the increasing pressure on the earth (I choose to) Know that I am still in control, none is out of My hands (Amen) Turn to Me My people I desire to save you from your sins, will you turn to Me? How long will you wait? Turn now while there is still time left/ I call will you come? (saw the earth shaking from space with long slow shakes) You may go.

World Condition

Meeting 10/5/15
Get ready (saw a thick gray cloud waiting to move in) (saw the whole earth from space all gray)..... You may go.

Meeting 10-14-2015
Asteroids / asteroids unseen / change is coming / relent not / site /

12 Nov. 2015
Questions will be answered / wane not / keep moving / forward / battle comes / obedience necessary / calm / truth prevails / The minds of men are far from Me / My plans / My ways / the confident will bow / the real truth exposes, sometimes devastating / I am there to save and lift up / They only need to call on Me / call on Me and I will answer / arise

20 Nov 2015
reconvene / astroids on the horizon / reconvene thoughts / the bringing together of things I have revealed / reconvene My purposes / the picture must be written in the earth / reconvene you allegiance to Me / acting it our makes it real / manifest / let all things be done according to My will / My timing / My truth / reconvene / you’ve done it before, do it again / you are who i say you are

End Times

Meeting 5-8-2015

You are doing a little better / you need to do much better / the calm is important in End Times / it’s because I am in the calm / I am that I am / I am here / I am in the earth differently as I have taught you / reveal truth / truth takes care of itself / witness be / your calling it is / let those who can hear, hear / rejoice in that / arise

21 Npv. 2015
- antiquities / evidences abound / share / testimonies bring life / overcomes / disbelief is an obstacle to overcome / possible with many people / rejoice in this / learning to speak truth with the weed killer is sublime / soft passion exhibited / not overdone / gentle / intertwined / all play a roll in success / end times is a time of conversions / a plus for My Kingdom / fear not / arise


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