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The Lord said, "My people don't know
the questions they should be asking!"
the questions they should be asking!"

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Repository of Rhema Words Given in
Golden Meetings & Scenes
( 2016 )

Latest additions added at the Bottom of each subject. Date of last addition 12/30/2016
Subjects with new additions are marked with - N

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"What You are doing is for others"

These are the Lord's words taken from Golden Meetings and scenes seen by various individuals.
These individuals are scattered in several states across the USA.
Some are excerpts on a specific topic taken from a meeting.
We will be adding to this information from time to time!

A person can learn much just by reading the Lord's words in these Meetings.

(You will also see that the Lord trains us in the little things so we will obey Him in the bigger things!)

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Lord's Plans
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Devine Plan

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End Times

Bride Instruction

HP - You forgot, “friend.”
HH - Comfort zone / stay in My comfort zone / don’t wrestle with the devil / resist him and he will flee / don’t wrestle with Me / do My biding / I am pleased with My Bride / She stands ready / patience is necessary / wait for My commands / continue with your calling / amen

HP - Stay in the calm.
HH - Watch your reactions / reactions important / especially outward reactions / be steadfast in Me / not everything that comes is My will / (Seemed He was talking about in the physical) / be aware of this / remember the enemy is a copycat / ask questions / stay tight with Me / My Bride must do so / move cautiously forward / wait on My instructions / stay in the calm / be at ease in Me

“Proactive, Bride, Proactive / My guidance / assume not / careful awareness / study My principles / follow My protocols / be careful of interlopers / stay in your positions / know your jobs / know your duties / mind your positions / envy not / there must be no envy / remember, I know all / nothing can be hidden / trust Me, trust one another / forgiveness must reign / pay attention to these details / there can be no procrastination / Bride, Bride, let no evil in

“Condemnation / Condemn not, My Bride / be alert to worldly condemnation / counter it / let it not stand / let it not root / let it not rest upon you / counter it with My words / careful, careful usage of My words / use them not in condemning ways / remember, I am judge / I need no jury / speak as I spoke, speak as I speak / loving kindness backed by forgiveness / remember, I have forgiven each of you, shall you do any less”

“My pathways / watch for My pathways / keep the Praises stirred and active on each of My pathways / see great inroads being made / knock on My doors / enter all I open to you, Bride / no forced entry / understand ? / discern, discern the doors / guide the babes / let them not stray / teach them / they must know My truths / steady, sure teaching / they must know My principles, they must know the boundaries / teach My basic protocols / be not hesitant nor lax / these things must be / simple, sure”

“combustible / careful, Bride / My words can be combustible / use My verbiage / under My directions / no room for careless usage / no assumptions, no assumptions, no assumptions / My words, My Authority (many, many times) / cannot, must not be misused / not for your whimsy, your desires / must be under My direction / only as I say / careless combustion must not be / understand? / dire / I must be able to trust each of you, My Bride / fail Me not, fail Me not / no time, no time”

Compromise not, compromise not, compromise not, compromise not / behold, behold, behold, behold / Willing vessels absorb / I know / be adamant about what you’ve learned / balance in elements / an unbalanced tire vibrates a vehicle / the Bride must be balanced in all areas / quick to stand up / quick to move forward / quick to rest / to rest in Me / quickness can be smooth / flow with Me / quick to ask / procrastinate not.

Glorious Day / give Me Glory / Honor, true Honor / desire to give to Me / shower Me with blessings / give as you have been given / silence, activated / uncorrupted now / purposefully bless Me / reap, reap, you shall reap / Joy, real Joy / Come My Chosen Bride, let us bless one another, again and again / experience true Rejoicing / soak it in, soak it all in

Cherish Me / Cherish My thoughts / Cherish My Acts / Cherish My patterns / Cherish all that I am / Obey / be not remiss in obedience / understand the depths of obedience / understand the importance of its timing / My timing, not yours / see into My depths and grasp / grasp again and again and again / grasp and retain / let not My given knowledge slip away / Bride, truly, truly, truly cherish all I am and all I do / I truly, truly, truly cherish you back

Comfort / take comfort in Me, My chosen / I alone am your source / be at ease in our working together / be free in Me / no bondages, allow it not / let not Satan enter / he and his forces must be left out, put out / Bride, Bride, use your Mantels / use your positional rights / all working together for Our purposes / forgive, aid one another / allow no schisms, none / come together truly as one with Me / Bride, look at the time, tarry not

See Me as Almighty / facets unknown to man / Bride must know Me / accept all that I am / back not away / time, Bride, accept Me / trust Me as never before / truly trust Me / no lip service / choose deep cemented trust / absolute in all ways / choose wisely, deliberately / must be brought into fruition / understand, bring it to life / you have the knowledge and authority / Bride, this must be

Be at ease / move forward / strike / strike / strike at the enemies strongholds / send throngs of hosts to accomplish / offense / strike / arise

Stand / I say stand in all things given / be seated / relax / relax in all things given / trust / grace abounds / forget not / speak grace / give grace / truth involved / truth involved / truth involved / truth delivers / see with My eyes / My eyes always / Bride aware / My eyes / go fourth with grace, My Love / My eyes / all is possible in Me

Gather Praises / My Chosen, My Bride / Gather / united / fortified walls of Praise / together send them forth / no hit and miss / you know to cover and recover / open new pathways as I guide / a day of Rejoicing, this day / be it so, be it all so / no turning back, no turning back / go forward / push walls of Praise forward

Feast on Me / devour My words / My rain is falling / receive of it / windows of time, Bride, windows of time / cease not, cease not praising / lift them even higher / lift high My name / accept all that I am / understand My name / grasp the understanding / not all have, not all have / reject not My truths / reject not Me / receive My rain, receive My rain / receive Me

Contemplate / all I’ve given you / wisdom, knowledge, understanding / Bring yourselves into remembrance / read and reread Our archives / glean again and again / understand the roots of My truths / establish, establish, establish them in you each / neglect not one / solidify your foundation / no procrastination / Bride, be determined / search and grasp, search and grasp, search and grasp / Bride, this must be / crucial concepts have been forgotten

(saw a swirling) “come, enter My calm / (saw the swirling again) / see all parallels / hesitate not to enter / come out of the turmoil into My calm / careful access / use My protocol / fail not in this / many, many facets of My calm / enter into respite in My calm / work with Me in My calm / rejoice in My calm / dance in My calm / praise in My calm / be in My calm / rejuvenate in My calm / yes, go into the depths of My calm / walk with Me, talk with Me in My calm / daily Bride, daily / hesitate not, hesitate not / come into My calm / come Bride, learn, experience My calm, the truths of it”

“Concentrate, My Beloved, on My words / overlook nothing / take in every detail, every facet / Bride, Bride, this you must do / rush not / scrutinize every word, every detail / silence, silence, hush your minds / your focus must be on Me / protocol, protocol, / follow My protocol for entrance to My calm / allow Me to work in your midst / struggle not, allow Me / come, gather in My calm / observe My Power and Might at work / Mighty works, Mighty works, Mighty works you shall see / believe, believe, believe My Children /

Complete / assignments / on time, on time, on time / complete cleansing / complete teaching preparations / complete all tasks I give / complete every detail / lollygag not / procrastinate not / all things done in order / learn My orderly ways, Bride / avoid chaos, be orderly / keep ties with Me tight / block doubt, keep it out / My chosen, complete these tasks / must, must, must be

“Doorways (letters outlined in Red) / I have major Doorways for you / be ready, prepared / enter at My command / hesitate not, hesitate not / My Chosen, crucial entrance / position by position / mantles secure / no happenstance / orderly, all must be orderly / all must be totally yielded / obedient / no guesswork / all totally in My calm / no half-way / My beyond awaits / so much I have awaits / come, come, I call you forth / be not sidetracked / enter committed / stay clean, stay clean, stay clean / deny not My rights / you invoke them, now truly receive them / receive in full strength / Bride, Bride, Bride, receive these My words / fan the flames of My words / let the Praises fall not to the ground / Charge them to fulfill their purposes / now tend to My words”

Prepare ye the way / recognize My pathways / My system of pathways / all lead to and from Me / all have purposes / hinder them not / My Chosen, each of you have special pathways / crucial purposes to fulfill / I have set your courses / you must choose to stay on course / yet much for you to grasp / yet much for you to understand / veer not from your courses / grasp, know, understand / the lost and the babes are coming / My Chosen, prepare to be a guiding light for them


Plunge forward / slow, deliberate action / actions towards the goal / My Kingdom Manifest / you see / believe it / Tabernacle of Praise / Tabernacle of government / My people must Tabernacle with Me / there are facets to all of this / no protocols, no Tabernacle / make things clear / people must come to Me, My way, for government to work correctly / (correctness?) in every area of government / My government / Millennial reign

Triumphant, triumphant, triumphant / blessed is He / Omnipotent / let the rocks cry out / the earth rejoice / triumphant is He


Enjoy Me / enjoy what’s coming / rise to the occasion / My Kingdom come / My will be done / ride the waves / ride the waves / move forward / you may go

My order / My Kingdom / My appointments / My purposes / My plans / My appointed positions / what can man do? / nothing / what can man do against My order? / My ways ?/ accept or reject? / a choice / there is life in these things / there is safety / there is purpose / there is promise / always allow silence / allow calm / I am in the calm / I know best / trust

“Make way for the Lord” over and over
presume not / don’t be loose lipped / consider words / consider words in light of My Kingdom / My Kingdom come / MY Kingdom prevails / loose words can hinder progress / be mindful of them / purpose, purpose, purpose / always purpose

Joy of Joys / yes, Lord, Joy of Joys / work My Kingdom principles / results, always results / results if correctly done / My timing / don’t forget My timing / Jericho / Jericho / My timing / My plan / My timing / waste not what I’m saying / relax / flow / work My principles / My way / My Kingdom way / the Four Horsemen ride / judgement is in the earth as never before / rise to the challenge of working with Me

Promote My Kingdom / enjoy the day / tasks at hand / refueling necessary / all is well / all is well / some things must be / some things not pleasant / rejoice in all / all I have you do / ignorance must leave My body of believers / teach them My Kingship / I am not a tyrant / I am a loving King / a King who knows what must be in a person’s life / remember the enemy and all his cohorts are deceivers / rejoice in Me and leave

Persevere, persevere, persevere / My Kingdom message / it must be written / it must be spoken / it must be heard throughout the land / My kingdom is functioning in the earth / tell My people to learn / learn My ways, then they will come to understand / persevere


Blessed indeed / I too am blessed / power house we are / those who have truly joined Me / I am fine tuning this union / Man-child produced / we shall do exploits together / all protocols necessary / My Kingdom come / arise


3- 25-2016
Scene, I was at a small town political rally of some kind. I was looking at Donald Trump. He was dragging an inch or so thick sheet of plywood. There was a fairly good sized hole in the corner of the plywood he had a hold of. Then I saw 7 - 8 men lined up beside him. All of them were holding plywood with holes in them like Donald’s, but each person’s hole was a little further from the corner than the person’s hole before them. The holes were the same size though. I saw Donald place a short round dowel or peg in his hole and then one by one down the line each man placed a dowel in the holes in their plywood. Then Donald said, “If you will vote for me and I become president then I will place these men in positions.” It was like a pecking order, each man having a different position behind the other. (All these men, including Donald, knew how to put a round peg in a round hole. They were smart enough to do that. Some people try to put a square peg in a round hole, if you see what I mean.)

Be at ease / have I not brought you this far? / yes, Lord / that has not changed / revelations to come / catch up timeline / Hillary / dishonest government / Woe - Woe - Woe - Woe to the deceivers

Send cleansing praises out to the United States from the Laver. Move the Lamp stands forward / did - returned to our seats / go in peace

11-25-2016 (Put here because of "Obama"?)
Streamline / Streamline the things you can / be resourceful / I am with You / depend on Me / Obama / take note / it is a crusade in the spirit realm / do your part / rejoice in Me, change coming / stay calm / think not to be less than you are / I put you where you are / be not afraid / do My bidding / Amen

End Times

Pick up the pen and write / Majestic am I / Majestic in all things / Majestic in Love / Majestic in grace / Majestic in leading / Majestic in Heart / Majestic in caring / I care for mankind / Oh! that they could understand / It is My will for them to understand / are they listening? / is My church listening? / Oh, that they would listen to My counsel / Oh, that they would learn who their enemy is / speak, that mankind would listen / speak, that My church will listen / for those who start listening is a giant step in the spirit realm / a wonderful step that pleases Me / Oh, that they would please Me with this step / woe to those who don’t listen to My counsel / My council is important in these days / My day / the Day of the Lord!

MY People

Radio active are the false beliefs of My people / Seismic to the populous / What My people do can effect the populous / not so with false religions / I desire the power of My people to be unleashed through the Truth / Oh that they can hear the truth / be a truth speaker / in the right places at the right time


Generate / attitudes / rightful attitudes / My Chosen ones, teach / yes, teach all that I ask / rightful attitudes must be created / aid, aid, aid / be examples for the masses / teach them silence / how to be silent / reaping the benefits / the purity of silence / I need corporate silence / they must understand the power of silence / and power in silence / teach it, teach it, teach it / allow Me to bless / to bless you, My Chosen / (He had her put her hands on the words) / may the meaning of these words impregnate your minds / allow it”

Silence, Golden Silence / Bride Silence / Golden, Pure / so, so Powerful / Mighty / crucial in every realm / neglect not / no other can give Her Silence / Bride understand, must understand / healthy, perfect Silence / interject nothing / keep it pure / aware, enemy’s ploys / taint not, tire not / tend, Bride”


Infiltrate / we are infiltrating the enemies strongholds / keep up the good work / beware of enemy tactics / eyes open / My Bride, My Bride, My Bride / I am pleased

“beware / Entanglements of enemy forces / aware, aware, be not snared / obscure places / people, places / silence and Praise, Bride, silence and Praise / full spectrum / be it so / every position doing its part / sync with My timing / grasp My leading / patience for My timing / remember, stay in My calm / be not anxious / let panic enter not / come Bride, I say come take My hand / We shall conquer / stay with Me, close to Me / HE had her put her hands on the words, her hands were hot / infuse life into My words / implant into My Prophet


Perpetrate not / My lead in all things / relax in Me / If you relax in Me I am the One responsible / now that’s a thought, isn’t it? / yes, Lord / like a mighty wind / although ever so softly in the physical / who can see beyond? / My people who rest in Me / obey My commands / exalt My Name / rely on Me / those who look beyond and see are My knights in shining armor / My steadfast ones / the Ones I have prepared / that have allowed Me to prepare them / perpetrate not

Squelch not / sound the alarm / I would not have My people ignorant / work, write, speak / the hosts of Heaven are excited / push forward / humbly, but deliberately / be not afraid / arise

Besmirch not / the power of truth, the power of truth, the power of truth / it is an over coming power / always / judgement day / be astute / clamorous / make a noise among the unlearned / spiritually and physically / rev it up / My truths / rev them up / silent not / how will they hear / lay what has been a mystery before them / fight both battles / physical and spiritual / mankind is ignorant of Satan’s tactics / even those in My house / testify

Devine Plan

Small things important / be aware / remember My purposes / shake the people / most are asleep when it concern’s Me / most don’t recognize this / My plans will be walked out / walked out to My final goal / I am a God of grace, mercy and truth including assurance / what else can I do other than to fulfill My Word / amen

Comprehend the magnitude and simplicity of your assignment / all things are possible with Me / positions important / take yours / tremble not / I guide, I direct / faith in what I have said is required / no other way / procrastinate not / I love you / I love the Bride / full function important / rest in these things / be not pulled asunder by wrong timings that appear / walk with Me / walk with Me / forgive / you may go

“now, Judge not / careful, careful / enter as I say enter / My doors, My timing / this must be / nothing assumed / My calendar awaits / My calendar, My calendar, My calendar / rush it not / sorrow not / I control / My calendar, My agenda / let not man taint / all must be as I say / seek Me, seek Me / (hands on words) / again, absorb / Our Right hands, Our Right hands / let not even one word be lost / all details, all details consume / protect, protect every jot every tittle / DDDDR / yes, deep commitment / Bride this must be / overlook not / all Mine to judge / give it to Me / take on no burdens / I burden not / give all to Me”

Clear your mind / be in the calm / ….. the lamp-stands / significant, significant, significant / much to do / follow / be not dismayed / My ways / trust Me / trust Me / trust Me / faith you must have / abort not / ring in / ring in / ring in / My age / My will / understand / yes, Lord / you may go

Write / write, ‘this is a new day’ / My day / My third Day / Tell My people what they must do / crown Me King / I make all things new / crown Me King / protocols necessary / no blending with the old / tell them it is a learned thing / arise / lay this on the couch between the lamp stands / blow the shofar once / go / two blasts

Praise / saw hands lifted in praise & knew it was for us to do -did / sent praises covering each of us here & to each on line / asked if there was a specific praise HE wanted for us? Prophetic Praises upon My Chosen / as she sent Prophetic Praises covering us each, saw HIS hand come down upon our heads / DDR / I am committed to you as you are to Me / Major Prophecy about to be fulfilled / be ready, hone in, be ready, hone in / My Chosen, My Chosen, I have chosen you for this hour this task / DDR / fear not / fear not / trust Me, trust Me / allow My leading / you are equipped, you are equipped / you must grasp and understand the fullness of what being equipped is / the entirety of it / DDDR gavel / yes, I have judged it so / panic comes / you must, must disarm it / allow it no advantage / I panic not, nor should you / set your minds on Me / deny panic and its cohorts no utterance / none whatsoever / My Chosen, this must be

Bride - Cleansing

Program / clear away programs / program thinking not of Me / plan not programs / remember, I have the plans / follow My plan as I have revealed / only Mine / know My truths and their facets / trust Me when you speak / have I not said I will supply you words to speak / Bride, be determined in this / teach the throngs to trust Me / teach them to follow Me / Bride, watch Me carefully / follow My timing impeccably / soon, Bride, soon

Blessed are the peace makers / My Bride is a peace maker / pushing back the enemy makes peace / call forth calmness in the mind of man / did / call forth calmness that man can think clearly / did / call it forth in My people/ people who believe in Me / did / think big but know it all starts with a seed / rejoice /

Snorkel not / stand up / put things in order / much coming / much to do / prepare / cleanse / be glad / release Me through cleansing / My Bride must be clean / bring the babes in, bring the babes in, bring the babes in / maturity a must in My Bride / tell her, “The Bride needs be clean” / do your job

Perpetrate not / I lead / be in the calm / the Laver, explain / simple facts / important / be of good cheer / all is well / arise


Infiltrate / we are infiltrating the enemies strongholds / keep up the good work / beware of enemy tactics / eyes open / My Bride, My Bride, My Bride / I am pleased

The masses, the masses, the masses / send praises / send Me / send My Hosts / give my hosts full reign to do what needs to be done / make way for the Lord - over and over / it’s a war / believe it (Having to do with High Praises)

“Steel yourselves / determined / tough times / you can do all I ask / I have supplied / I’ve led you into knowledge, understanding, and wisdom / time to stand solid, stalwart / you are My chosen, My equipped / time to move as one mass, one unit / truly as one in all aspects / absolutely no turning back / firmly plant your feet in My ground / there are and will be no excuses / the time of My Bride, the time of My Bride has come / adorned, ready, come now “

12-7-2016 - N
“quake not / stand firm / remember, you are united / a force Satan cannot stop / stay on guard, alert / continue forward / always forward / We have no reason to retreat / sword and shield in hand * / all battle gear on and ready / allow Me to sharpen your eyes / both spiritual and physical / My trump is ready / listen, listen, listen for its sound / it shall blast for My Saints / be ready for My commands / legal roadways and pathways almost completed / Saints Praise, Praise, and Praise again / enemy cringes / all manner of Praise joined as a fortified wall / see it, hear it / push, push, push forward Saints / watch out for the babes / crush them not / go forth now in all Power and Might / Justified”


Trail blazer be / at My directions / paths of praise / release My abilities / legal, legal, legal

Facilitate / My coming / Bride, Bride, legal / keep all legal / keep all pathways open legally / yield nothing to enemy forces / remember, Mary did not say “no" / nor did Joseph / understand / Bride, Bride, accept understanding / fortify efforts / act with understanding of what I've shown / see why I say "push, push, absorb, grasp” / understand impregnation of Praises with all that I am / see the picture, Bride, see My picture

The Lamp-stands significant / My will / My way / My Kingdom / My timing / relax in Me / understanding will come / be glad

Resounding sound / My truths / remember / laid my pen back down / pick up your pen / negotiate not / My statutes / My laws / significant / My ways lead to life / carnal thinking leads to destructions / death / death to My purposes / death to My ways / My people must see / My people must hear / their lives are in the balance / they must come to understand My calendar stands / it is ill-movable (un-moveable?) / it is as it is / I cannot change it / although some think I can / My calendar has been legally established / tell My people to join Me in it / adjourned

Remain standing / stand for Me / stand for Me / stand for Me / you know what I’m talking about / be seated / started thinking - Oh to walk with You at Your pace, Oh to walk with You at Your pace, Oh to walk with You at Your pace / succumb to the enemy not / interrupting My timing is one of the enemy’s tactics / interrupting My flow of supply is another of the enemy’s tactics / succumb not / records are important in stopping the enemy in these things / tell My people / records are important / legal, legal, legal / My ways are legal / teach them My ways / arise

Placate not / assume not / walk with Me / you know My heart / you know My heart towards people / speak, expect / petition / legal / legal / use your faith / the law of faith / legal / arise

Golden Meetings

Guard the flesh / keep it under control / habits can hinder flow with Me / be in the calm / be in the calm / learn to do it even when you are doing tasks / accomplishing this is a good attribute / conquer self / then keep self out / be of good cheer / you may go


Let bygones be bygones / there is much to do / teach / speak / act / all in faith / faith is a necessary element to the whole / how can they hear if no one speaks? / no one writes? / the world is a-hungered / but most don’t know what they are hungry for / it is I, sayeth the Lord / it is I

The world is corrupted / the only way out is through Me / speak truth / lead / little by little bring them into Me / everyone needs a relationship with Me / not according to their ways but through My ways / otherwise they miss Me / miss the goal / bring them to the peace only I can give / it is not the false peace some have in error / … x 3 / You may go

Reluctance is not a virtue / catastrophes ahead / the world, the world, the world / the inhabitants / forewarn / My calendar / reluctance is not a virtue / you may go

The world is on a collision coarse with Me / Me and My calendar / stand strong / be a witness / tell them of My Love / tell them of My plan / tell them of judgement / tell them to learn My ways / tell them I am King of Kings / tell them how to treat Me / tell them of their enemy / tell them


Scene, I was looking at Obama standing between two men. I knew I had to forgive him and not only that but to tell him his sins are forgiven. That the Lord had forgiven him.
I think I awoke. I was walking up to Hillary Clinton and saying, “The Lord sent me to you to tell you your lies are forgiven. That they are controlling your life. They are controlling your destiny.” I had taken hold of her hands, holding them together in front of us.

Grace abounds / remember / grace abounds / be a partaker of it / be a giver of it / liaison / truth always prevails / My truths are everlasting / deliver My truths / stager not / move forward / sometimes My truth hurts but only for a short while if received / remember the big picture / rejoice /

Benevolence is Mine / be a giver of truth / be My liaison / discriminate not / be of good cheer / rejoice in doing these things


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