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The Lord said, "My people don't know
the questions they should be asking!"
the questions they should be asking!"

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Repository of Rhema Words Given in
Golden Meetings & Scenes
( 2017 )

Latest additions added at the Bottom of each subject. Date of last addition 4/06/2017
Subjects with new additions are marked with - N

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"What You are doing is for others"

These are the Lord's words taken from Golden Meetings and scenes seen by various individuals.
These individuals are scattered in several states across the USA.
Some are excerpts on a specific topic taken from a meeting.
We will be adding to this information from time to time!

A person can learn much just by reading the Lord's words in these Meetings.

(You will also see that the Lord trains us in the little things so we will obey Him in the bigger things!)

Bride instruction



Golden Meetings


Lord's Plans
Joy Silence covenant Enemy Bride-Cleansing

Flow Chart


Kingdom N


My People
Parallels Protocols


End Times

Bride Instruction

Meeting 1-6-2017
Benevolence is Mine / I wasn’t sure I heard right so I didn’t write it down at the time / keep the peace / you know how / truth is truth / can I change truth? / what I have called the Bride to do is what she must do / I am faithful to My Bride / I am faithful in all matters / My ways do not change / how could they / I change not / My overall plans for mankind change not / I Am the I Am

Meeting 1-18-2017
(Saw a city on fire, then saw something like fireballs coming down from the sky) / Heaven is waiting, Many are called / Take the time, It is important / Peace be with you

Meeting 1-19-2017
Gaining understanding / Do not think you are doing poorly, You are right where I want you at this time / Stay on course, stay with Me, all will be well

Meeting 1-23-2017
See how differently the enemy and I work, The enemy incites, I encourage / Move forward, move forward, move forward / Be in the here and now and leave tomorrow for tomorrow / Great is our destiny together, Remain strong in that faith and go in peace

Meeting 2-23-2017
Petrified / be not petrified / remember your position / fear not / My Kingdom come, My will be done / truth must be presented / My words change things / My words change situations / My words confront / My words convince / My words are My words / who can stand against them? / pour out the truth / be not petrified / give My grace to My people, it is there in My truths

Meeting 3-8-2017
Laver - Tend to your duties
HH- Be not ashamed of My ways / hide not, hide not My ways / My ways produce life / report / fulfill your commission / tarry not / time is short


Meeting 2-2-2017
Stand strong, stand strong, stand strong / be seated / be encouraged / I am able / keep the protocols, keep the protocols, keep the protocols / keep the high praises / encourage one another / speak positive / speak positive towards My goals / endeavor to do what I say / step into it



Kingdom NEW

July 12, 2017
Plummet not / steady as she goes / bring forth life to the people / bring them to Me and My Kingdom / remember nothing’s hidden in My Day / let it manifest / walk soberly but with My joy in the earth / bring the truth to the people / I will demonstrate / Bootcamp, Bootcamp, Bootcamp / they must come into Bootcamp / My Bootcamp / arise

Meeting 4-5-2017
HH - remain standing / move the Lamp Stands forward / did / be seated / (emphatically) you are correct, you are correct, you are correct / understand, understand, understand / important parallels / you are correct as to why I showed you the Kingdom of Heaven / be a witness / believe what I have revealed to you / let it not diminish / portrayal very important / the light, the light, the light / enough / knew it was time to go


Meeting 1-19-2017
Trample, not the people / slight of tongue / proclaim My Lordship / proclaim My Kingship / proclaim, proclaim, proclaim / proclaim throughout the lands of the earth / the seas / the airways / Lord of Lords / King of Kings am I / proclaim / who will stand against Me / who will stand for Me / the parallels, the parallels, the parallels / proclaim




End Times


MY People




Meeting 4-6-2017
it’s a war / it’s a war / I have given you the tools / step into the war / we win / I will correct if need be / pursue My people called / Lamp Stands important / positions important / I’m trusting you / trust Me / get to it

Walked into the office - What would be wrong with putting anyone in the Laver?


Meeting 1-9-2017
Be in step with Me / hide not / My way or no way / what I am doing is extremely important / step by step I have brought the Bride this far / I shall continue step by step / some bigger than others / all for My purpose / for Me / tell them, “for Me” / adjourn / I am with My Bride / I am with you / be at peace

Lord's Plans

Word from Kenya: New
The Lord said He will use the words in the site (THH) to unify the Body of Christ from every corner of the be one like the Holy nation...His Bride under the Lordship of Christ.


Meeting 2-2-2017
Stand strong, stand strong, stand strong / be seated / be encouraged / I am able / keep the protocols, keep the protocols, keep the protocols / keep the high praises / encourage one another / speak positive / speak positive towards My goals / endeavor to do what I say / step into it

Bride - Cleansing

Meeting 2-3-2017
Did I not come with a sword? / I did not come to bring peace but a sword / write / write, pray, do High Praises / the truth must be written / stand / remember the babes / truth prevails / what else can it do? / excite the Bride / excite My true believers / excite / My sword needs displayed / displayed in words / remember, My earth, My will, My plan

Meeting 3-20-2017
Pureness, pureness, pureness / pureness goes a long ways / strive for pureness in the simplicity / things function better in the pureness / it’s like oiling a machine / pureness allows flow / flow without hindrances / mighty is the Bride / Oh, that she could see herself / say amen / did


Meeting 2-1-2017
No weapon formed against you shall prosper / I AM aware of all your problems, all your struggles, Do not think I will leave you alone / Give each thing to Me as it comes / Fly My flag high / Blessings to you this day

Meeting 3-30-2017
My patriots / My lovers / My warriors / My believers / My children l My steadfast ones / My ordained ones / My chosen / My wife to be My Queen / together we rule / A solemn time of joy / a solemn time of Joy / a solemn time of joy / what can man do to us?


Meeting 1-16-2017
Revelation comes in the calm / don’t turn it off / careful / relax / flow with Me / much to do / reap a harvest / flow / that’s all for now



Golden Meetings



Meeting 1-26-2017
HP - We enter into You as instructed. Your Kingdom has come / Well said / let’s go
HH - Silence and calm are key / Oh! that the World would hear My voice / High Praises, High Praises, High Praises / there are many avenues for the world to hear My voice / OH! that they would hear My voice / you know the protocols / protocols acknowledge My Kingship / who can change that? / no one

Meeting 3-7-2017
Pick up the pen and write / sacred are the things I show My Bride / will man stop by / will he pass by / pass by unknowingly / sacred are the things I show My Bride / sacred

Meeting 4-3-2017
Continue / continue, continue, continue / press forward / be of one mind with Me / the world needs My word / My word for today / My Day




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