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Individual/Corporate Golden Meetings - The Lord's Question

...tell them I want to meet with them every morning… tell them there is a certain way to do this because I am Holy…


Individual/Corporate Golden Meetings

The Lord’s words:

Thu, 23 May 2013
Be obedient.  Listen for My Commands.  Train yourselves to hear Me.  Faith is key to hearing Me.  Silence is key to hearing Me.  You must have silence and faith.  Silence, faith, obedience, these are the keys to discipleship.  Disciples are disciplined in My ways.  My disciples hang on My every word.  My disciples love Me.  Will you be one of My disciples?

The Lord has informed me that He wants everyone to learn how to do individual Golden Meetings regularly.  This is not to say a man and wife could not do them together.  

There needs to be three places established, either in one room or by moving to other rooms.  I know people who do it all in one room by simply going from one point to another in the same room.  All of this should be decided by the individual before starting.  I will talk about these three points by numbers.
The protocol is patterned after the temple setting.  1. The Outer Court where the Laver was.  2. The Holy Place where the Altar of Incense was.  3. The Holy of Holies where the priest actually entered into Jesus once a year.  

A person should have pencil and paper to write on; actually a note book is best so they can have a continuous record.  Be sure to date each meeting on the paper.

At the first point, number one, the first thing to do is to take your shoes off if you have any on (reverence).  (Don't be in a hurry about any of this.)  The next thing is to symbolically wash at the Laver like the priest washed at the Laver in the temple.  (Jesus said no one could enter the Kingdom unless they became like a child.)   So symbolically we wash in Jesus' blood at an invisible Laver.  When first starting this a person should thank the Lord for His blood and symbolically wash their ears and eyes so they can see what the Lord wants them to see and hear what the Lord wants them to hear.  Washing our whole body symbolically is an act of faith in the physical, but it does real things in the spiritual.  (The Lord said that washing at the Laver symbolically keeps the enemy out!  It also cleanses us so we can enter into Him in the silence.)

Fri, 17 May 2013
Day by day, one day after the next.  Obedience each day adds to the next until the disciple emerges.  Obedience and silence are key.  Hear My voice in the silence.  Do what I say.  Have faith to hear Me.  I AM real.  I do exist, doubt not.  The more faith you have the easier it becomes to hear Me.  Always wash at the Laver.  Keep the enemy out.  Tomorrow is another day.  Stay close to Me today.  Listen for My voice  throughout the day.  Seek Me in prayer.  You will find Me.  I AM always with you.

[After a person has done this in several meetings they may not want to say anything when washing at the Laver so that they will have already started into the silence.  Everyone should be listening all through these three steps as the Lord may say something during any of these steps.]

After washing at the Laver, move silently to the second point.  This is the place where a person should establish silence by being silent for a period of time.  (Remember, always be listening.)  This is also where the Lord showed me He likes to love on us and we should adore Him back silently.  (One time, during this time,  He showed me a man and woman in a loving embrace, to get me to understand this.)  After establishing or producing some silence we then offer the silence up to the Lord.  This has to do with the Altar of Incense.  Remember the Lord said the silence is the incense. It is what we can produce to give Him.  I suggest having the person turn their hands up when they offer up the incense to the Lord.  (In our corporate meeting we have had the Lord thank us for offering Him the silence produced.)  This is necessary to enter into the Lord, symbolized by the priest having to go past the Altar of Incense to go into the Holy of Holies.

After the person has offered up the silence, they move to point 3.  They should be seated with pen and paper to write down what they see and hear.  Silence is Key - remember the Lord said He is in the silence.  If the Lord says to do some movements, just do them and return immediately to the silence.  A simple action might be the Lord telling the person to clap their hands a number of times.  When the Lord does these type of things He is teaching obedience and it is spiritual warfare.  

The Lord may not have a person do actions for a while; it's all up to Him.  Sometimes the Lord will deal with family situations, or the person themselves, or give a word for the Body of Christ, etc.  This is all the cleansing of the Lord and the intimacy He desires with each person.

When the person is done receiving (the Lord may reveal the meeting is over in some way) then they should reverently move back to position number one.    The meeting is over.  If it is a man and wife or more than one, they should discuss what each one received, always keeping it all recorded in some way.  

The Lord said it takes practice and it does. Remember not to take an agenda into these meetings. The Lord has the agenda.  The Lord has revealed that He wants everyone to get silent before Him in this way because He wants to be able to warn us of things that are to come on the earth in the future, and He wants to be able to give us instruction.  (Remember the Lord met with Adam every morning for companionship and to give counsel.)  Knowing how to do this will be a restful blessing among some of the chaos that is coming in the future.

Wed, 29 May 2013
Now is the time to get serious.  You know how to do what needs to be done.  Silence, obedience, listening.  I’m looking for the faithful, obedient ones.  Believe.  My will, will manifest.  Come and be a part of what I AM doing.

If I was teaching, I would set up the three points across the stage in front of the people, explaining each. I would then get one or two individuals and walk them through the actions in front of the people.  They may all want to walk through it.    The point is to get them to relax and realize how easy it is to do.  Some may not receive much from the Lord at first and some will receive more.  It takes practice in every case.

When doing this as a corporate group this is the way the group needs to circle up in the Holy Place to produce the silence. The Lord told us He likes a tight circle in unity as one person.

Groups of people should also keep a central repository of information from individuals having these meetings with the Lord.

May the Lord bless and guide each person according to His plan. - Roy

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