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The Lord said, "My people don't know
the questions they should be asking!"
the questions they should be asking!"

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The Lord Gives Information about His Millennium Reign!.

The Lord Gives Information about His Millennium Reign!


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The Lord Gives Information about His Millennium Reign!

The Lord said, “My people don’t know the questions they should be asking!” We here at Take His Heart were certainly no exception. We didn’t know we needed to ask about the Spots on the Body of Christ, so the Lord brought them up to us. He did the same with the understanding of what it takes to be married to Him. The Lord brought forth the information concerning how to let Him reign and rule His church in Golden Meetings. We certainly didn’t know we needed to ask the Lord questions pertaining to any of these subjects as well as many others.

Why is the Lord bringing forth this information about the Millennium now? It’s because we are living in the Last Days when the Lord is making up His Jewels, His Spotless Bride, for His purposes. His marriage was preordained in the beginning, as well as the Millennium. Mankind cannot stop it. So I hope by now you can understand the surprise we had for the Lord to reveal that we had the Man-Child of Rev. 12:5-6 here. There it was before us and the thought of asking the Lord anything about the Man-Child had never crossed our minds. That information is on this site, as well as all the other subjects I have mentioned.

This brings us to the Millennial, 1000-year reign of Jesus Christ on the earth. Could anyone of us have known any correct important question to ask the Lord about the Millennium? Something we needed to know about it now? We certainly did not. The Lord’s Millennial reign was of no concern to us - out of sight, out of mind! I suppose it was because we knew it was just out there in mankind’s future somewhere and had little, if any, understanding of it. Here we are again surprised at what the Lord has brought up at this particular time, the Millennium!

Here are some of the events the Lord used to reveal something He wanted us to learn about His rule and reign in the Millennium. We can gain insight into events taking place before its manifestation.

On August 17, 2012, the Lord gave me this scene in the night. I was sitting in a military Jeep in a type of a compound where authorities were detaining people. We were under a big steel roof without walls. There were tan clothed people all around in this place. There were a few people in the Jeep with me and right behind me, as if to be a part of us who didn’t have on tan clothes. In front of me, about 50 yards away, were some men with guns who were keeping people in this particular area. I started the Jeep and drove towards these men, and when they saw me, they began waving their guns in a strange way, scurrying back and forth in front of me, saying not to go any further. I stopped about ten feet from them and shut the Jeep off. I was then thinking I could easily run the Jeep through them, but I wasn’t sure how good their guns were. I began observing what was going on in this area under this large roof. Some of the people in tan clothes were trying to escape, but the guards always seemed to catch them and bring them back, slinging them to the ground. These people always had this orange ring around them that reminds me of the rings of Saturn. The ring was thin, but about 4-6 inches wide. It had a rope or cable attached in which they used to drag or pull the person, throwing them down in the compound. To my left and behind me was some kind of huge metal container that looked like a man-made mountain without a pointed top. There was a hoist in which they would hoist the people who tried to escape up and drop them into this thing. I always heard, “the fingernails first,” and then more description of what was happening as the person was tortured to death. I assumed the man-made mountain had acid in it. I didn’t know. It seemed that the people in tan who were being captured by these men were intelligent people, although the last man they brought back seemed to be somewhat retarded or more likely drugged. This was made very noticeable in the scene. I was then looking at the top of this metal man-made mountain. I had a vision of people suspended in mid air, mostly standing, but some in different positions. There was a bunch of people, not necessarily close together, discombobulated may be the description. Emerging slowly from behind them or from within them was a huge banner a little taller than they were. As it became fully visible in front of these people I saw what the banner said. It was, “MILLENNIUM.”

The scene is understandable partly because of the symbolisms the Holy Spirit has already established in our records - our flow charts. It is important that we understand the scene so I’m going to take some time to do that here. I make note that this August 17th scene parallels the scene given me back on December 9, 2006, and is reported in the Mt Zion section of this site. It’s under the heading What’s Coming? Link

Both scenes depict hideous torture of Christians to death, in a compound. Both scenes reveal God’s protection for some Christians. I suggest you read the 2006 article for the understanding it gives.

In other scenes, some recorded on the site, the Lord has used a Jeep as a “go anywhere, do anything you want to do” symbol. The color and type of Jeep the Lord has used before was depicted as a Jeep a person should not want to be in, symbolizing they were just going through life doing whatever they wanted to do when the Lord had shown them otherwise. I’m thinking of two people the Lord had shown me in the past who were driving these wrong kind of Jeeps. Both are with the Lord now, but it was the enemy of mankind who took their lives. So we see some of the importance of understanding symbolism.

A good way to think about Christians who are shown to be wearing tan clothing is that they are earthly and do not have the right acts in their lives. It’s easy to see in the scene that they had no protection. We should understand why in the scene I just shut the Jeep off. The scene was meant for me to see what was going on in the compound and then to see the banner at the end.

The Jeep still represents a “go anywhere do anything you want to do” symbol, but this one was a military Jeep and symbolizes that I could go anywhere and do anything I wanted to do. The enemy could not stop me! I could have driven through the men with the guns, taking with me all the people who were behind me. Notice that in the scene the men ran back and forth in front of me just waving their guns, not pointing them at us. I could have run the Jeep through them and they never would have pointed their guns at us to stop us. It is the same picture the Lord gave in the protections section of the animated movies where the enemy’s army would not even raise their weapons towards the soldier of the Lord dressed in white Linen. Link

In this same movie there is a scene where I was shown we can have the same kind of protection Jesus had when He walked through the people who wanted to kill HIm. I experienced this same thing in the scene with people who wanted to kill me, so I know this protection is possible. I was told what it takes to have this kind of protection. I have shared this here because it is this type of protection that will glorify God when this great gathering of Christians for their demise takes place in the future as the scene reveals. So we see the importance of coming into covenant with the Lord and gaining His protections.

I had to look up to see the people I saw before the MILLENNIUM banner emerged. Is there a message in that? Could be!

It is plain that the Lord has revealed a great persecution of Christians will take place before the MILLENNIUM. No doubt this will be world wide, not just in certain countries as it is now. But what did the Lord reveal about His MILLENNIUM reign that is important to us now?

To continue this report, on August 25, 2012, the Lord showed me that He wanted three large pictures (or murals) to come together to make one big mural for everyone to see. I have depicted a semblance of what I saw. The murals were to be placed permanently, covering the whole bottom of the arch. The arch being concave represents covenant. I knew He was bringing something important together and it was to be in a public place. But people will have to look up to see the mural, just like I had to look up to see the banner.

On August 26, 2012, the Lord revealed there was something having to do with Golden light in the earth that needed to be expanded. I was shown that I had a 200-foot tape and could measure how much it needed to be expanded. I didn’t know how much. The scene changed and I was measuring something in that Golden Light.

When I awoke from the scene I remembered that years ago the Lord showed me I had a measuring stick and could measure anything. I always thought this had to do with keeping a corporate flow chart.

I meditated on the latest things the Lord had brought forth and realized the Lord was encouraging me to ask a question that had emerged in my mind from knowing: 1) The understanding that has developed from having so many Golden Meetings and Judgement Meetings. 2) The scene of the Lord wanting to bring some pictures together. 3) The Man-Child information. 4) The fact that the Lord had brought up His Millennial reign to me for the first time. I realized a question answered could be the measuring of something unknown, certainly something I didn’t know.

Remember the Man-Child rules over nations with a rod of Iron!

Rev. 12:5-6.
"And she brought forth a 'MAN-CHILD,' who was to rule all nations with a 'ROD OF IRON': and her child was caught up unto God, and to His Throne."

So I prepared the following question for an envelope to be presented to the Lord in our next Judgements Meeting:

LORD, is the Man-Child information (not sure of the right word) “The means” whereby HE will rule & reign in the Millennium?

The Lord’s answer was affirmative and when it was revealed in our after meeting, it was one of those breath taking moments.

Here are a couple of things that were revealed by the Lord in answer to the question. The question in the envelope was seen going to God’s Throne, represented by a voice (like it was) coming out of a megaphone. The words reached the Throne and they were sounded to the Lord and He manifested them back to us.

The second thing is another one of the words the Lord gave in answer to the question. That is “dust proof.”

The Lord taught us years ago that dust represents “soulish,” meaning there was a mixture of soul in whatever it was that was coming forth or being done.

The reason the Lord said “dust proof” in His answer is because He wanted to emphasize what He has taught us. He wants it established that having Golden Meetings and Judgement Meetings correctly keeps the soul of man out of communication, enabling the possibility of being able to produce the Man-Child with the Lord. We practiced Judgement Meetings for a long time before the Lord started telling us we were getting pure judgements from Him. I hope you can see the importance of coming into covenant with the Lord and learning how to let Him reign. He is going to reign in the Millennium and the Man-Child is the means, as He has revealed. I’m sure there is more to come.

Overview of progression, starting with the three main spots on the Body of Christ:

PDF of this article

PDF of overview only

PDF of Overview with Temple progression information added.

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