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The River of Life from God's Throne!     

In painting a mural one can start in almost any part (picture) in the mural. The important thing is that we keep watching the painting until the whole mural is done.

I formed these two pictures years ago when the Lord began painting, for us, a mural of His plans (agenda). They show us that the River of Life flowing from the Throne of God is where the Corporate Flow Chart originates.

There are many things important to us and God’s purposes that come down that river. The Rhema Word of God comes down in many forms, as shown in the picture.

God has been illuminating the River and the Corporate Flow Chart to us ever since I made these pictures. One very important thing He spoke to us was, “’Government’ comes down the River!” So we see the necessity of the Corporate Body of Christ to have, maintain, and walk in a Corporate Flow Chart.

We see from the picture that the River comes through people into the Flow Chart. Years ago the Lord told us, “There is safety in numbers!” Because the Holy Spirit gives, here a little and there a little, it is safer to have more people feeding into the Corporate Flow Chart from that River. If a person is not receiving in one area, then another person can. If a person is receiving from a wrong source, over time it becomes exposed.

Look at the red-bordered puzzle and work backwards. The red puzzle picture came from different “things of the Spirit” represented by the red boxes in the Corporate Flow Chart. This amounts to bringing the “things of the Spirit” together - line upon line and precept upon precept. The "pulling out" of the red “things of the spirit” from among the other “things of the Spirit” in the Flow Chart has to do with “rightly dividing" the "things of the Spirit.“

Now look at all the people feeding into the Corporate Flow Chart. You can see that they feed into different pictures or subjects in the Flow Chart. I will discuss these subjects later in another article. Remember the Flow Chart is revealing something you don’t know, with very few exceptions - if any!

Continuing in the Booklet
The Holy Spirit Reveals The Top and Bottom of the River of Life.

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