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God's Boot Camp

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mountianbookGod’s Boot Camp

Years ago, when God brought this group together, He began talking to us about Boot Camp and that someday we would be involved in Boot Camp for others. We knew little about Boot Camp other than we figured it was hands-on training and probably paralleled military boot camps. Through the years, as we let the Lord lead, we began to see elements that are “just the way it is” concerning God’s Boot Camp.

In military boot camp you learn to do it the way the military wants you to. They take the “you” out of you and put in their “you.” You become instantly obedient to the military. You report for reveille and do not speak until spoken to. It is just, “Here I am.” See Self. It’s all a part of boot camp.

It is the same way in God’s Boot Camp; we learn to do things the way God wants you to. No exceptions! His ways are not our ways so there is a lot of unlearning that we must go through. One of the first things the Lord told us about Boot Camp was, “Not everyone will make it through.”

Another thing God told us is that our lives will be like an open book. We have found this to include anyone who comes here, by their own will or by God’s will. So we see that their lives, as well as our lives, become as open books for God’s purposes. This is evident on this web site and it is all because God paints a picture of the truth, by His Spirit, using the events in our lives as a backdrop. It is all done for everyone to be able to understand God’s ways and His truths.

It has taken years to understand all we know about the Lord’s Boot Camp simply because God reveals, line upon line, here a little and there a little, over time. We have learned by being in the Lord’s Boot Camp, with Him revealing as we go. The Lord gave me some scenes concerning Boot Camp for which we are so thankful because He is the authority when it comes to the truths concerning His Camp. It is always better for the Lord to paint the picture.

The first scene gives some insight into the pressures exerted by the enemy of mankind against the operation of God’s Boot Camp. He tries to stop the function of the camp because he knows the results. He uses any method he can and most of the time it is very subtle, by thoughts being given to people/us unknown to them/us. The first scene:

August 31, 2006
I was in Boot Camp with a lot of people. None of us in the Boot Camp knew where to go or what we needed to learn. I remember standing in lines and asking where I was to go more than once. I was taken up for a moment to see the Boot Camp from above. I saw myself standing in one of the many lines in the camp. I was then back in the camp and a shot rang out killing a member of the camp not ten feet away from me. He fell dead on the ground. The shot had struck the center of his head, and it had come from the enemy who had surrounded the camp. The scene changed to where we were all in the mountains with the enemy still surrounding us, holding us captive. I wondered how I was going to die, as we had no weapons and it campenemyseemed that we had been there quite a while. I had seen the leader of the Boot Camp many times in the scene and now I was seeing him again, walking across in front of me to go do something. When he did whatever he did, the enemy became afraid and started leaving by loading into trucks and hurrying into the mountains. Everyone was then leaving this area to get back to the original Boot Camp....

The enemy soldiers had their weapons but they were not raised, just like in the Protection section of Demonstration of God’s Covenant movie. If you remember, in the movie the enemy would not even raise a weapon against the soldier dressed in God’s righteous acts, having to do basically with the three main spots. (Remember, the soldier was not sinless.) What does this say about the person who got shot and killed in the Boot Camp? He had stumbled concerning one of the three spots. See: Pay Attention This left him working unrighteousness and therefore without a white linen uniform as the soldier in the Protection scene of the movie. See the movie scene.

This allowed the enemy to pick him off in the Boot Camp scene. I must point out here that the enemy was not circled about the camp when I first saw the camp from above. This reveals that the enemy comes and goes at his discretion. We must understand that when the enemy comes he is watching constantly to send thoughts directly to our minds to abort what God is doing. He knows more about what God is trying to teach us than we do. Our lack of understanding gives the enemy an advantage. The enemy’s ability to be on the scene is one aspect of God’s Boot Camp that ordinary military camps don’t have. They play out real situations but do not have to deal with the real enemy while learning. This is why we must hang onto all the “things of the Spirit” sent down God’s River contained in a Corporate Flow Chart. The only way we have been able to maintain being in Boot Camp here at Take His Heart was to hang on to all of the “things of the Spirit,” especially when we didn’t understand and it went against our way of thinking.

In the scene it was made very evident that no one in the Boot Camp knew where to go or what they were to learn. None of us know what we need to be delivered of to be able to walk that narrow golden path with the Lord as His Bride. When God put us in His Boot Camp here at Take His Heart none of us knew what we needed to learn in order to begin to walk as His Bride.

The leader of the Boot Camp is Jesus Christ instructing through the “things of the Spirit.” He is the one who knows what we need to go through to become what He wants and to be able to be a part of His purposes. He knows what it takes for us to grow up into Him. Being in God’s Boot Camp can seem excruciating to our flesh and minds. Our old man must die - we must become as new wine skins!

Scene 2: October 16, 2006
I was in Boot Camp. The Instructor (the man in charge) was giving a man some instructions and the man began refuting what the Instructor told him to do. The Instructor was very calm and loving as this man was arguing with Him. The man kept it up and went on to tell the Instructor that he was too rough, too demanding. (There was something here about him wanting to kill the Instructor.) In my mind I was agreeing. The head of the camp said, bootcamp“You think I’m too hard of a taskmaster?” There was a hill to the east and the Instructor motioned to some others standing beside him to take this man up the hill top. It was about an eighth of a mile, and I saw that they had a high powered rifle with a scope for him to use. When the men got the man to the top of the hill the Instructor motioned for the men left there with us to take the man’s son (who was sitting in a chair) and move him, chair and all, out into the open to be seen easily from the hill. The son was sitting at this time with his head down. He knew he was about to die. In this I was thinking about killing the Instructor as I thought it wrong to have a man kill his son. I knew better though and did nothing; after all, he was the Instructor, the Man in charge. The scene ended as the young man was getting to the place he was to sit to be shot by his dad. I knew the dad would know it was his son when he looked through the scope, if he didn’t know it already.

The scene reflects the story of Abraham and Isaac. I remember the day the Lord told me, ”I’m sorry you have go through what you have to go through.” I’m sure the Lord was sorry that He had to put Abraham and Isaac through what He did, but there was a greater purpose that went way beyond Abraham and Isaac. The same goes for Job and Moses and what they went through. There was purpose far beyond their lives and that purpose extends into our lives as Christians. The same goes for the hard task-mastering the Lord must do in His Boot Camp to prepare His Bride. The purpose goes far beyond us, known only to God. He is the one who knows His plans for the Spotless Bride of Christ, not us. The Bride affects so many beyond the Bride herself because of her obedience, without “self.”

God told us in the beginning of our Boot Camp that He was looking for obedience, not accomplishment. God’s picture of “Self” This manifestation has to become real in the person and not just an idea or an ideal. This concept gets tried in real life situations in God’s Boot Camp. Another reason we need to endure the hard task-mastering is so we will be able to endure what is coming on the earth so God’s End Time purposes can be accomplished according to His plan. A person who doesn’t endure the Lord’s hard task-mastering won’t make it through God’s Boot Camp.

In the scene I thought more than once about killing the Instructor but knew better. This is pictured because I have thought many times, being in Boot Camp, that the Lord required way too much of me and other people. I have thought, “This surely isn’t the Lord” and I know I would have thought the same had I been watching Abraham and Isaac and what the Lord put them through. But each time, in my coming to see God’s purposes, it has made me thankful that the Lord was such a taskmaster.

Before I go on, I believe this a good place to share something that happened years ago that will give understanding concerning the man and me wanting to kill the Instructor in the scene. When God first dealt with me about being a prophet [read article] and I was resistant, saying I wasn’t worthy, He gave me a Word through another person. The Word said that I was crucifying Jesus afresh if I did not receive His calling. So we see that the man in the scene, by refuting the Lord’s instruction, was crucifying Jesus afresh because this man will never fully complete his calling if he doesn’t make it through The Lord’s Boot Camp.

The moments of me wanting to kill the Instructor in this scene refer to the times I’ve wanted to leave my calling because of what was happening and the position I was being placed in. My love for the Lord would run low and was no longer the big reason for me to go on. "Self" had risen up! I had to actually overcome my own will of wanting to leave at that point, by controlling my own thoughts and feelings. The reverent fear of the Lord was just one of the sustaining things. Actually this aspect is revealed in the scene. I respected the leader of the camp, His position.

The main thing that sustained me at these points was my love for my children. Because of what the Lord had already taught me, my heart had already turned towards my children and I knew I could not walk away because of them. I knew if I turned away from what God had taught me concerning the three spots on the Body of Christ, and more, that I might as well take my children and jump off a cliff with them. This has to do with:

Luke 1: 17
And he shall go before him in the spirit and power of Elias, to turn the hearts of the fathers to the children, and the disobedient to the wisdom of the just; to make ready a people prepared for the Lord.

This scripture fits the information in this writing because this is exactly what God’s Boot Camp is for, to make ready a people prepared for the Lord! Do we love our offspring enough to endure God’s Boot Camp? We should! We can understand the benefits of being in covenant with the Lord concerning our descendants and why I said what I did about jumping off a cliff with them by reading: He shall Turn the Hearts of the Fathers to the Children. This article reveals how the Lord turned my heart towards my children, and the colossal results, fulfilling this scripture in this day.

Boot Camp is something we as Christians should want to stay in and it will take our will to do it when the going gets rough. In my times of decision, where it took my love for my children to pull me over the top, I had to will myself to keep going by sticking strictly to what the Lord had previously revealed. Actually, during these times, I was going through this next scene.

October 16, 2006
In the scene I was watching doctors operating on a man lying on a silver operating table. The doctors were cutting him apart, right down to the core, looking at what was inside him. The words came, “The truth of what they find is what they trust in men.”

The silver table represents refinement, meaning the physical action on the table also results in a refinement. It is a physical trying, allowed by God, to reveal what is really deep in a person. God teaches or trains us in His Boot Camp with hands-on training; we are to absorb His truths and get them deep in us so we have the right responses and actions under pressure. God then allows a situation that tries the person in the physical, represented in the scene by a real physical look at what is really in the man. The trying of Abraham was a physical situation, to establish what God wanted in the physical on the earth. This is so it would be established in heaven legally for His purposes, therefore affecting us today.

Matthew 16: 19
And I will give unto thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.

The bottom line to being in, and being able to stay in, God’s Boot Camp is to never ignore or let go of the collected “things of the Spirit.” One must be aware of them all the time to have the smoothest passage possible through Boot Camp. Through the years, off and on, I have seen individuals totally ignore a “thing of the Spirit” given directly to them by the Holy Spirit. This is represented in the second scene by the man arguing with the instructor of the camp:

The Instructor (the man in charge) was giving a man some instructions and the man began refuting what the Instructor told him to do. The Instructor was very calm and loving as this man was arguing with Him. The man kept it up and went on to tell the Instructor that he was too rough, too demanding....

The Lord (the Instructor) is the one sending “things of the Spirit” down His River to us through the Holy Spirit. When we refuse the “things of the Spirit,” either directly to us, or indirectly:

1. We are refusing the counsel of the Lord.

2.  We are refusing to recognize the correct pattern represented by the bottom life-threatening spot on the backbone of the Body of Christ.

3. We are not paying attention to the Holy Spirit Whom the Lord said is our teacher. He teaches His way giving as He wills, here a little and there a little! This is why it takes the collection of the “things of the Spirit” in a Flow Chart to be in God’s Boot Camp. Getting shot and killed (or shot down?) was a direct result of the refusal of the “things of the Spirit” and was the first thing that happened to the person in the first scene of God’s Boot Camp.

flowchartThe Holy Spirit showed me a symbolic picture of the container of the “things of the Spirit” from the River of Life after it came to earth. It was man-made (earthly), just like the Corporate Flow Chart is a man-made (earthly) container. The dikes on either side were totally earthen but the water in it was crystal clear and any human could drink it. It was full of the peace that passes all understanding. The water was not moving, just there for people to drink. It is simply a picture of the container of the “things of the Spirit,” which is a Corporate Flow Chart. Without the Flow Chart container the water would spread out and be lost.

On 12 - 20 - 2006, I received an e-mail from a person who had kept the “things of the Spirit” but had never brought it all together as in a flow chart - a container. They said: “I am doing everything that I can; and actually did (spent) a long time studying my flow chart today -- the Lord really opened up some new things from restudying it and rereading it. Now I understand better how important it is to have a flow chart.”

And on 12-26-2006 they wrote: “Another thing I want to say is that I cannot express enough how much the flow chart has helped me in my darkest hours, and I mean dark! It is absolutely remarkable how the flow chart blesses, encourages and reveals!” (I have bolded what they bolded.)

The picture presented by this person certainly reveals how important it is to have a container for the “things of the Spirit” or they become forgotten, lost, and of no use. This lack of a container is part of the reason why the church of today is scattered and without the power God wants her to have. The following is another picture given by the Holy Spirit of an important container.

wordthoughtOn October 2, 2006, I was surprised when the Holy Spirit showed me in a scene that the bottle behind the Word that contained God’s thought was a Corporate Flow Chart. (I have used the picture that is in the movies.)

To explain, God had shown me there was something that needed to be hidden that was not hidden. I was searching for what it was, thinking it might be a Flow Chart that was on a web site. I took it down from the site and that very night, in a scene, the Holy Spirit showed me I was destroying the bottle in the picture that the Holy Spirit gave years ago for insight into how the Holy Spirit teaches and leads. It makes perfect sense symbolically even though I had never thought of it. By God giving both of these symbols of physical containers of “the things of the Spirit” we see how important a Corporate Flow Chart becomes. It is a necessity to have in order for the Lord to conduct a successful Boot Camp with His people.

A Flow Chart takes time. It takes time and focus to yield and follow the Lord on His golden path. It will cost you time every day. I was working on finishing this article one night. The next morning, February 10, 2007, the Holy Spirit gave me a scene relating to this message. In the scene I was standing before people saying, “It costs me to go to work (for the Lord) every day and it will cost you to go to work (for the Lord) every day!” As I began talking I was suddenly watching two gold-tinged movies, one on top of the other. One was of the people’s path to work, who were sitting in front of me, and the other was my path to work. The movies were of the same path. The gold tinge has to do with being on the Lord’s golden path.

It takes time to keep track of the “things of the Spirit,” to be able to stay on the Lord’s path. It takes time to make sure I don't stumble concerning all three of the spots God has revealed to be on the Body of Christ at large. It costs me time out of what my life would be otherwise. It will cost you time out of what your life would be otherwise, also. How important is staying on the Lord’s path to you? Remember, the Holy Spirit revealed that the Harlot doesn’t “have time” to write things down! Do we have time?

Some truths:
1. The Lord’s Boot Camp can take place across the country, around the world.
2. The “things of the Spirit” must be kept in a container and never ignored.
3. God can move His Boot Camp at His discretion. One time the Lord told me that if the enemy’s flood came into a certain area that we might have to move Boot Camp from there.
4. God conducts Boot Camp and we cannot make it happen because the Holy Spirit gives at His will.
5. Boot Camp is for learning what we don’t know, not what we do know.
6. God gave us words to put up for people to see, “Enter by Faith Alone, Leave Your Old Doctrines Behind.” This is certainly true for entering God’s Boot Camp.

Remember the Lord’s scene of Boot Camp? No one knew what they were to learn or which line they were to stand in. The Lord has told us He is looking for obedience, not accomplishments. He is looking for a yielded people. (See The Spotless Church.) What is really in us? “The truth of what they find is what they trust in men.” God’s Boot Camp is to make ready a people prepared for the Lord:

Luke 1: 17
And he shall go before him in the spirit and power of Elias, to turn the hearts of the fathers to the children, and the disobedient to the wisdom of the just; to make ready a people prepared for the Lord.

God’s Boot Camp is for a higher purpose!

Narrow Way

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