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Anatomy of a Kingdom Flow Chart.

PDF of this information
PDF of this Holy Spirit booklet

The Anatomy of a Kingdom Flow Chart

I thought about titling this article the Mechanics of a Kingdom Flow Chart but that just didn't seem correct. Anatomy depicts "life" and the Lord has shown me many times that there is "life" in a personal flow chart, and in a corporate flow chart. This is because in Romans chapter 8: 5,6 it says (in my words) that those who live according to the Spirit, the things of the Spirit, have life and peace. That's putting it in my words. It says in verse seven that the carnal mind is in enmity against God. So we must keep the carnal mind from getting involved in the "things of the Spirit" in an incorrect way.

As evidenced on this site, at the command of the Lord we have been flow charting "the things of the Spirit" as a group for years. From that building block of learned information the Lord has been illuminating why He said, "No flow chart, no government," among other things. We are talking about His Kingdom, His Government. So we see the importance of understanding perfectly.

On January 20, 2009, the Lord gave me a dream. I have created a picture for your understanding. On the left side (physical) are some staples moving up slowly in a straight line. Beside this are some right halves of pictures (right side meaning spiritual realm) moving up and down, looking for the correct staple to fasten themselves to. There was one picture of a dark-haired woman that found the correct staple and quickly attached to it. It then moved up with the staple, permanently.

When I first had this scene and had created the picture, I assumed and described the staples as being the right half of a rectangle. This was because of my carnal thinking and what I saw. The half pictures on the right caused me to think that the staples were the right halves of a rectangle. This was not correct. I did not know what I was looking at until I, with my mind, put the scene in the Corporate Flow Chart. I have always said that the Corporate Flow Chart interprets itself and this is an example of that fact. By going to the "things of the Spirit," catching a glimpse of what God is doing in general, and recognizing the meaning of the staples ( already established by God) I suddenly knew the meaning of the scene. Staples symbolize fastening something small. Understand, God revealed the meaning of the staple symbol earlier in the Flow Chart so He is interpreting. I'll write more about this later.

Because it's a staple it means small things, not something that would take a bolt or nail. In this article we are going to staple down a lot of small things that are very important to do or not to do. We are also going to understand why these small things must be established.

Because of what happened when I awoke from the dream, and what I have already revealed to you, I came to understand the full meaning of the dream. God was going to bring together small things from the spiritual (things on the right) into the physical (staples on the left). He wants me to establish the small things in the physical. God had previously shown me in a dream that I was going to be establishing a lot of staples in the future. This was another "thing of the Spirit" previously given for my understanding of this scene.

Immediately after the dream:
Upon awakening from a dream I usually meditate on them, not demanding interpretation. This time was different because the Holy Spirit immediately began reminding me of scenes that I have had in the past, scripture, words that have been given, and so on. These were all brought together in my mind. The Holy Spirit was performing His part of the scene I just encountered. He did emphasize some things more than others, to get me to understand. I've created a picture of part of the things God brought up and by clicking this link you can see that picture and then return here. There are a lot of things God brought up which are important, and without them we cannot fully understand what we need to know.

(If you examined the picture skip this paragraph.)
For those who may not have been able to look at the picture here is a list of some of the things the Lord ran through my mind. I saw the scene that is on this site of God pouring out His Spirit over the earth. I was reminded of the scene that had to do with God saying, "No Flow Chart, no government." I was reminded of when Jesus said, "My words are Spirit, they are life." I was reminded of the time Jesus said, "Get you behind me Satan." I was reminded of when the Holy Spirit told me, "You cannot possibly understand the doctrine of Jesus Christ unless you understand what happened in the Garden of Eden." I was reminded of some of the information presented in the Courts of Heaven article. I was reminded of when God said, "It takes a flow chart to deliver people from Python." I was reminded of when God took me back to the Garden of Eden concerning Python. He brought up the picture of the River of Life with the people below receiving different portions of it, while reminding me of a man I know to whom God revealed the original sin. I was also reminded of the scene of people being desperate for their flow charts and when God showed me my own mind. Part of the following was really emphasized: the Lord said, "It is pride for them to think they could know anything, not getting it from Me." I was reminded of God saying, "I want to build something the enemy cannot tear down." I was looking at a structure.

Getting to it

In the beginning, the Lord told us to gather up all the "things of the Spirit" and place them in a flow chart. This is a command for today and the future as well as back then. We had no idea of where the Lord was going with this. It's the Uncharted Waters He talks about; just taking step by step actions, led by Him. The Lord said, "Listen and record, listen and record."

As I have said on this site before, a "thing of the Spirit" is a dream, a vision, a word, something you can point your finger at. It is important to understand how to handle the "things of the Spirit" when recording them. The key is to write it down exactly as it was seen or heard, adding nothing. If there was a feeling in the vision or dream it's all right to record that. Make it as accurate as you can and nothing more. Don't let your ideas seep into what is recorded. The reason is this, the Holy Spirit is painting a picture and you don't know what that picture is. God told us not to speculate, that it limits Him. If you let your ideas, anything of yourself, seep into what is recorded you are speculating and limiting Him. You must keep "self" out! Through the years I have watched some people manipulate, pass over things in their flow chart, and use the things they can manipulate to mean what they want them to mean. They basically don't use the other "things of the Spirit" to interpret. They are hurting not only themselves, but also the cause of God.

Here is a good place to include something the Lord dealt with me about in this experience. It is when the Lord said, "It is pride for them to think they could know anything, not getting it from Me." Let me reword just a little. It is pride for us to think that we could know anything not getting it from the Lord. The emphasis was on the word anything!

I have known for some time that our ideas seeping into the "things of the Spirit" is not correct. I have known it is incorrect for us to interpret without the input of the Lord, another "thing of the Spirit." The Lord dealt heavily with me about this being "pride." It is "pride" for us to think that we could interpret without another "thing of the Spirit." It is "pride" for us to let our ideas seep into the "things of the Spirit." "Pride" is a serious thing; it is haughty, of Python, and cannot exist in the Married Bride. The Holy Spirit paints a picture and He's painting it perfectly. He does not need our help. He does not need our corrections to His paintings. He is capable! That is why we need to write things down exactly as they are seen and heard and nothing more. "Listen and record, listen and record." Actually, it is easier this way and we can rest in the Lord. We are simply an unclean vessel if we can't report correctly by letting it all pass through us cleanly to the Corporate Flow Chart as the Lord instructed.

The Lord said,

Take the "things of the Spirit" and put them in a Flow Chart."

"Listen, record, listen, record, listen, record."

"Pay attention."
So instant obedience can come forth.

"Chart Chart Chart Chart"

We must have the same picture at the bottom of the River of Life as Jesus sends out from the top. The Lord revealed the Mural He sends is like a puzzle that we must put together on our end. Those pieces of puzzle come to different individuals from the River. They are the "line on line, precept on precept, here a little and there a little," that the Bible talks about in how the Holy Spirit teaches and leads.

People take their received pieces and place them in a Corporate Flow Chart. Out of the Corporate Flow Chart comes many pictures that form a huge mural.

February 18, 2001 - from my records:
I was looking at a scene of a General, telling His class that He was going to give them a "D" because of one student getting an "F" (for just not getting it). I was then asked this question and woke up, "Why should we look at a spiritual gift as a picture?"

The answer is because all the "things of the Spirit" that come down the River of Life all over the world are pictures and form bigger pictures in a yet bigger, huge mural. The Bible is a mural with pictures in it and the Lord told me to always look at it as a picture. I have found this to be a safety net when keeping someone out of trouble. As long as the person knows there are absolutes in the pictures, it is best to think this way. God telling me this has kept me from a lot of unnecessary heart ache.

The picture given through this particular "thing of the Spirit" concerning the General giving a "D" because of one person failing, presents a good picture of the reason to always look at "the things of the Spirit" as a picture individually. This particular picture of one person failing, causing a corporate problem, applies to many different scenarios. So we see why we need (a rule) to look at "the things of the Spirit" as a picture, just in case.

For instance, different scenarios:
It applies to Fusion as presented in the Fusion article. It applies to the picture of winning the battle in the Battle of Jericho. There had to be complete corporate unity, not one person was doing their own thing or it wouldn't have worked. It applies to the Bride of Christ being in perfect unity as a corporate body in meetings. One person missing the attributes of keeping a flow chart can cause God's counsel to not be dealt with.

The original sin in the garden was, "Refusing the counsel of God." Through the years I have seen Christians, well known and otherwise, blatantly ignore God's counsel. In every instance haughty is easily seen.

Pride is the main problem in dealing with the "things of the Spirit," along with the lack of knowledge and understanding. Python loves to play the part of the Holy Spirit in Words and prophecies and interpretation. Be sure and read:  Depth Concerning Python section for more understanding of python involvement when it comes to following after the "things of the Spirit" with our minds.

PDF of this information
PDF of this Holy Spirit booklet

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