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Questions - Answers


Questions and Answers - THH

Salvation . Tithing . Deliverance . Flow Charting . Golden Meetings . General - About us
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Salvation Questions and Answers

1. Offended 2. Unpardonable 3. Backsliders 4. Confessions Face to Face? 5.

1. Offended
Hi, I have been telling Christians that they need to confess what they believe about Jesus to another person, and they seem to get offended and won't have anything to do with me, I thought they would be glad to know this, I sure was, is this normal?

Pushing this truth will come against a lot of different doctrines. Yes, there are Christians who get offended at them doing or being asked the question themselves.  A lot of believers have pride and this is part of why they get offended. As to the question itself -  A"no response" to the question can come from a controlling spirit or from unbelief.  Know that a "no" answer still plants a seed.  Some Christians have not even thought about what they really believe.  Sometimes the question will start them to thinking about what they do believe.

2. Unpardonable
Could you pray for me please, I am fighting again with the fear of being Unpardonable.

The Lord forgave and by His grace made salvation available for all mankind through covenant.  It is not based on forgiveness, but covenant. That covenant is already established through mercy, grace, forgiveness, the Love of God for us, and the blood of Christ.  It is not based in any way on our works, our ability to do things right.  

God is just and holy and He made the covenant promise the way it is - confessing to another person on the earth because Adam sinned against man also.  Can you see the justness of God?  He is absolute and He knows what is deep in our hearts more than we do.  

We will pray for you!! - Roy 

3. Backsliders
About backsliding. Now from the demonstration of the great house with the 'honorable' and 'dishonorable' vessels in it, it WOULD seem like the backslider is the 'dishonorable' vessel.

But in my church many think that being a backslider makes one lose their this true? And is there scripture to support the doctrine that backsliders go to hell or is there support from scriptures that they don't?

The Rightly Dividing the Word Saved article gives the general correct picture. The church has not been rightly dividing God's Word. As an example, the Kingdom of God scriptures are not eternal salvation scriptures. They are about entering the Kingdom of God which is all around us in the fourth dimension.

You are correct - The way I see it though is that backsliders do not lose their eternal salvation, but their physical salvation.

All sin is the same in God's eyes, but there is a sin unto death and sin not unto death all pertaining to this life. The Bible says we are all sinners so no one will make it according to these people's doctrines. The back sliding doctrine you are talking about is salvation by works. Eternal salvation is all in Jesus. I usually ask people who believe these type doctrines to write down a list of sins Jesus' blood did not cover and then present it to God! It usually shuts them up unless they are controlled by Python. A dishonorable vessel is a person who does not follow God's instructions, but is still in His house as revealed scripturaly in the movies. The backsliding sin is no worse than any other, all sin is the same in God's eyes. I hope this helps.


4. Confessions Face to Face?
Just to confirm, Must the declaration be made face to face by mouth ? Or is any declaration valid?

Hello XXXX,
It must be personal (not necessarily face to face), establishing to another person on earth in some way. Make sure the question nails things down so-to-speak. With some people, like Mormons, you might ask if they believe Jesus was God manifest in the flesh? Some people will tell you they believe in Jesus, but they believe He is a prophet only. The question can make a difference if you see what I mean. Let me share a true story, concerning declaring, that I don't think is on the web site. It's been years, but I will recollect it the best I can.

I have a friend (Stanley) who farms and one of his neighbors was on his death bed. (Stanley works in a jail ministry.) He indicated to me that the Lord was after him to secure his neighbors salvation. He asked me to go with him as I also knew the neighbor, but not like Stanley did. Anyway, we went into the building where the man was and found him laying in bed almost sitting up, but obviously not able to talk. (Stanley had told me he might not recognize us and of course we were praying for the Lord to move somehow.) We didn't know if the man could even hear us. The man recognized Stanley, shown by his reaction to him being there. It was obvious he did not remember me any more. I kind of held back because the man was responding to Stanley. Stanley remembered something I had written about drawing confessions from people and it was obvious the man could not speak nor do much of anything. Stanley picked up the man's limp hand and told him he was going to ask him a question and he was to squeeze his hand twice for "yes" and once for "no." There was no physical response to this by the man and I wondered what was going to happen, or if he even heard correctly. His hand was still limp and seemingly without any strength. Stanley then asked the man something like this: Do you believe Jesus Christ took your sins on the cross and that God raised Him from the dead? I saw the man trying to move forward lifting just a hair or two out of his limp position. He was squeezing Stanley's hand as hard as he could, once ---- then twice. Gladness rose up in me as I saw the second squeeze. It was as if he had used all his strength to answer, wanting Stanley to know, and then he went limp again. There was a strange glow about him now and Stanley spoke to him some more, but no more response came from the man.

In the car talking with Stanley he and I both knew he was saved by the glow. I knew it happened because he had established his belief to another man on earth fulfilling the Lord's covenant concerning the matter.

There are numerous ways to draw confessions. The Lord told us to draw confessions on the web site (We don't see these people). We have a small group of people acknowledging those confessions every day. We pray for those who answered no. I usually say, "Father reveal your Son to them!"

Blessings to you! - Roy


Tithing Questions and Answers

1. Back Debt 2. One spouse believes 3. Deliver personally 4. Taxes social security etc. 5. Tithe here THH -(deliverance) 6. Getting started tithing 7.

1. Back Debt
I have made payment for my back debt on the 01 April 2009. Do I need to pay my tithe for this month in addition to the back debt?

You paid your back debt on April 1st if I understand correctly.  Do you know the day you received the amount of your back debt?  I don't know how you get paid, but basically you would pay tithes on from the day you were told the amount of your back debt. The Back Debt payment takes care of all the tithes owed from that date, back in time to when you were 12 years of age.

Lord's Blessings - Roy

2. One spouse believes
Dear XXXX,  
I am not sure of your question but let me say these things.  If you are the spiritual head of the house because your husband hasn't taken his place, then continue knowing you are in that position.  Don't shy away from being the spiritual head.  You and your husband are one and you are his helpmate.  If you can fill a void in an area where he lacks understanding in then fill it, always asking the Lord for guidance in all things.  You are doing right by seeing to it your tithe is done correctly even if he isn't tithing correctly - pray for your husband's understanding that the Lord will deal with him in His way.  

Lord's Blessings - Roy

3. Deliver personally
Yes, it is correct to give the Lord's tithe to people (widows and orphans, the needy!) personally.  Bring the Lord into the situation by saying something like, "The Lord said to give this to you."  The bride does this as the Lord's wife - she brings attention to Him and Him only.  Usually it is best to give money unless the Lord says differently.  The Lord's funds are given freely (a physical manifestation of His Love to them) with no control over what they do with it.  this is why you need to bring Him into the situation!

4. Taxes social security etc.
Hello XXXX,
Tax refunds are not counted as increase because it's your overpayment of your own funds. You also don't pay tithes on gifts. As an example you don't pay tithes on grants, but you do pay tithes on scholarships because you did something to earn the scholarship.

Most people pay on gross when it comes to Social Security, but in reality part of the money you get from it was yours - what you paid in. I know no way of figuring this out so it is probably best to pay on the gross as most people do.

When you get your back debt note the date. That back debt covers everything back from that date to when you were 12. You can figure your tithe from that date forward saving a lot of confusion. The thing about tithing is that we do it because of the first commandment - that we love the Lord. Most people give just a little (round it up to an even dollar or 5 -10 dollars etc.) over to cover anything they may have missed. Anything over is considered a gift to the Lord - a good thing.

As to your retirement check, part of that money is money you paid in so it is the same picture as Social Security. Most people I know pay on the total. You might seek the Lord on these things.

It is a good thing to get it correct and pay over if you can. Last night I had a scene of a man who had built something strong. It seemed to be a spiritual thing and it had small patch of light blue in it. I can not really describe it, but it was as tall as the man standing in front of it. It was strong and he was strong in protections. Nothing could attack it with any continued success. It was all because he had done his back debt and had continued to tithe. A pretty simple message. Probably to encourage me as I have been answering many tithing questions lately.

I hope this has helped although there was only a few pat answers. - Roy

5. Tithe here THH- (deliverance)
Dear Roy,
I just wanted to take this time to thank you for the ministry that the Lord has called you to. My family (husband and I) have had such a struggle with tithe and had at some point in time got clever with it in trying to interpret it our way. But God dealt with me and then I got out of the situation I was in; severe headaches and pains in the body. It was at that time as I re-read about tithe from your booklet and I struggled with my clever thoughts. But after repenting, and breaking curses as we felt lead, I just could not believe I believed such lies. My head was so clear as if I have been from another planet and I am just waking up to reality. I felt light and new.

Anyway, we have been keeping tithe money in the bank, but we feel we need to take it out of our hands as at times when we are pressed we use it and repay. To be on the safe said we thought we could give it to your ministry as it has contributed in our spiritual growth. We want to heed the teachings of not giving tithe to harlotry practices. Is it okay? If the Lord agrees please send us the details.

What a blessing to hear your testimony.  It is OK for you to send your tithe here, in fact the Lord has told a few people to do this. (You probably noticed we don't ask for funds on the site, but we are open to the Lord putting something like that in a person's heart.)  

Some people send a check or a money order.  If you do one of these, make them out to "The Lord's Treasury" and send them to: 

Take His Heart
PO Box 532
Wellington, KS 67152

The Lord's Treasury is an actual separate bank account from our other accounts.  There is less chance for mistakes this way. - Roy

6. Getting started tithing
(The Lord dealt with me and another person about helping them (and a group) get started handling the Lord's tithe correctly.)

First - With the Lord showing me a step to do concerning all this, it is plain to see you need to walk through all of this before you go out (and evangelize). It is the Lord's window of time.

I will try to make this as simple as possible. It is simple, as you will learn as you put it into practice. It may not look that way to begin with. Because the Lord showed me a group of people, I will try to give the picture for individuals, as well as groups who want to handle The Lord's Treasury correctly.

You need to get a box, any box, but a shoe box will work. I know of a man who uses envelopes, but with a group I think you need a box of some sort. Write, "The Lord's Treasury" on it or put it on a piece of paper and put it in the box. This establishes its purpose to the people and in the spirit realm - in the Kingdom of God. It is most important to handle the Treasury correctly. This will be your responsibility until others understand. I will help you in this until you understand certain situations that can occur. You and the people tithing are responsible for something that is happening in the Kingdom of God, in the spirit realm. The information on the site and in the packet explain where the funds in the Treasury are to go.

You will need to get your back debt from the Lord, as well as others over twelve years of age. Back Debt goes into the Lord's Treasury also, along with any gift that anyone might want to give to the Lord. Your back debt figure will be for your family and will probably be given to you or your wife, or both.

You may need a second box for other funds; do not mix funds.

We are to pay tithes on earned income; we don't pay tithes on gifts. We are to teach our children to tithe and why. (It doesn't matter if it is just pennies.) We are to tithe, first because we love the Lord and secondly so the Lord has legal right to close the door to the enemy and put a hedge around us on our behalf.

After a child turns twelve they become responsible to tithe on their own, on their earned income. Not that we can't help them along in certain situations. We can pay tithes for someone else. I could pay tithes for you, but know these things should be written down, made known to the Lord somehow, at least by speaking. Writing them down does this and establishes it so it can all hold up in the courts of Heaven.

Deliverance Questions and Answers

1. Spirits come back 2. Breaking sexual covenants

1. Spirits come back
...I've cast them away but they creep back! I know I have not been on guard & haven't stayed in tune with/ God like I should have, but I didn't expect all these evil spirits to come rushing at me so fast when I thought I was delivered?....

I can only share some things I've learned and experienced to be true. I don't know how much of the section on spirits you have read, but the Courts of Heaven article is very important to understand. Spirits live in darkness or untruths. The untruth must be replaced with truth in us or the spirit can come back in. This is why Jesus revealed in Matthew 12: 44 that when the house is empty the spirit can move right back in. It was that way when I was delivered from anger and fear. I needed to know the roots of each to be able to replace them with truth.

It is easily seen to be true when dealing with a person with Python. I got angry at Python one time and cast it out of a person who lived in XX. That person and I knew the spirit was gone and we talked about it. But the person did not replace those dark ideas the Python had left in them with truth. The fruit of Python was still left in the person's mind so about three months later the spirit was back in control and worse. What a lesson for me.

This is when I really came to understand what Jesus said about cleaning the house or the spirit and a few more will come back and take up residence. Satan will always be able to send thoughts to us, unknown to us, but the Lord told me the more I was obedient to Him the less the enemy could attack my mind. I didn't understand how that could be, but I have walked enough to see it happening to me in certain areas of thinking.

Our minds will always be attacked from the outside, but when we have a spirit living in untruth, in us, it is a different thing. This is why I always tell people to try very hard to realize what the root is (ask the Lord), like the root of fear. We can cast it out, but it will come back if the person doesn't know the root of it being able to enter in the first place. Knowing the root allows us to recognize when the spirit is trying to get back in, and we can stop it. Always ask the Lord for the root. Know the darkness must be replaced with truth.

In all of this, it is the Lord who delivers and He has His way of doing things, they are usually different for different people.

I hope you see some things in the picture I have given you that just maybe you have not understood before.

Peace - Roy

2. Breaking sexual covenants
Greetings XXXXX,

We are going to break covenant, in Jesus name, between you and all of those you had sex with.

In the origional Jewish wedding there came a time when the couple left the group to have sex to consummate the marriage. It is when covenant is set. The couple then returned to the festivities to complete the wedding feast.

As a testimony, before I knew anything about this subject, when I married my wife the Lord revealed that when we had sex was when we had made covenant (were married) in His eyes. I had another man tell me the Lord had revealed the same thing to him.

There was a teaching that came out years ago having to do with the scripture that says if you sleep with a woman you don't know what you are doing to your own soul.

Proverbs 6: 32
But whoever commits adultery with a woman lacks understanding: he that does it destroys his own soul.

The Lord showed this person who came out with the teaching that covenant had to be broken, along with the chains that bind our souls. That there are avenues between souls that the devil can use. These could be soul ties as some say, but this goes deeper than that. It has to do with covenant - the bottom line in the problem that allows the chains or soul ties. In short, breaking soul ties will not always get rid of the root problem.

We have broken covenant between people who have had sex with someone before, with lots of evidence revealing it is a true teaching. The person who asks for the prayer is in agreement to breaking covenant. We break the covenant and chains between the two who had sex. I like to do this as a group because of the gifting in the group. I like to make a way for them to operate and it opens the way for more input the Lord may want to reveal. (But it doesn't have to be done with a group.)

A true story:

Years ago the daughter of a person attending church got pregnant, but it was not working out with the boy. Her mother told her about breaking covenant with the boy and she decided to have it done. Meeting with us, she agreed in prayer to have the covenant broken along with any chains or any type of connection in the spirit realm.

During the warfare the Lord started to give information. I don't remember how it was done now, only what we learned by what the Lord revealed. The Lord revealed that the girl was like a virgin now, even though she would have the baby. That she should consider herself a virgin. We knew the Lord was encouraging her, but I have finally realized the name of Jesus did cleanse her with His blood. Covenant is what sex is about and if that covenant is broken and cleaned out in Jesus name then it is again a virgin situation in the spirit realm. That may seem far out, but that is the only way I can explain it. The power of Jesus' name in the spirit realm is limitless, when used within its legal boundaries.

As a finishing touch on the story of this girl, she had the baby and was soon overly concerned about the baby having a father. The Lord told me to go buy a single red rose one morning before church. He said I was to give it to her and tell her He was giving it to her. I was to tell her He said that it was better for the baby to not have a father than to have the wrong father, and that He would be the baby's father until the right one came.

That morning, I called her up front at the beginning of the service and did as the Lord instructed. There was not a dry eye in the place. It was really something and she was able to let go of thinking the baby had to have a father right then. I am sure it saved her from getting into a wrong relationship.

To go on with what we are talking about, I cannot tell you of all the different reactions that have happened during breaking covenant for people. I am telling you this for your understanding of what we will do with your situation. You also need to know because you might be put in a position (for someone else) of breaking covenant (produced by having sex) between people in the future. It is knowledge and the name of Jesus that does it.

I'm sure we will do this for you tonight, after our "Golden Meeting." You need to break covenant by your mouth also, so we are in agreement. It will work even though you are not physically here with us. Let the Holy Spirit guide you in this and I give the following only as an example.

"In Jesus name I break any covenant formed through any form of sex between me and others. I break the chains that have bound my soul and their souls. Satan, you can no longer use any avenues that were formed between me and those people. In Jesus name my soul is free and their souls are free...."

These are the type of things we will be speaking forth. I hope this has been informative as well as encouraging. - Roy


Flow Charting Questions and Answers

1. Get started

1. Get started

I would like to know more about how to get started flow charting.

To start a flow chart you just need to start keeping a record of the "things of the Spirit." Some people get or have more spiritual things than others, but it is best to have a hard copy of what you put in your computer. If it is in your computer you can search it.

If we were to lift you up to the Lord for some reason, what the Lord gives us would be put into your flow chart/record.

A flow chart is made from your records and these can be on a specific subject or one in general. We have sometimes made a corporate flow chart from our corporate records. The corporate records have information in them from people outside of our immediate group, like yourself.

The "silver man" information on the site and in the tithing book, came from a flow chart I made by collecting everything in our records that had "silver" in it. These were dreams - visions- words- scripture. I first searched our records and made a separate file of everything containing silver. Then I made the flow chart from that file. I made boxes for each instance.

Always keep the dates of everything! As you read through the "Silver Man information, you can see the flow by paying attention to the dates. Dates mean a lot. You can read on the site how God reveals meanings after you have several items in your flow chart.

We are planning to have examples of flow charts on the site for people to see. We keep what the Lord called "red Words" in a separate record. Once you learn the concept of flow charting you can read these red word records and see a pattern on a subject. If you want to, you can make a flow chart with/from them. Most people don't unless they are presenting the information to others. Here is a pdf Link from our red words in 2009 for you to see Link.

There are people from other states involved in these red words, like Grapeland TX.


Golden Meetings Questions and Answers

1. A small group starting

1. A small group starting
Greetings XXXX

I want to encourage all of you there in that God brought around 35 people together here and it dwindled down to what we are now, all for His purposes. These people love the Lord enough to hang in there and it sounds like the people there love the Lord that much also. One of the worse things any of you can do is to assume you know what the Lord wants to do with you as a group after you learn how to let Him be King. (We are ministering to the world now, but only because of His guidance and His purpose. The Lord had told us we would change the world, but if we had taken it into our hands, with our own ideas, it would not be happening now.)

So be encouraged, it may well be that the Lord has some assignments for the group there that I don't know, He does.

From the Lord saying, " thank you that you allow Me to be the leader of the meeting" it is safe to assume you allowed Him to give the agenda at some point.

First let it be known that we are all still learning. Just two weeks ago we were corrected about something that happened in the meeting following after our "In Him" meeting on Wednesday night. We had learned what the Lord said, "If something goes wrong in a meeting don't bring attention to it, but bring the meeting back to what it should be." I knew it was not the time to correct when the wrong actions happened.

Between the time of that Wednesday meeting and the next (our Sunday ministry meeting) the Lord gave some information. Putting it together with the other "things of the Spirit" given in two meetings on Wednesday, we all learned an element we are not to let happen in the "after meeting" when we are discussing what the Lord gave in the first meeting.

I'm just saying we must trust the Lord to make corrections and if I had jumped in and corrected when the mishap happened it could have caused strife. The Lord revealed that when this happens it is pride. Also, at that time I didn't have the complete picture.

Because your group is just starting into Golden Meetings you should picture your meetings as being in the guest section (golden people with a brown outline) and not in the refined section (priest or married bride) of the picture given by God.
This is not a downer, it is just where everyone has to start. The refinement takes practice and a lot of gained understanding. I think the picture here applies:

Luke 14 7-14
And he put forth a parable to those which were bidden, when he marked how they chose out the chief rooms; saying to them. When you are bidden of any man to a wedding, sit not down in the highest room; lest a more honorable man than you be bidden of him; And he that bade you and him come and say to you, Give this man place; and you begin with shame to take the lowest room. But when you are bidden, go and sit down in the lowest room; that when he that bade you comes, he may say to you, Friend, go up higher: then shall you have worship in the presence of them that sit at meat with you. For whoever exalts himself shall be abased; and he that humbles himself shall be exalted. Then said he also to him that bade him, When you make a dinner or a supper, call not your friends, nor your brothers, neither your kinsmen, nor your rich neighbors; lest they also bid you again, and a recompense be made you. But when you make a feast, call the poor, the maimed, the lame, the blind: And you shall be blessed; for they cannot recompense you: for you shall be recompensed at the resurrection of the just.

In short - the Lord, not the group, reveals when a group attains brideship. He told us when we did, but understand we can turn harlot in any meeting. It is a thing to be attained in every meeting.

I'm going to share some things the Lord has done here:

The Lord has brought people here from distances to go through a Golden Meeting with us. (We asked Him before they came what kind of meeting it should be & we received no answer, so we did what we knew to do.) We did know they were not going to be a part of us as a corporate body, fitly joined together, but a guest, as revealed in the Marriage Feast parable.

One time a person came from out of state and there was only about an hour before the meeting was to start. When he arrived I gave him an overview of what we do in the meeting (so he could flow through it with us) and I made sure he understood silence and why the silence. Now this particular man came to experience the meeting and the Lord did not minister to him in the first meeting, but He did in the second, after meeting. ( It should be noted that this man was not rid of all three spots.)

It was still a Golden Meeting because we maintained the atmosphere and let the Lord run it. Now if a person came in and just sat down in one of our meetings I would gesture to him to be silent. I would also gesture to him to move with us if the corporate body did anything according to the Lord's instruction. If he would not comply I would motion to him to come with me so we could speak outside the room. Upon taking care of the situation I would return to the meeting. The group here would have kept the atmosphere all through this.


When do you allow newcomers to come into a meeting? Usually when they ask. What do you call that meeting? If it has the right atmosphere and the Lord leads it we call it a Golden Meeting. If it is a public meeting with evangelizing, etc. it is not a Golden Meeting. The Lord said, "Know the purpose of each meeting."

Who may attend a golden meeting? That's a tough one and we really can't box it up, unless it is an actual Marriage Feast of the Lamb meeting. Anyone who wants to, who has the right motives, can attend unless the Lord reveals, "No." People who won't come to getting rid of all three spots and observe the boundaries given for the meeting will be removed. It has to do with, all are called, but few are chosen. God gives people a chance, but He will remove them as He had us remove a person. It was just like in the Parable of the Marriage Feast as explained on the site. We didn't decide to remove them, the Lord did. I do believe that now, having been through it, we would remove anyone causing a problem who was not observing the boundaries on a continual basis. (We are always seeking the Lord on these kinds of things and I'm sure we will learn more about this.)

If others do arrive does it mean that we do not have a golden meeting because they might contaminate something? I believe I answered that in what I shared above. The Lord is the one to change the meeting, not us. It is feasible that He might want someone to preach; but usually if we as His Bride will let Him, He will minister to them personally what He knows they need. The Lord can do a lot in the silent atmosphere unknown to us. Remember it is all about His ministry in the earth, not ours! Not speaking unless the Lord said to is a great boundary to learn and necessary in a perfected "In Him" meeting.

Can "the group" be compared to a board of directors? In a way it can, but I think that is a dangerous way to think. In the light of CEO's not letting any of their board speak unless he says so, it would be true (Jesus being the CEO). I think it's dangerous to think this way because people tend to get into running things easily, rather than letting the Lord. People get to placing themselves in authority when they should not have. We are all to enter the meeting like a child, understanding the boundaries...

...The Lord told us when correction comes not to take it personally. The correction is for the whole body and different people get used at different times to reveal correction. He chastens whom He loves!

Has the Lord started to work those there as a unit in corporate warfare? Has He established a scribe? Not that He intends to do all this there, but I know He has a plan and He reveals it step by step what ever it is.

I hope the picture I have presented helps the group there find the Lord's path for them as a group.

Peace - Roy

General Questions and Answers - Us

1. Statement of Faith 2. Merchandising the Gospel

1. Statement of Faith

Dear Sirs:
Could you please show me where you statement of faith is made accessible.


As of now there is no statement of faith, like people might expect, on the site. We have one from back when the Lord first brought the group together for His purposes. He never told us to have one, we just did it.

The site is different though in that the Lord is the one who had us start the site. We have added to it at His direction and He has had me change paragraphs and sentences a lot of times. The site has been built over the years as God gave and demonstrated to us what He wanted us to learn.

We finally learned basically not to do our thing, or put up things on the site without His direction/approval through the "things of the Spirit." Therefore no statement of faith.

He also told us not to call it our site. There are no pictures of us and this is because the site is not about us, it's about Him and His purposes. The materials are free because the Lord dealt with us about the "merchandising of the gospel." He is simply bringing forth His Spotless Bride His way. It's a great time to be alive.

Anyway, I guess that is the story as to why there is no statement of belief on the site. The site is very clear about what we know to be true because of the Lord's demonstration of the teachings He has given us. I think you are the first person to ask, although there may have been one other person years ago when the site first went up.

If you will go to the red words at the bottom of the front page you will see that what the Lord is doing cannot be judged by the standards of man. That may be why He has not had us put up any kind of statement of faith.

Lord's blessings - Roy

2. Merchandising the Gospel

I was really impressed by your position to freely give and let people copy and distribute your information.

I am with another deliverance program, but they charge a fee, and they distribute their information in parts, so that it will not be copied. It is copyrighted information on deliverance from demons that cause sickness. Is there a scripture for or against this? For some reason I am having an issue with the boundaries of this, but I cannot put my finger on why?

Hello XXXX,

To put it bluntly, The Lord dealt with us about "the merchandising of the gospel." We used to put this information in the back of all our booklets.

When the Lord dealt with me about this, I remember it had to do with selling the "things of the Holy Spirit," visions, dreams and words, if you see what I mean.

As far a as a scripture, look at this one:

Matthew 10:8
Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out devils: freely ye have received, freely give.

Also, I had a man write and say he only stayed on the site because we didn't ask for money on the front page. Truth is we don't ask for money at all.

As I said, The Lord dealt with us about, "the merchandising of the gospel."

Peace - Roy

You can e-mail us at: Take His Heart Ministries

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