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The Lord said, "My people don't know
the questions they should be asking!"
the questions they should be asking!"

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The Cleansing River of Life -

More Understanding of
the Narrow Path to Brideship.

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I Saw the River of Life Coming Across the Land!

I saw the River of Life come down off the mountain and start across the land. I saw that it was washing away furniture and uprooting dead trees. It was clearing the land.

In Scripture we are depicted as trees and we are to bear fruit. The River of Life exposes our Godless actions and eventually uproots people who are not truly serving Jesus. I used to be one of them. God told this group years ago when we were doing the familiar church things, "What you are doing is good, but it is not of ME!"

The River of Life flowing from God is what exposes Dead Works, not man. Trees are what become logs, the uprooted trees have a connection to Jesus' saying,

Matthew 7:5 Hypocrite! First remove the plank (log) from your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck (log) from your brother's eye.

A Flow Chart of the "things of the Spirit" is a tool for God to use to deliver us. The land represents our souls, or the mind of man, and a cleansing of our minds comes by receiving information from the River of Life. The furniture in this scene can represent where we think we are seated in the Lord's house, patterns of thought. In other words, furniture can represent what we think our "work," "labor for the Lord," or "ministry" entails.

The best way to explain this is to share a vision God gave me concerning His house (body) here at Take His Heart. In the scene I was talking to some people who have had a difficult time accepting their part in this group because of their preconceived ideas. The scene:

..... I was speaking to ..., saying that they had set their standard for what it takes to be in this group. But the Lord says, “You are in this group because I say you are a part of this group, nothing more. You are a part of this group whether you accept it or not. Nothing else is required. You have put yourselves in a box that you have made.… You have hurt yourselves because of this box. I have not hurt you. They have not hurt you. Your box has hurt you. ...I need you for My purposes!…. ...You have tried to put your furniture in MY house.”

The Lord is serious about having a Spotless Bride, Holy unto Himself. God has shown me many times through the years that His people are playing games and entertaining themselves in church. This was a serious chastening but notice that there is encouragement also, where He says,” I need you for My purposes!… " (In a Flow Chart you will always find encouragement with the chastening that comes down the River, but understand that it may come at different times [separately] just as the chastening does, here a little and there a little, as the picture is being formed.)

I have been shown a corporate building with no furniture for the Spotless Bride. In the scene a person had put their own furniture in one of the rooms and was trying to establish their own agenda for others. Of course God will not allow this. It is His house, His building, and He places the furniture in it. I have also seen a huge corporate room for the Spotless Bride with all the furniture, organized and placed there by God. It was really quite awesome and the furniture was definitely comfortable. When we get ourselves cleaned up and into the place and function God has for us, as part of His corporate body, we will become comfortable in that position. Our purposes in God's kingdom come down the River of Life. We can attest to that here at Take His Heart.

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