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No Flowchart,
No Government

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God said, "No Flow Chart, No Government!"
Plus - Personal Flow Charts

On January 1, 2009, the Holy Spirit took me back to the experience I had at the beginning of the River of Life years ago. (You may want to reread The Beginning of the River article if you have not done so lately.) For a moment, again, I saw myself examining the dividers made of stone. My attention was also brought to the immense beauty of the whole place. I soon realized this place had a beauty of its own, a beauty unlike anywhere else. I have symbolized this beauty surrounding the Solid Rock Structure (representing Jesus) where the Water of Life comes forth.

I began meditating on why the Lord would be showing me the dividers again. Suddenly I knew why. It was because the River is "rightly divided" when it comes out of the solid rock, Jesus. It has order, it has structure and it has purpose.

As soon as I realized this, the Holy Spirit showed me the Corporate Flow Chart. It had the same beauty surrounding it that the Solid Rock Structure had at the top of the River of Life. I have depicted this symbolically for our understanding. I actually saw this particular picture of the flow chart that we have used for years with that same beauty surrounding it.

Immediately after seeing the Corporate Flow Chart, I saw an individual's flowchart that had come out of the the Corporate Flow Chart. It was simply beautiful. It had a very soft cover made of fine linen, definitely female in nature. It was emitting life; it was illuminated. It had some of the the same strange beauty, unlike anywhere else, as the Corporate Flow Chart and the Solid Rock Structure at the top of the River of Life.

After this experience I have pondered many things that God told us about the River and about His coming Government. The Bible says that the Government rests on Jesus' shoulders, and we learned years ago that His Government comes down the River of Life.

Isaiah 9:6 ILB
For a child is born; to us a son is given: and the government is on his shoulder: and his name is called Wonderful, Counselor, the mighty God, the everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace.

I was thinking about this individual's personal flow chart. It is like a mural presented by God to bring this person into brideship. I understood that this is part of the reason for the cover being made of fine linen. I understand why the soft cover. It is because there's not a critical word in it from the Lord. It is full of correction in love, but there is no condemnation in it. For the first time I saw God's Government in a personal flow chart. I had simply never thought about it that way.

I began thinking about the time God told me, "No flow chart, no government." I'm sure this is the reason God gave me this relived experience, so that we could realize the importance of a Corporate Flow Chart concerning the Lord's Government. Let's look at the full picture.

At the top of the River we have water coming out of the Solid Rock and we know the Solid Rock is Jesus. We have already discussed that this water is rightly divided, according to the Lord's purposes at this point. And remember this structure has a beauty of its own, unlike any other beauty.

We then see the River of Life coming to the Body of Christ, which is made up of individuals. The Holy Spirit gives information to those whom He wills, here a little and there a little, over time.

In this River is the Golden Narrow Path the Lord wants us to follow. It is Him because it came out of Him. It cannot be seen by us at this point but nevertheless is still in the River.

It should be noted here that everything that comes down the River is written in Zion. This is the place where God keeps His legal records. Remember, we are accountable for every idle word we speak. The "things of the Spirit" should not be taken lightly.

As instructed by the Lord, the people bring all the "things of the Spirit" into one pool. The picture is my depiction of what the Lord showed me about this pool. Notice it has an earthly container. It is beautiful and has perfectly clear water, but does not have that "strange beauty unlike any other" as the Solid Rock Structure does at the top of the River. The Narrow Golden Path is also in this pool, but it still remains unseen.

Now we bring the information that's in the pool of the "things of the Spirit" into a Corporate Flow Chart. This is where the "things of the Spirit" are brought together and rightly divided, line upon line, precept upon precept. This is where the Golden Path is revealed. Without the mechanics of a flow chart we cannot understand the full picture of the subjects the Lord is revealing. The Bible is a record, and a pool of the "things of the Spirit." It says that we must bring things together, line upon line, precept upon precept. In the book of Romans it is very clear that we as Christians are to follow after the "things of the Spirit" and we must do this according to God's plan.

We see by what the Holy Spirit has made clear here, that the strange unparalleled beauty at the top of the River is not apparent to us until things are "rightly divided" in a Corporate Flow Chart. This is part of why God said, "No flowchart, no government!"

Personal Flow Charts

Because God brought attention to this particular person's flow chart I think it a good time to talk about some of the things that are in it. Because of my involvement in the personal flowchart I was already in awe of how complete it was and how easy the picture (the messages from God) is to see, all laid out, simply and plainly. This was before God personally brought attention to it.

(I should say something about being complete so we don't get the wrong idea. A flowchart of the "things of the Spirit" is ongoing, therefore, not ever totally complete. Different pictures and messages in the flowchart do become complete.)

I remember the day that I gave this person their flowchart. I told them that there were many people who would just love to have one as complete as this one. I explained that it had much correction in it but that it was just full of the Lord's love. The Bible says the Lord chastens those He loves:

Revelation 3:19
As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten: be zealous therefore, and repent.

This love can be easily seen all through this person's flowchart as well as the chastening. The flowchart reveals that this person must go through change (some small and some big) in many areas to become the person that God wants them to be. As the scripture says, God wants this person to be zealous towards making these changes. This being zealous reminds me of a scene given to me a while back. From my record:

September 16, 2008
... As this explosion of life appeared before my eyes, I saw in the background of the scene a Flow Chart, the way I did them years ago. It had come from this lightening of water. It was full of life, new life, like the lightening was, and now I was seeing people running towards this Flow Chart because they had learned it was where their new life was. They knew the Flow Chart contained life for them and it was the only way to obtain that new life!

By the way, this flow chart that the Lord brought attention to was done the way I used to do them, as indicated in the above scene. Getting back to what was in this person's flowchart, it even revealed that there are some things in this person's heart that they believe are of God yet they are not of Him. So we see all this correction can sometimes be very hard to deal with, especially if a person makes a "pet" (see pet article) of those things that are not of God. These things need cleaned out and if they aren't, they will hinder this person in following the Golden Narrow Path the Lord has for them. This flow chart even points out specific wrong thoughts that have to be replaced with truth. What a blessing! The Lord revealed that He wants to heal this person but they must let Him do it. The flow chart is full of specific instructions such as, in my words, dealing with one thing at a time.

An important thing to realize about any personal flow chart is that God gives us a picture, a mural of our lives, but it's up to us whether we want to follow His guidance, let Him govern, so-to-speak. We have a choice. If this person pays attention to everything revealed in their flow chart, they will come into a position of being able to have on fine linen, as God has revealed. Being zealous towards those changes will bring new life sooner rather than later.

There is an interesting picture here. If this person yields to the governing of the Lord and changes those things that need to be changed, working with Him, it will have come to pass by rightly dividing "the things of the Spirit" in a Corporate Flow Chart! This is another part of the picture of why God said, "No flow chart, no government!"

Continuing in the Booklet
The Anatomy of a Kingdom Flow Chart

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