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The Lord said, "My people don't know
the questions they should be asking!"
the questions they should be asking!"

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Quick Start for a “Judgements Meeting”

Quick Start for a “Judgements Meeting”

Revelation 5:10
And have made us to our God kings and priests: and we shall reign on the earth.

The Lord has revealed the importance of "Judgements Meetings" and that is why I am putting this on this site for people to start practicing.

Here is a simple plan for people to start with for asking questions of the Lord. This way will get you started so that you can better learn the protocol necessary for coming before the Lord as the Bride of Christ, as priests. With practice, refinement will come and you will see the desires of the Lord. Always be reverent and orderly with your shoes off. The goal is to learn and grow into all the protocols needed so your group will come to be receiving “Pure Judgements,” not influenced by our own spirits or Python. So that is something to look forward to and with this simple way you can get started towards that goal.

First, each question should be written on paper and placed in an envelope, one question per envelope. All envelopes should be alike but with big numbers on one side. There should be at least two, three or more envelopes shuffled, keeping the numbers hidden on the bottom side. No one should know or want to know what is in any of the envelopes. Questions in the envelopes could be most anything: an email request, a person, a situation, approval of an action, or anything the Lord should be deciding instead of us. Now you are ready to begin. Here are a few steps to follow. View the following as a picture.

1. In silence, form a circle - this is a Golden Meeting atmosphere. Wash yourself at the laver by symbolically washing in Jesus' Blood. How else can we stand before Him clean? Say things like, "Cleanse our ears, Lord, that we may hear" and "Wash our eyes that we may see." "Cleanse us that we may stand before You for Your Judgements!" Then establish silence together as a group.

2. One person from the group will lift a basket holding the envelopes up to the Lord and say, “Lord, we present the contents of these envelopes to You for Your Judgements!” The basket is then placed in a convenient place for the person who lifted them up to the Lord to pick up each envelope as the group works through them.

3.That same person takes the top envelope and everyone in the group also takes hold of it. (If your group is too large for everyone to touch the envelope, then put the envelope out on something where all the people can see it.) In silence wait for the Lord. We have done this standing and it usually does not take long. Everyone needs to relax and listen to the Lord. Some will be given words and some will have scenes from the Lord. This opens up what the Lord wants to say and keeps our own spirits from influencing us. When each person is finished receiving from the Lord they let go of the envelope until all but the first person is left holding it. (If your group is too large for all to touch the envelope you may need to devise another method for signaling when everyone has finished.) Everyone writes what they received on their personal paper.

4. The person holding the envelope then turns the envelope over revealing the number of the envelope so each person who received something can put the number by their information received from the Lord. They should use their initials for identifying the information the Lord has given them. Descriptions should be as brief as possible, such as two or three words or more to remind that person of the scene they saw. Any words received should be written totally as received at this point.

5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for each remaining envelope. Remember to always be reverent and orderly.

6. All envelopes are placed back into the basket and the person who has been in charge of the basket will preside in the “after” meeting where everyone shares what the Lord has given for each envelope.

7. We are seated in silence at this meeting. The scribe states the number of the first envelope and everyone reports what they received. At this time more detail can be given by each person about what they received. After the Lord’s Judgements are recorded the person in charge opens the envelope and reads the question. This brings what the Lord revealed together with the question. Discussion and some judgement may need to be made, but keep it reverent and orderly being careful to not get in the flesh. This is a time when the Lord may have given instruction to do warfare for someone - you should do it here in an orderly manner. Sometimes (during this time) we ask for more illumination of the Lord’s answers.

8. All of this is a learned process, which takes practice. Don’t get upset when mistakes are made; the Lord will guide you through it.

9. Repeat step 7 for each remaining envelope.

10. All information should be recorded permanently for future use, preferably in both a computer and on paper. A computer allows for information to be searched and retrieved later. Our scribe does this—it’s a big job!

Remember the Lord revealed Judgement Meetings can be done around a picnic table. The main elements are:

1. Washing. 2. Silence 3. Shuffling two or more envelopes at a time with no one knowing what is in the envelopes.

4. Presenting the envelopes to the Lord for His Judgements. 5. Going through the envelopes one by one inquiring of the Lord on each. 6. Recording the results. Other elements are adjustable according to different situations!

If you have a larger group you might consider forming two lines and facing north as shown in the Judgement Meeting picture. This way people face north when inquiring of the Lord and turn towards the envelope when they are done receiving letting every one know they are done. This works well for us.

The Lord told us we had to practice, practice, practice.

The King of King’s Laver
A Basic Wash & Golden Meeting


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