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I Saw the White Horse
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I Saw the New Heaven & New Earth!

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I Saw the Holy of Holies
and Purpose! | Priests

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I Saw the Holy of Holies and Purpose!

The Lord showed me the Holy of Holies. It was an awesome sight, and relevant to End Times, the "One Man" and the purified Bride. God wants us to understand.

From my record:
February 7, 2009
I was looking at the Holy of Holies from off a corner and above as pictured.  It had an extremely smooth, small particles finish that I don’t know how to describe fully.  I don’t think it could be reproduced in a picture or painting.  It was a cube but I didn’t see clear down to the bottom on the sides because of the immense light coming up from around the bottom.  The word “Purpose” infiltrated my very being as well as the Holy of Holies and the whole scene. Purpose seemed to spread out in an instant before me and in me. It was huge and the whole reason for the Holy of Holies!

The concept of "purpose" in the Holy of Holies is not new to me as the Lord has been teaching me about it for some time. But to have "purpose" permeate (consume) everything, including me, in this experience was like an explosion of establishment, which reveals extreme importance to the Lord. The Lord has been instructing us more and more concerning purpose when we enter into Him in a meeting. He has been teaching us about holiness, perfection, and being clean as a corporate group just like the High Priest had to be clean/purified when he entered the Holy of Holies. Individually is one thing, but corporately is quite another, adding one more dimension to what has to occur. This is the main reason the Lord told us what He is asking us to do as a corporate body is hard!

Let me give you part of a picture from what the Lord has been revealing to me concerning being clean, purity of action, and purpose in Him in a Holy of Holies atmosphere:

The High Priest had to be clean to go into the Holy of Holies because he was entering into Jesus. The Lord told me they actually came into Him! Those Priests had a specific job to do in the Holy of Holies and that job was for the Lord and for the nation of Israel. That job had to do with legalities; it was the legal way to accomplish on earth the particular purposes of God at that time. Redemption, forgiveness of sin, and atonement for mankind is only in Jesus. That is why atonement had to occur, according to instruction, actually in Jesus in the Holy of Holies! The Holy of Holies was a pure place where Jesus could dwell.

Just as the High Priest had a specific job to do in the Holy of Holies in Jesus, for Him and man, the Wife of Christ has a specific job to do in Jesus, for Him and man. Only the Lord knows what all the job entails, but it's there waiting to be done. It has to do with end times!

The Lord has been showing us that He wants to manifest Himself fully in His corporate married Bride as She meets in Him. It is not the Holy Spirit but the Lord Himself. This is partly why He has been showing us the Holy of Holies so we could understand how clean we have to be as individuals and as a corporate body for us to be in Him and for Him to be in us. This cleanliness is according to the Lord's idea of cleanliness, not man's idea. The Lord is bringing forth (all over the world) this idea of "being clean" in His body of believers in this particular window of time. The following is a word given to a small group of believers in New York:

Why do you seek My Face? Why do you seek My glory? You cannot handle My presence – it will consume You – be holy, be sanctified, be worthy of My Glory. Purify, Purify, Purify your temple; I long to fill you, but I can not come into a dirty house. I will not come into a dirty house; purify, purify.

Again, the reason God showed me the Holy of Holies and what He did concerning "Purpose" so strongly is because the Lord has great Kingdom purposes for His Bride when She is in Him in a meeting. She has a job to do there that was ordained to happen in the beginning. Remember, certain things have to be done in Jesus on earth because of legalities and the fulfillment of God's Word. God always does things legally. For example, Jesus had to enter the earth through the womb of a woman! It was the only legal way.

Let me give an example of Kingdom business versus other business. I had told the group here that when we get cleaned up and in the Lord as we should be, the Lord will start to use us in His Kingdom business more and more. The Lord gave the group a hint of this about two weeks later. The Lord told us to push the Antichrist back because he was coming too soon! I won't go into all that happened, but I hope you can see that this was Kingdom business, a little higher purpose than the norm. I knew this was just a touch, a speck, of a picture of possibilities of when His Bride enters into the Lord purified to do His Kingdom business in the future.

It is a serious thing to have the Lord fully manifest Himself in a meeting. It's just as serious as in the Holy of Holies. The priests died if they were not clean. They had specific instructions and the Lord is giving us specific boundaries and guidelines for the same reasons. God is no respecter of persons and if you are not clean you are not clean, whether you are saved or not saved, baptized in the Holy Spirit, or not baptized in the Holy Spirit, gifted or not. This is not about those things. This full manifestation of Jesus is going to happen!

November 8, 2008
(I am depicted by the X in the pictures of the experience.)
I was in what I would call a corridor about fourteen feet wide, maybe a little wider. An authoritative man spoke to me and pushing me into a cubby hole along the wall, he said,“Something is coming and you need to get in here and don’t come out!” This cubby hole was formed by clothing or material projected into the corridor, three, four, or maybe five feet here and there along the walls. There was plenty of standing room in the cubby holes along the walls. Then the man dis-appeared, leaving me in the corridor. I was standing in the center, looking around, when I heard something coming in the distance to my right. It was a loud, different sound and it seemed to be coming fast, like a Jet. I turned and rushed into the cubby hole the man had pushed me into. Once in the cubby hole I turned around and was looking out into the corridor. Soon I saw a pure white light, with substance, streak by in the exact center of the corridor. It was the same white light and action as when Jesus was moving in the center of the Golden Path (Corporate Flow Chart) in the fusion articles. I stayed in the cubby hole, obeying, not knowing the reason (purpose of) why I needed to! Some time passed and suddenly I knew something else was coming, but there was no sound. Then I saw and felt the presence of God coming in like a cloud from the same direction as the white light? had come. This presence had sub-stance and I cannot describe it, other than it was God Himself. God filled the corridor, and the cubby holes along the sides of the corridor, as He went down the corridor. I remained in my cubby hole as instructed, watching and knowing that if I had been out in the corridor when God came I would be dead. I knew that obedience, without understanding, had saved my life. I’m sure that if I had walked out into the corridor after God had filled it and the atmosphere around me, I would have died. Obedience, without under-standing, was the key to life; disobedience in any form would have brought death.

We are to look at these "things of the Spirit" as a picture, remembering that there are absolutes in the picture. If you had experienced this as I did; you would know as I do that this is really going to happen. I had to think quickly because of the speed of the jet sound as it came. An absolute in this scene is that obedience, without having to understand why, is key.

The High Priests had to be totally obedient in the preparation of themselves and the execution of their job according to God's instructions. The Married Bride must do the same, being totally obedient in the preparation of Herself as well as the precise execution of instruction given by the Lord. In the next section you will see some boundaries and guidelines given by the Lord that must occur through obedience, all in preparation to do the job.

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Protocol Needed to Meet “in the Lord” as His Bride.

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