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The Lord said, "My people don't know
the questions they should be asking!"
the questions they should be asking!"

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God-Given Information to Move the Church from Spotted to Spotless - Harlot to Bride!
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Loosing of the End of the Church Age


Man Child on Display

The Loosing of the End of the Church Age

Let me share with you that this is not a bad thing to happen. It is a wonderful
thing! The church has been praying, "Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done,
on Earth as it is in Heaven"
for over two thousand years! The Church Age must
come to an end for the Lord's Kingdom Age to manifest fully. It's a very Good
thing! The Lord Rules and Reigns in His Kingdom Age and the world is
unknowingly in it already! It's transition time for the churches in all the world!
Roy Sauzek

Secular information:
5-26-2021 - Blood Moon
Conjunction time 6:13 PM on The Hill God Calls the Place
NASSA - Less than 15 Min. long.

The morning after the Loosing of the Church Age Meeting had occurred, the
Lord was dealing with me about what He had just done.

Meeting 5-26-2021 - RS
HH - "Assemble" over and over / sharpen your blade with the absence of fear /
the world needs to know / "assemble"
over and over

THE PICTURE preceding 5-26-2021:

The Lord deals with His Man Child:
(This is part of a Sabbath Judgement Meeting on May 11, 2021 that was not sent
out on the Leading Edge. You will see why!)

Sabbath Judgment Meeting, May 11, 2021 - MC
...You must continue to write, Child and forge My judgments as I give them to
you. You must enact and portray as I lead you. Hallowed binding and loosing.
They all must come forth. Fear not, fear not, fear not. This next part, Child
do not send out lest there be murmurings against My words and delay My

I adjure you to present yourself to Me on Pentecost. You shall place the
judgment table before Me and decorate it as I have commanded you to. Here I
will meet with you and give you My hallowed judgments. You shall loose the
ending of the Church Age. This must be accomplished before My Core takes
their next traveling assignment. That is all for now. Adjourn the meeting

The Man-Child's thoughts concerning SJM: The Church Age began on Pentecost
over 2,000 years ago when the giving of the Holy Spirit was poured out in Acts
chapter 2. This is actually when the Church Age began seeing Peter prophesy
this and gave understanding by the Holy Spirit. This “Feast of Pentecost” we
have been in and observing for over 2,000 years since the gospel went to the
Gentiles and Israel became blinded by their unbelief of their Messiah. All the
Spring Feasts were fulfilled by Yahushua when He came in the flesh (Passover,
Unleavened Bread, First Fruits). The Church Age has been in the Feats of
Pentecost until the time of the Gentiles be fulfilled and we move on into the
prophetic fulfillments of the Fall Feast Days. The Church Age will end as God
has spoken and a transition will occur as we shift right into the Kingdom Age
and the rule and reign with Christ on the earth. Israel will look upon Him
whom they have pierced and the elect will come forth as first-fruits unto God.
God always has a remnant.

The Lord deals with Roy:

Wednesday, May 19, 2021- RS
I was looking at the Lord's calendar. I saw a scene of a square looking
black picture in the calendar with M1 on the left side and M2 on the right side. I
then saw a switch imbedded in the calendar that controlled whether it was on
M1 before conjunction or or M2 after. It was
about something that was supposed to
happen. I had to make a choice of whether to
have something happen right before
conjunction or after. I didn't want to make the
choice .

(We came to understand from this scene that
the Lord was talking about the conjunction of
the Full Moon and I had to make the decision,
which was for M1. That only made sense to
me because of the length of a Sabbath
Judgement Meeting.)

The Man-Child put in a Judgement question to make sure of what we were

#4 Private (King Yahushua, am I, the Man-Child to meet with You at the
conjunction time of the Full Moon on May 26th, 2021 to loose the ending of
the Church Age?)

MM - upon My Hill, upon My Hill / It must be as upon My Hill
( We knew from this that it had to do with the Hill legally and were convinced
when we learned the conjunction time for that day on the Hill was 6:13 AM

LLC - holy sepulcher
A sepulcher is something you bury something in. The Church Age needs to be
buried. The Lord told Roy the church hasn't done what it was supposed to.

KE - prosper, I shall prosper it / My prophetic touch shall prosper

DP - receive
Believe it!

VC - enemy put to flight / stand, stand strong
We need to stand strong and stand in what the Lord has done and is doing with
the enemy! We battle not against flesh and blood

The Lord deals with Roy again about the legal importance of timing on the
Lord's calendar

Tuesday, May 25, 2021 - RS

Scene, There were three legal meetings. They were pictured in black and I
wanted to get them over with but the message was that they all had to occur
at the correct time
. ( The three, 1. The Man-Child's appointed meeting on
Pentecost during Full Moon conjunction time. 2. Pentecost. 3. Full Moon
meeting. )

Remember the Lord said: See My Full Moons as Pinnacles and Transitions!
I think the picture of all of this is good evidence of how God uses His Creation
for His legal purposes in His governing! Now the meeting:

Pentecost, May 26, 2021 - Loosing the end of the Church Age. - MC
Started washing and warfare at 5:45 A.M.

Stood In Silence - Sound the gavel silently three times. Many are asleep to
what I am doing and will not be able to see or hear.

The Church has perverted My words, perverted My ways, perverted My
character. These perversions have driven her away from Me. She cannot see
it. I must judge her and her clothing because she has become a harlot,
clothed and decorated as an Egyptian. Her eyes are painted with the mar of
the enemy and she cannot see.

The heavens are now declaring My glory. I will declare in the heavens what
shall come upon the earth. This is a hallowed transition of judgment. I will
declare through My Prophets first the things which shall be made known. Let
this be a sign unto all nations - but many will not hear, many will not see, many
will not look. You stand before Me, Child as a hallowed initiator of My
judgments. My righteous gavel is going forth. Take up the gavel, Child and spin
it between your hands in all directions.
(The Lord had me do this three times - I
knew this was releasing something.) Saw a metal hammer - My gavel shall be as a hammer that shall beat the nations.

(time of silence)

Now dip the gavel in My laver. Now hit the sounding block thirteen times
(I did as the Lord commanded me.)

Hold the wooden staff forth. (I took the wooden staff and stretched it forth
towards the north, holding it horizontally with my left hand.) Both hands,
. (I grabbed the wooden staff with both hands stretched outward.)
Declare and loose the ending of the Church Age. At the direction of Almighty
Yahweh, I loose the ending of the Church Age with the legal authority of Your
name, Yahushua. I legally Allow, Activate and Invoke loosening the ending of
the Church Age with the legal authority of Your name, Yahushua. Halleluyah
and amen.

Now sit in silence for 30 minutes, Child, to loose the rest I will give My
(The time was now 6:25 A.M. - I got my phone and set it for 30

Towards the end of silence the Lord said, “The gavel of the harlot is now under

(The 30 minutes was over.) Stand, Child. This has also been a transition in your
anointing. You shall see a transition in your anointing. You may adjourn the
(I adjourned with three silent soundings of the gavel on the sounding
block.) Blow the Shofar silently three times. (I pronounced, “I declare the
Lord's rule and reign through His Man Child on all levels in earth and over all
powers in heaven and in the earth and under the earth! I legally Allow,
Activate, and Invoke all of this with the legal authority of Your name,
Yahushua. Halleluyah and amen! Then I sounded the Shofar silently three
times. The time was 7:02 A.M.)

What God wanted done was accomplished at His direction legally in alignment
with His Calendar in the heavens. Halleluyah!

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