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The Lord said, "My people don't know
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the questions they should be asking!"

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Man Child on Display

Sabbath Judgment Meeting, November 14, 2020 MC

Forge ahead in My prophetic counsels. Fear them not. I am not finished. I still have much to say. The harbors and the shipmasters, those who trade goods for goods across the span of oceans, I will allow a storm upon them that they may learn of Me. They shall cry out for lack of want and think they are perishing but I will test them. That they rely not in the abundance of nature, nor in the strength of the seas, nor in the will of men but in who I am. I brought a similar test on a much smaller scale to My Disciples. They feared they were perishing from the raging storm yet it was the testing of their faith and its increases I was after. I am the One who has the hand tomercycalm all storms. Men focus too much on My power being used to control nature and the resources nature gives than the inward work I am after. I want a spiritual harvest from many temples (I understood the Lord was referring to people, not buildings). Hurricane Norene. This sign will be My instrument to bring forth My judgments. You will see activity increase within the seas and oceans of the earth. I will allow the waters of the earth to be stirred and traveled to uncover what I would have to be revealed. Many eyes and much attention shall be drawn towards the waters of the earth. For it shall not only be a physical stirring but a spiritual stirring. I have allowed the waters of the earth to keep many uncovered secrets that have not been made known. Mankind will seek new technologies to circumvent his limitations to travel deeper depths of ocean floor and coverings of darkness. I will grant a measure of this that it be done. I will allow intelligent minds to be raised up to succeed and push forth My will and plans in the earth. Assigned purposes and events. I am unfolding them now to you, Child. These words shall come to pass and they shall be fulfilled in their times and seasons.

I don’t know if the Hurricane name is spelled the way I have it spelled when it will come forth as the Lord’s sign. It could be spelled a little differently, not sure. It may not be as well. I did a little looking up of information on the internet about all the hurricane names that date back to the beginning when the US started to name them (the site I went to is nhc.noaa.gov - nhc stands for “National Hurricane Center”). I found that there has never been a hurricane in the US named “Norene” nor is it a name that has been retired from the Atlantic names. This means the name and sign of this hurricane will be a first-fruit in the earth for God’s purposes. What are the coincidences of the Lord revealing the name of a hurricane that will be a sign that has never even been used before nor is a retired name. The will of the Lord be done!



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