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Sabbath Judgment Meeting, July 13, 2020 - MC

The Pastors and Shepherds of My flock, align with Me in this hour that you be not caught unawares. Unaware of what I am doing and unaware of what the enemy has done to you. Now is the time, now is the time to be fully persuaded to rest underneath My shadow. Come to Me in humility and seek Me for understanding for what I am doing in this day, and in the midst of the people. Come out of your formal traditions and creeds that have only harmed you and brought hurt to others.

I will require an answer from the leaders of households whom I have set over My flock. I will require an answer for how you have tended to My people. Hear now My words, all Pastors and Shepherds - I am bringing this office to judgment in My church. I am bringing it to judgment even now. For many who I have set in this office have not been faithful; and there are those who placed themselves in this office whom I did not call. The Pastoral office has been tainted with the encroachment of jealousies. A spirit of jealousy has tried destroying this office I have placed andmercyassigned in My church. It must be cleansed, it must be cleansed. I am cleansing all the offices I have assigned in My church that proper order be established. This cleansing must be, and a quick work it must be, that they may escape My lamentations and woes. No longer shall any denomination hold My people captive.

A great release, a great release is coming from the churches of men, to bring out of it the fruits of righteousness and a people who truly glorify My name and fear Me. As a releasing of a butterfly from its cocoon shall this release be unfolded. As I have spoken - a great separation from flesh to Spirit, from Egypt to wilderness. I will pass over a new generation and bring forth a new thing. Yet I say unto you, Child, those who choose to stay in formal doctrines and traditions and cleave to the luxuries of Egypt shall find no comfort or place to cover themselves.

For I will release the death angel, the destroyer, to accomplish My works, even as I have already shown you. A spiritual Passover for the rebellious in heart who have chosen to reject Me and My Spirit. Therefore, I say unto you My people, hear My words. Come, come, I call you to come. For soon shall the riots turn from the streets to inside the churches. A refining fire I have kindled and it shall burn and accomplish all I have called it forth to accomplish. The wicks of My people must be seared and trimmed. My judgment is true and My word shall not fail. Release this cleansing. Release this cleansing of all that I have spoken, Child. How so Lord? With the wooden staff. Stretch it forth towards the north and proclaim. I did as the Lord commanded me. I took the wooden staff and stretched it forth towards the north and proclaimed all these words of cleansing, which the Lord has spoken. I legally allow, activate, and invoke all My words of cleansing, which you have spoken. Heavenly Father, I legally allow, activate and invoke all of these Your words which have been said, written and spoken this day with the legal authority of Your name Yahushua. Halleluyah and amen. This judgment will grow and its borders will stretch to accommodate all who come to it. For I, the Lord, have spoken. Adjourn the meeting.

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