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The Lord said, "My people don't know
the questions they should be asking!"
the questions they should be asking!"

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Sorrows Await For The Ungodly

Sabbath Judgment Meeting, January 28, 2021 - MC

Sorrows, sorrows, sorrows await for the ungodly. For they choose not to repent. They have hoarded up for themselves destruction and all their perishable items shall testify against them in the day that sorrow takes ahold of them. The waining of fruit shall be purged and come alive again. For what receives life from Me cannot die but must live. I will dig around, fertilize, and replant the trees that are waining. The life giving Spirit, which is the sap, shall spring forth. I am obligated and committed to My vineyard. My judgments shall tend to and fertilize new growth. But rest assured, vengeance is Mine. I will avenge the righteous. I will avenge their gatherings, their fellowships, their time with Me, their unity, their perseverance. I am a God of My Word and I will surely perform it.

The noose has been prepared for the enemy to hang himself in. He will not be able to escape My gallows. The gallows that were built to hang the righteous shall be turned against the wicked. I do avenge and I will do so again just as I performed in the days of Esther. I will perform great deliverances for the righteous and they shall see My salvation. The crooked paths that were created to derail them shall be made straight. For My Mighty Conquerers shall go forth and make straight the ways of the Lord. My Mighty Counsel shall strengthen and equip the broken hearted. I will restore and give back what has been hidden and kept away that the righteous may take hold and gather themselves in unity and in strength for this, My Great Day.

This dispensation of My Third Day shall go forth and reveal itself, and all the hidden mysteries that have been reserved for this time. For My Day will declare it. Many wander aimlessly in the statutes of the world but I will awaken those who come to Me in righteousness. I have expanded the sounding block of your gavel that its reverberations reach unto the ends of the earth. I have given this to you that all who may listen and heed will hear My voice. My Holy reverberations of judgment shall not go unspoken for. I will accomplish My words. That is all, Child. Adjourn the meeting.

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