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The Lord said, "My people don't know
the questions they should be asking!"
the questions they should be asking!"

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Many Will Call What I Do Evil


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Sabbath Judgment Meeting, April 20, 2021
Turn the judgment table towards the east. Place your feet in the fires and write My words - I have and will continue to impregnate your feet with My righteous judgments. A terror for some and a blessing for others. These feet shall stomp and tread out the enemy. The hidden enemy, Child, that many have been unaware of. I have positioned your feet. I have stationed them. They shall stand upon the mounts of discernment by My Spirit. A greater call is coming forth. In the depths of many they have longed - they don’t even know what it is, but something much more alive than what they have been accustomed too.

(period of silence went by)

mercyStand to your feet and turn the judgment table back to the north. Self must be eradicated. Self must be eradicated within My people. There must be no self. My righteous judgments are soon to spring forth here and there. Be aware of them, My people that you miss not the progression of My judgments. I will confront many portals that have aided the enemy and bring them to judgment. This will increase clusters of evil but this is to expose. See and understand. I will judge many portals in Palestine and in other areas in the Middle East. I will expose the congregations of the enemy after I have judged their aiding points. My manifested judgments will shake and divide - many will call what I do evil because they do not recognize what is good, what is necessary, what is holy, and what is righteous. Many tote along with the enemy because they desire the praises of men. I will provide stumbling blocks in their journeys so they may see who they have been keeping company with.

As I have said before, the lines of delineation are growing stronger and stronger and more vibrant. Many assume what I use to divide and reason among themselves through the wisdom of men. To many times My people have blamed the Devil for My workings. Ignorantly they do so because they know not My ways. To many are quick to judge - not only others but situations, circumstances, and life experiences. Come to Me first before you judge anything.

Hesitate not to reveal all of My words to you this day. Too many have grown stiff and need to be shaken loose. I will have you order many things together very soon. Each by legal adjudication and by the discernment of My Spirit shall I lead you. Many, many things need to be put in order (I suddenly saw a line of full grown trees growing in a ditch on the left hand side of a roadway. I saw how these trees were all growing in all different directions, staggering left and then right, and were very un-orderly the way they had grown up. I saw some of the trees root systems were exposed because of their growth directions. Then something happened and immediately I saw all the trees straighten upright in alignment now. They were now in order). The first step from disorder to order is forgiveness. Too many walk around with unforgiveness in their hearts. The sin of unforgiveness must be brought to order. It truly is the first step for many, many of My people. After this first step it is a domino effect, for things will quickly fall into place and back into order. Give this message of hope. Adjourn the meeting

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