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The Lord said, "My people don't know
the questions they should be asking!"
the questions they should be asking!"

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Sabbath Judgment Meeting, September 3, 2020 MC

My fires will burn in Arizona. They will begin in three major cities, starting with the Capitol of Phoenix. Afterwards they shall spring up in Tucson and Flagstaff. I have purposed it to raise up prophetic voices from the dry places. A great voice crying out from the wilderness. Their witnesses shall go forth concerning end-time events. For My river shall flow through these areas with great purpose - even the dry and parched places to sing, praise, worship and declare My Holiness. The enemy has tried claiming the city of Phoenix but My hand shall be strong against his back parts.

For My fires shall ignite in that great city, for I have granted tongues of fire to speak and proclaim the Holiness of My restoration. A new sound shall arise that has My anointed purposes on it, in it and through it. For by My Spirit I will accomplish it. Tucson and Flagstaff will quickly join to create a three-fold cord of witness in this state. For many people have wondered aimlessly at fearful sightings in the skies over this state and also surrounding states, but "Yea," saith the Lord, "I will turn My mercywitness against these signs that the enemy has used to captivate the imaginations of My people. To draw them in fear and not in peace." I am raising up a new prophetic voice to witness against these signs that have been labeled “UFO’s.” They shall be exposed to a greater degree than ever before. For nothing shall be hidden.

I have chosen Arizona to bring forth this voice and this voice shall go forth as I have called. Wonder and marvel at what I will do! Out of Phoenix this voice shall begin to arise, even as I have spoken it. Controversy shall surround it, but My witness shall prevail. Satan’s blocking forces shall not prevail. I will disrupt the portals of the enemy and they shall not prevail. I will expose the altars of Satan that have been hidden. I am releasing this judgment now that in due process of time it shall come forth. For I am bringing forth the witnesses from each state in these United States that I have purposed to go forth. Some for good and some for evil, but nonetheless, all according to My purpose. All of these My witnesses work effectually according to My purpose. Hold fast to My words, Child, for I have received you to be an initiator for My judgments. It is a part of your position I have called you to. I say this so the others may understand My purposes with you. A first-fruit always initiates something. Those who read, let them understand My speech. Let there be no murmurings among you, for I know your hearts. Your thoughts do speak louder than your words. Receive of Me and murmur not. I have spoken. Adjourn the meeting.

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