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California’s Judgment


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It should be noted that this prophecy is directed towards California and against the state for its wickedness. The Lord is not talking about Florida here. I know all of the states in the US are known by a nickname but they also have other nicknames as well in each state. I know Florida is mainly known as the “Sunshine State” but this is also one of the nicknames for the state of California, even though it is not the most common name the state is known by, which is the “Golden State.” I believe the Lord gave it this way because of the way the prophecy is given, seeing not many know what He is doing and what is coming. The Lord told me several days in advance, between the 13th and 14th time we were to send His Single Cup to California, that after the last time it was sent He would give me His judgment concerning California. The Lord went on to tell me that He would have me turn the judgment table to face the west and I was to declare and write His judgments. Everything was done as the Lord commanded me.

Sabbath Judgment Meeting, August 27, 2020 - MC

Hear Me now, Child. Here am I, Lord. The Sunshine State has trampled upon My mercy. It has been waxed thin by their continual whoring’s against Me. For they have allowed prophets of New Age to refuse Me and speak against Me, leading My little ones away from Me. They have targeted for the slaughter for their own fleshly gains. I will judge them and their western mysticisms that has tried sweeping the nation and every culture. I will rise up against the house of the strong who have all said in their heart with one voice, “Who can bring Me down? Who can shatter My riches and the gains of My increase, for I sit as a ruler in the heart of many and My cords reach to the ends of the earth.” Yet I, says the Lord, will leave your house a house of desolation. For you have refused Me and the right way.

Now I Myself will rise up against you and leave you naked and desolate. I speak to the house of Hollywood and to whom My wrath is kindled against. I speak to Politicians in high places and those in seats of authority within the state of California. Thorns and briers you have reaped and have multiplied your sins before Me. Therefore, hear Me now, I, the Lord of hosts will give you over and you will be amercydesolation before all nations. The garments that once clothed you shall be torn. The melodies you sing shall be sung no more. The covenants you have made shall be your destruction and I will give you over to defilement as an open witness before all nations that I humbled the house of the strong and fortified and strengthened the house of the weak. I have sent My messengers but you would not listen. I have wooed you for decades yet you would not heed, and now from My judgment table I am ruling your desolation. Out of this I will bring forth the good that I have purposed for My will, for My judgments bring forth righteousness. Therefore, this catalyst I have set against you, California, even this day. For the scales have been tipped and you are found wanting. (I then suddenly saw a wooden staff be broken in half by an unseen force).

I will dismantle and divide asunder all the staves of the sorcerers in this state. I will visit the place called “The Bohemian Grove” with a flood and dismantle their gatherings of witchcrafts and sorceries. A blow to recede back the evil doings of their ways. For these sore spots and gouging’s against My will I will bring asunder. For they have chosen the evil and not the good. Let it be a witness in the day that it comes that the evil of their doings may be washed away. Take the wooden staff, Child, and declare a seven year turn around as you hold it towards the west. I took the wooden staff and held it out towards the west and declared, “I declare a seven year turn around! I declare a seven year turn around! I declare a seven year turn around according to the word of the Lord! Halleluyah! It shall be even as it has been spoken. That is all, Child. Adjourn the meeting.

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