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The Lord said, "My people don't know
the questions they should be asking!"
the questions they should be asking!"

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Man Child on Display

Sabbath Judgment Meeting, May 11, 2021- MC
Eat the scrolls I give you, Child. For surely they shall taste sweet to your mouth but shall become bitter in your stomach. You must eat, digest, then speak (I suddenly saw in the distance a giant skeleton in the form of a human, which the look of it reminded me of an X-Ray. I saw from the feet upward but I did not see the head, only so far up the torso. The focus of this giant skeleton was on the feet. I saw myself in the distance standing before this giant skeleton and I was very small in size. I began to see the feet of this giant skeleton at different angels, which I believe was mostly the right foot. I saw again the massive size of this skeleton compared to myself.) You will see what many cannot see and hear what many do not hear and I will hold you accountable (I saw after this a very narrow sliver of an opening in front of me - inside the sliver was darkness and around it was darkness, but the darkness inside the narrow sliver was darker, allowing me see its form. It took me a moment to see it as if focusing in on it. After seeing it for a moment it suddenly vanished.) You are soon to enter a narrow opening that will thrust you forward into My progression at a fast rate of speed. It is My vortex - it is My winds. Move freely through. On the other side is a new climate for you to walk in that I have created. The atmosphere you bring shall change and begin to manifest My glory in the stages I have determined it to be created. Rest in all of these My words, Child to you this day. Lord, I choose to rest in them as You have spoken. Halleluyah.

(Time of silence)

I shall tickle the ears of many with My judgment. Many will close and stop their ears and say, “My spirit does not agree with that.” Fear them not for their ears have not been purged. Shelter and use My words as a covering for those who will hear. Many stand and say they know Me and yet do not agree with My witnesses. The understanding to the Power of Witness is coming forth also to rightly discern and rightly divide. Many measure off the wrong witness that agrees with their own spirit and not Mine. My people need to understand what My Spirit agrees with.

(Time of silence)

mercyMy flames of victory shall burst forth. They shall kindle My Holy words that they be seared into the nations - some for blessing, some for cursing, some for victory, some for woe, some for rejoicing, some for lamenting - but all these things shall work according to My good pleasure. The weeping eyes of many shall be closed as I give them rest from their labors.

(Time of silence)

You must continue to write, Child and forge My judgments as I give them to you. You must enact and portray as I lead you. Hallowed binding and loosing. They all must come forth. Fear not, fear not, fear not. This next part, Child do not send out lest there be murmurings against My words and delay My movement.

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