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the questions they should be asking!"

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I will shake the four corners of the earth!


Man Child on Display

Sabbath judgment Meeting, October 2, 2020 MC

I will shake the four corners of the earth to expose the evil therein. A sword shall pierce the heads of the wicked. I will expose the first-fruits of the enemy. For think not, My Children, that the enemy has no first-fruits. I will soon begin to unravel the hidden mystery and works of lawlessness. Even the hidden mysteries behind the workings of the mark of the beast. For truly I say unto you, the lawless one comes under a sign. Just as I came in this world under a sign, so shall he. I will expose the imperfections of his sign and the mark of his name. His sign is six hundred three score and six. It is a sign of perishing and many will miss it. Those with the infilled wisdom by My Spirit will be able to see this sign of perdition. That which is condemned cannot be perfected.

I am soon to open up your revelation knowledge by the Power of My Spirit that you may feed My people the bread of life. For I will multiply it to those who are willing to receive. I freely give Myself to all who are willing to receive Me. Tend to My people, Child, and feed them meat and bread. I will destroy the cornerstones of the enemy and the cornerstones of his kingdom. I have set you as a cornerstone in the earth, Child, to bear witness of the truth. To bring forth in all good timing an incorruptible harvest. I have sowed the first seed within you to bring forth of its kind. A priesthoodmercyforever according to the order of Melchizedek. I have blessed forever the priesthood of My Man Child, which is through this order. The enemy shall try to claim it but shall perish, just as Korah and his companions perished in the wilderness. Yet I am doing a new thing and who shall see it? Who shall judge it? Who shall condemn it? For I will vindicate, for I change not. Be careful, My Children, what you judge and condemn lest you judge and condemn the works of the Living God.

The alabaster box of anointing. I am preparing this in the hands of the least likely throughout all nations to bring unto Me perfected sacrifices. This anointing and its sacrifice shall bring forth true repentance before all the heads of those who think they are justified. I will accomplish this work in the earth through the Power of My Spirit. The knowledge of perfected silence shall be in all of My creation. From ground to sky shall all of My creation be one in perfected silence in their times and seasons. For all the earth shall be silent before Me and before all the hosts of My armies. Let creation give wisdom to the cause of this justice, which I have spoken. You may adjourn the meeting, Child.


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