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Sabbath Judgment Meeting, February 20, 2021 - MC

Decades of the enemy’s pollution has infatuated the hearts and minds of all nations that have shared in the intimacy of the sorceries that have functioned through the Wailing Wall. Write My judgment concerning this place of idolatry and lift it up as a standard unto the nations that what has been prized in the eyes of men has been rejected by Me. Lift ye up this standard, Child, and be not ashamed.

I will bring the Wailing Wall down from its high place of idolatry where many nations have come to fortify themselves in vanity. Will you swing and pray and offer up sacrifices to stone? Can a wall speak? Will you yet stand before it and call yourselves illuminated? It shall be thrown down as a mighty mill stone that has offended My little ones. I will cut off head and tail. It shall not save thee in the day of trouble. The strong clefts of the rock, I will witness against you that all who have prayed and slid their request into you shall be ashamed. For can a prayer be fortified in idolatry? Can an idol bring it to pass? Are not idols worthless vanities and those who sacrifice to them a heathen? I will break loose and mercydivide asunder the sorceries that have functioned through the Wailing Wall that the heathen may go free and gain knowledge. I delight not in destruction, yet I will judge the high places of the enemy and bring them down into confusion on every side.

In that day I will judge the head and the tail, and then what shall the body do? For both powers shall be removed from this high place and the rest shall be for dung before all nations. I am the Lord and all judgment has been committed unto Me by My Father. Woe unto you ye nations who turn up the lip and scoff at My words, who whisper dark secrets and deep counsel in inner rooms. Your secrets and your counsels shall you fall in to and you shall not escape them. The sounding of woes, the sounding of woes - they are coming forth. Each in their proper times and seasons.

Many hands shall come together and strengthen themselves at the Temple Mount. They strengthen their hands in vanity and for a price seek reward and vengeance. Two masters that have served in these lands shall be brought into one. Though it be strengthened with riches yet shall it be brought low in the day that I will visit. Though the hands of the mighty be strengthened together with one cause, their fingers and palms bring forth desolation, woe and mourning. Wickedness is strengthened that it be exposed for truly it exists only as a witness. It cannot sustain itself. The corner of wickedness shall be broken and its cornerstone shall perish forevermore.

Stand to attention, Child (I did). Soon shall the mighty knees buckle and their loins shall quiver when they see My salvation in Mt. Zion.

This is not the first time the Lord has spoken to me about the Wailing Wall. The Lord began to paint this picture with me back on January 12, 2020 through a dream. After recording the dream the following morning the Lord gave me this word while giving silence.

“Praying to ideologies and idols will not bring My plans together. Those who pray at the Wailing Wall share in the sorceries of Satan. It has been a place of idol worship. Pray for the Jews and for all nations who come and share in this sorcery at the Wailing Wall. Pray, pray, pray and break the sorcery of Satan. I have given you this authority, Child, to pray over these matters. Pray that the Wailing Wall massacre be ended and the sorceries that fuel it be exposed. The Wailing Wall has drawn many nations to it to share in its sorceries. It is a wall made of stone. It is not Me, saith the Lord. I will expose the spiritual delusion and fraud behind the Wailing Wall. It has been a stronghold in the city that was once called Beautiful. I will expose and exalt."

I have been praying as the Lord commanded me since the time these words were given. There have been things the Lord has added to this warfare since He gave me this word. I will continue to pray until the Lord tells me not to. May the will of the Lord be done!


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