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The Lord said, "My people don't know
the questions they should be asking!"
the questions they should be asking!"

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God-Given Information to Move the Church from Spotted to Spotless - Harlot to Bride!
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Many Will Call What I Do Evil
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Foreign Policies- Voice of Hollywood The Loosing of the End of the Church Age
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The Protestant Church

“The Coming Woes."
The Coming Woes  
The Lord’s Healing Room
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  The Prophecies of
Jacob Metz

The Lord's Prophetic Time Clock
for His Third Day Reign

Foreign Policies -
Voice of Hollywood


Man Child on Display

Sabbath Judgment Meeting, January 17, 2020 - MC

Foreign policies, Child. I will influence, initiate and reestablish foreign policies through these meetings. Keep a watchful eye on the news and what is going on throughout all countries. Stay informed. For I, the Lord, have a hand and dictate all these things. Familiarize yourself with foreign policies for your lack of understanding in this area. I will bring shifts, barricades and tremors against foreign policies that are not according to My will. I will bring safe passage, honor andmercyblessing to those that are. No government is higher than Mine. Your shoulders are blessed. They are blessed because I have blessed them. New foreign policies shall be made with Ukraine, Iran and Israel. Some I will allow for discomfort and others for strongholds to be invaded. Keep a close watch, Child, on Ukraine, Iran and Israel. I have sowed a cord of discomfort through all three of them that they may be brought to the forefront.

I am setting stages, End-time stages. California and the voice of Hollywood shall play a small role in being a perpetrator against My will, but shall be cut off. The voice of Hollywood that has perpetrated evil shall be silenced for a season. I, the Lord, will do it. My witnesses will begin to lift their voice and testify. I said “voice” because they shall be one in mind, one in goal, one in strength. I will mar the sign of Hollywood and the sorceries it has projected. It shall captivate no longer. Be watchful, Child, and pray. Do all I have commanded you.

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