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Sabbath Judgment Meeting, March 6, 2021 - MC
Prophetic utterings. I shall rain down My prophetic utterings. A heavy rain. I shall coat the nations with it and all who trust and hear the sound of My voice. I have planted you as a prophetic tree. I have established your roots, therefore I say stand, Child. Write what I tell you…

(I saw a long highway extending almost straight up into the heavens. I knew the Holy Spirit had already shown me this highway in a dream a few years ago. I was looking at the same highway again and the highway was very bright and appeared to be transparent as refined gold). The Highway of Exaltation is laid before My Chosen. Fast acceleration, fast acceleration. Triumph after triumph with each step taken after every mile marker passed. My nucleus. My nucleus of trust. My nucleus blasting forth and garnished with My power. It shall be, it shall be. My prophetic uttering’smercybeing uttered forth that their reverberations cannot be silenced or defeated by the enemy. My nucleus is My Core that I have called to be a guiding light on My Highway of Exaltation (I suddenly saw four horns, each like a shofar, and all four of them conjoined and twisted together into one horn). My four horns of power intertwined into one. Sheared in precession by My refinement. My nucleus shall trumpet and utter the words of life (I was now looking at a large blue diamond up close. This diamond was crystal clear and there was no flaw in it. I saw this large diamond at different angles as it was turned before me. The diamond was about the size of a man’s fist) I have embedded My diamond within My nucleus. It is a prophetic diamond that has been protected to bring forth great price and wealth among the nations. The enemy shall not prevail. A hidden treasure that shall soon come forth in its uprising that My light be reflected off of every facet. The nations shall beat against it but shall not prevail.

Expectation is arising among the nations. The expectation shall be answered with blessing and tribulation. Tribulation upon those who call evil good and good evil. Blessing upon those who have persevered. Perseverance turns My heart towards My people because of their faith and trust. I yet have more things to say…

The moral compass of mankind is soon to go into a tail spin (I looked down and saw a round compass. The compass needle was spinning out of control around and around). True North can only be found under My guiding light. What is up is down and what is down is up, and the moral compass of mankind has begun to tail spin. The enemy’s magnetisms have pulled it away. It has left many lost, empty, stranded and cold. They need one to guide them, to shepherd them, to bring them back to safety. Realignment will come forth by the power of My Spirit and a blessed people shall arise and shall guide many. Too many have trusted in their own understanding and it has left them stranded and lost. A humble beginning and acknowledgment shall be required - through this, is the only way that the reality of what has happened will settle in. Deep within that a beautiful new beginning is birthed. The soundings of the enemy I will drown out. Pin-pointed accuracy shall be My timing in all of these things. The spiritual lines of delineation shall continue to grow further and further until there is no more blur, only black and white. Clarity and perspective in perfect vision that shall be given through the power of My Spirit.

Floods of the mighty shall rage in their continual pursuit of power yet it shall be cut off in the end and will leave them with no inheritance and no reward. Persistent vain pursuits shall come to nothing and the desires of them shall fail and their light be put out. I will give My people understanding and I will pour out My oil. Be not surprised at the sacrifices of the wicked. They shall bear no success nor receive recognition from Me. Marvel not at it, Child, when you see these things happen.

Fear not at the positioning’s you see happening. The enemy’s placements are futile and his positioning’s shall not be secure. I allow these things to happen so the pattern I have spoken forth shall come to pass. Shoulder to shoulder I have firmly rooted My people that if one need to lean for strength, another is there to hold him up. A mighty cord of believers that shall not be thrown down. My ready and stable ones flowing in the cord of My Spirit as each are led. Eat the honey that is given to provide future markings for others who will eat of the same honey also, and share in the words of truth, love and happiness. I seal these solemn and holy words with massive halleluyah’s. Amen and amen. Adjourn the meeting.

Some understanding:
Some of the things I saw that the Lord spoke on He has already shown me in dreams. The first one deals with the “Highway of Exaltation.” I saw this in a dream back on February 12, 2019. Here is the excerpt from that dream and what I saw and experienced.

Scene, I was riding in a vehicle with Roy and Faith. We were driving along this highway that was going straight up into the heavens. I knew we had traveled this highway before. This highway appeared to be made of glass like refined gold. I saw as we began to travel up this highway we were going through a city of large buildings. I saw to my left the large AT&T building in Nashville. This building was floating upward and separated out from all the other buildings in the city. I saw underneath this building dark clouds that I knew were evil. These large dark clouds seemed to be lifting this building up and separating it from all the other buildings as the AT&T building floated on its own in a stationary position. I looked at this in amazement at what I was seeing. As we continued to head up this transparent highway I began to be afraid and said, “I hate this part,” meaning going up because of the heights and how high we would be traveling in this vehicle. I could see we had a way to go upward but I knew we would excel fast.

The Lord has now revealed to me this highway I saw us going upward on and excelling fast on is the Highway of Exaltation. The AT&T part of this scene was prophetic and came to pass this past Christmas, 2020. This was about the bombing that happened on Christmas Day, which separated the AT&T building out from all other buildings in Nashville because of the connection with the bombing.

The large blue diamond I saw is also something the Lord has shown me in the night recently on February 27, 2021. I was given some understanding in the dream when I first saw it, but now the Lord has given more understanding on what this diamond is, what it will produce and who will try to come against it. Below is an excerpt of this scene and what I saw:

… The scene changed and an evil artificial intelligent transformer was now fighting Tom Cruise inside a building. I saw this artificial intelligent transformer winning because it was alot stronger than Tom since he was only human. I saw the transformer mash something down into Tom’s face that was almost flat and cylinder shaped and had flashing blue lights lighting up all around it. I could see it was causing Tom alot of pain as this transformer forced it down inside his face and mouth area. I knew the transformer was doing this so it could retrieve something Tom had down inside him. I knew this had something to do with the Bride.
The scene quickly changed to me looking at a car driving through a small town. I knew Roy and a few others were riding inside this car. I was given the understanding what this transformer wanted inside of Tom that he had. It was a large uncovered blue diamond that had never been used before. This was a secret thing that was being protected. Then I saw this diamond suspended in mid-air above the vehicle. I saw it was crystal clear and beautiful! There was no flaw in it. Roy and the others riding in the vehicle also knew about this large blue diamond and how this dealt with the Bride and had never been used before…

I was also shown in the same scene that the enemy did not prevail nor was able to retrieve this diamond from inside Tom. Tom prevailed against the evil machine.

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