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The Lord's Prophetic Time Clock
The Picture Starts Here Understanding The Mercy Symbol
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The Lord's Prophetic Time Clock
for His Third Day Reign

Understanding the Mercy Symbol


There are things we need to understand about the Lord's "Time Clock Judgements!" The first is the MERCY symbol the Lord showed me how to construct. I saw each circle come together slowly, one by one, representing the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Then I saw the completed symbol as shown, the straight line connecting the three circles representing our Triune God in agreement. The red was darker than pictured, it was covenant Red.

The Lord then showed me the completed symbol imbedded towards the center of several "judgements" given in the "Lord's Time Clock"information. He is a God of "Mercy" and it's available! A picture to understand here:

In a "Court of Law" when a judgement is given to an individual and found guilty, then if the individual accepts the judgement they can ask the Judge for mercy. The key to receiving any mercy is whether the individual accepts the judgement or not!

In the Lord's case, He wants us to know there is "MERCY" all ready available based on our acceptance of His judgements, which includes our new acts. There is no Mercy to those who deny the Lord's judgements.

Another thing we must realize is one of the reasons for the Lord calling it His, Time Clock of Prophecies! We know already that the Lord is bringing judgements to correct things wrong, any number of things. We know there is a time period for people to accept His judgements and repent by admitting and turning away from the wrongs being done. We know there will be a point in time when the Lord's judgement/sword will come upon all those who didn't repent and correct their wrong actions and beliefs. We must understand that it is the Lord's "MERCY" holding back His judgements now!

Lamentations 3:22 It is of the LORD's mercies that we are not consumed, because his compassions fail not.

Undersgtand more about how the Lord legally gets Mercy into His Judgements, read:
Man Child on Display

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