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Sabbath Judgment Meeting, July 20, 2020 MC
Pray in the Spirit. I will give you the interpretation of My judgment. Limit not the ways I bring forth My judgment in these meetings. Forgive me, Lord. How would You have me to pray in the Spirit? Any particular way? Pull your desk chair up and place your hands in the fire and begin to pray (I began to pray in tongues for several minutes. During this time, the Lord told me to turn my hands over and continue praying, so I did. Several minutes went by until the Lord told me to turn my hands back over again. I did and continued to pray until the Lord had me cease). Stand to receive (I stood up and placed my hands back in the fire on the judgment table). Hold out your hands to receive:

Thus says the Lord, hear what the Spirit is saying - from henceforth, the records in heaven are being pulled to alligate judgments. My record keepers are pulling them to bring to remembrance what has been done and accomplished throughout every nation. I will judge, I will judge, I will judge. I will witness against the evil doers. Though they have falsified their records in the earth, I bare witness against them that their record is not true. I am bringing to judgment the falsified records in the earth that have been misconstrued, hidden and edited. For My record is true and I bare witness against them, their false records and false witnesses. The coverups that have been smeared and brushed under the rug shall be judged. I am raising up My witnesses to bare record of the truth just as My servant John bore record of themercytruth. The records of false witnesses and evil doers are coming to judgment. For I have kept the records in heaven since the beginning and they shall testify against them. Woe unto the false witnesses who have perverted justice and have taking bribes in secret. Woe unto you, for your wrecking ball shall be shattered into pieces. Your yokes you have placed upon My people shall be broken. For you have mocked and trampled on My records in the earth and have tried hiding them in darkness by your false records and false witnesses, but I say unto you, Child, this day and henceforth, I am pulling the records in heaven to bring judgment. The record keepers of My kingdom will unveil My records. I will send forth My whirlwind from the four winds of the earth to judge and consume. In its winds are lamentations and woe as I have spoken. Dominant voices shall be silenced by My whirlwind. I am impregnating My witnesses through the Power of My Spirit. Satan can only accuse but his record is false. Remember this. Lift up the wooden staff to bring forth these words of My judgment (for some reason, I was led to cover my face with my hands) Many shall cover their face in shame as I expose them (I then picked up the wooden staff and held it out in front of me facing the north) Push forth the wooden staff to the north, south, east and west. This act of judgment is initiating My whirlwind against all the false records, false witnesses and evil doers who do not fear Me saith the Lord (I did as the Lord commanded me in the exact order of directions He told me to push forth the wooden staff). All the children of Beelzebub shall no longer be judges, neither shall they rule by rod or staff. I will break their staffs into pieces and consume their dwellings with My fierce anger. Be not afraid to release My judgment, for it is for such a time as this.

Alligate definition
alligate (third-person singular simple present alligates, present participle alligating, simple past and past participle alligated) (transitive) To tie; to unite by some tie.

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