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the questions they should be asking!"

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Man Child on Display

Sabbath Judgment Meeting, December 18, 2019 MC
SIS- Hear the word of the Lord. I am changing the hearts of the King Nebuchadnezzar’s in the land. Their season of exaltation shall come to a season of humility. Those who have exalted themselves and praised the works of their hands shall be humbled. They shall see a new way, a different way after their season of humbling. Some of them shall come to know Me and some will still choose to reject Me. I have set forth My witnesses to draw the sword of judgment just as Daniel, My servant, gave utterance too My decree against King Nebuchadnezzar. I can use one nation to humble another and I can humble both nations at once. From the highest seat of authority to the lowest. You shall see these things begin to happen in the year 2020. New counsel-ships must be decreed. If any forbear and resist the leading of My Spirit, whom I have shown My grace to, I will send my fire swiftly upon them to judge them and their households. I, the Lord your God will not be mocked. The lands must be cleansed and purged of the King Nebuchadnezzar’s that they turn toMe and not the works of their own hands. Declare My judgment. Release it forth. How Lord? Hold the wooden staff out. You shall do so in all directions. To the north, east, south and west. Declare My judgments upon the King Nebuchadnezzar’s in the lands. Do so silently. trust, trust, trust, Child, and do what I have told you to do (I did as the Lord commanded me). Very good, Child. Now write your declaration.

I held out the Lords wooden staff before me in a horizontal position (this is how I saw I was to hold the Lord’s wooden staff). I turned to the north, east, south and west and declared, “I declare the judgments upon the King Nebuchadnezzar’s in the lands with the legal authority of the name Yahushua.” I did all this silently as well. After declaring this judgment in all directions, I sealed it with hallelujah’s while still holding the Lord’s wooden staff out. WTLAOYNY, I LAAI these declarations. Hallelujah.

It has now gone forth to perform what I would have it perform. Now rest, Child, and go about your day in My peace.


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