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the questions they should be asking!"

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Sabbath Judgment Meeting, August 11, 2020 - MC

Child, hear My words. Give Me ten minutes of silence before I give you My righteous judgments. I did as the Lord commanded me. I got my phone, turned it on and set the timer for ten minutes. After the ten minutes was up I stood in silence again with my hands in the fire on the judgment table. Then I saw a wooden gavel being spun back and forth very quickly between the clasp of two hands. After a minute the vision faded. Take the gavel and do likewise. I did as I saw. Afterwards the Lord said to me, “I am sending forth My whirlwinds of judgments from this gavel. From this gavel I am sending them forth. Blessed is he who reads and understands and accepts My judgments. For I tell you, Child, there shall be many that will not listen, yet their works shall come upon their heads because they have judged unrighteously in their hearts.

The sound of a fire is crackling and burning from the lowest hell. I am sending forth My whirlwind to consume the bishops in the midst of the Catholic Church. Their consummations I have not accepted and I will not accept them now. They have gone in the way of Cain. Their camps and fortified walls are as the cities of themercyPhilistines before Me. The bishops are as it were the lords of the Philistines, teaching heresy and all forms of corruption. Though you have thought to be planted as choice vines, yet I will burn you with fire. You have marred My little ones and brought confusion. Your refuges are as a city that is broken down and without walls. Teaching and harboring by the lust of your own spirits. I will preserve My remnant just as those in Sardis who were found worthy. Therefore, take up My lamentation against the Catholic Church and against her bishops who dwell in the midst of her.

Lamentation against the Catholic Church and her bishops
Lament, weep and cry for your day has come. A day filled with mourning and blackness. A day in which you are given over to the corruption of your ways. You have gone astray and you will return no more. Your glamorous outposts have been rejected. You shall hear the word of the Lord no more. I will judge you, I will judge you, I will judge you. For My great wrath is soon to overshadow that great city who calls herself Rome. A shadow of desolation which I have summoned from the great north. To judge both you and the gods you worship. There shall be no swaddling clothing to wrap you in nor any of your companions to help you. For you shall be struck with desolation, cursing and woe. The greed of your heart has filled the multitude of the nations and your harlotries, all walks of life. Out of your destruction shall come forth immense truth, for you are reckoned and shaken from your place of dwelling.

Stretch forth now the wooden staff. Stretch it forth towards the north and loose My words of lamentation. For I will gather them up and pour them out for My purposes. I took the wooden staff and stretched it forth towards the north and declared, “I stretch forth this wooden staff towards the north at the command of Almighty Yahweh! To loose His words of lamentation spoken this day, August 11, 2020 that they be gathered up and poured out for all of Almighty Yahweh’s purposes! I legally allow , activate and invoke all of these declarations with the legal authority of Your name Yahushua. Halleluyah and amen!Go now, Child. You shall see My salvation. Adjourn the meeting.

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