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The Lord said, "My people don't know
the questions they should be asking!"
the questions they should be asking!"

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The Coming Woes  
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The Lord's Prophetic Time Clock
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Prophetic Branches


Man Child on Display

Sabbath Judgment Meeting, March 22, 2021 - MC
My prophetic branches that I have established shall be shaken over the nations. My Book of Prophecies shall flourish, each according to their time and seasons. Golden - each will bloom and bring forth golden incense. Tarry not, Child for you must continue on and write what I give you.

Hear now My words - there must be a section created titled “Prophetic Blessings.” There must also be a section titled “The Lord’s Healing Room.” Have these sections made and ready for the meat I will put in them. Tarry not but fulfill. For you know not what hour the great release will come. Be ready and expecting always.

A major power tap is coming. An endless supply, an endless supply that has been reserved for this time. I will wash and restore many pearls that have been given unto Me by My Father. I will bless and restore, bless and restore, bless and restore. Many fields have been dug and many sources have been tapped, but I, the Lord of Hosts have reserved this unique power tap - even for this day. Many will question the source of this power because they know Me not nor My ways. I will allow their persecutions to feed My blessings and reward those who have been persecuted for My names sake.

Be careful, Child, for there are many prophetic lullabies that are deceitful and lulling My people to sleep. Their timing and accuracy are off. They are quick to speak and slow to hear. They judge not nor discern who is speakinmercyg to them. They fear not but look for the praises of men. Be careful, Child, for I have called you out from those who do such things.

Ready yourselves, My people. Plant your feet deep within My soil and grow in to the stalwart roots I have prepared for each of you. Many great shakings are coming. Assume not what I speak of but trust My instructions. Those who obey My instructions get revelations. I honor faith, not works of the flesh. The flesh can make things look good, spiritual and religious. Discern My people and trust My instructions.

I will usurp the enemy’s battlegrounds. I will use My believers and those who have counted the cost and trust Me. They shall be vessels to usurp the enemy’s battlegrounds. Look what I have done with one, or two, or twelve people who had faith, believed and trusted in Me. I only need a few rather than a whole army of double-minded believers. Rest in these words and find comfort in them. We are moving forward. It is up to My people where they stay and lodge in My timeline. You will reap justly according to your measure of faith. Adjourn the meeting.


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