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The Lord's Prophetic Time Clock
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Major Growth - Judgment of
Lying Spirits


Man Child on Display

Sabbath Judgment Meeting, March 28, 2021 (Major Growth - Judgment of Lying Spirits)

I have called you to be a messenger of My New Covenant. To bring forth the message I have laid within your heart that grows fervently day by day. Bridle not your tongue for soon, very soon, My Spirit will use your mouth for My glory. You honor Me, Child and for this, I honor you. Delay not to keep this portion intact in this prophecy along with My other words. Everything has purpose.

Now I speak to you, Child, that times of major growth are upon us. Upon the nations and upon My Church. The enemy has tried to divide in many ways by many schisms but the time is coming when full unity will usher forth. I will burden leaders for this unity that I have called that their works I have given to them, accompanied by My grace, will have profound increase. Increases that the enemy cannot diminish nor take away. I will begin to burden everyday believers all over in different places for this unity in holiness, in righteousness and in peace that this liberty abound and My Spirit move freely among the masses. Major touches on lives, families and individuals that in holiness and one accord with My Spirit, great alignment will come and great works.

Time is precious in the coming hours. See it as precious. For time itself labors and groans. Does not My Word say all creation groans? I will destroy the false imaginations the Devil has used to rob My people blindly. I will expose the mind of the enemy and divide it asunder for the nations to see - to see how the enemy plans, how he thinks and all of hismercyresolves for his destruction for mankind. Many will have to choose by faith to see it if they want to. I will provide avenues of deliverance that they may see.

I am about to bring to judgment all lying spirits that have conjured and lied that My people reap the benefits that have been stolen from them. I will also do a mighty work and break open the storehouse of Satan that all that has been taken and stolen from My people be regained back seven-fold. The storehouse of Satan shall be plundered by My winds and upon the winds of My Spirit, wealth and riches dispersed. Be prepared, My Children for this great dispersal, for it will come at an hour you think not. Why you might ask? Because I will also catch the enemy off guard as well. The forces of evil shall not be rallied together and they shall suffer great loss. That is all, Child. Adjourn the meeting.

Romans 8:22
For we know that the whole creation groaneth and travaileth in pain together until now.

I understood that time is also a created thing that works in all creation because sin entered everything. Time will also come to an end as we see according to scripture.

Revelation 10:6
And sware by him that liveth for ever and ever, who created heaven, and the things that therein are, and the earth, and the things that therein are, and the sea, and the things which are therein, that there should be time no longer:

The Devils Brain Exposed!
Below is a scene I had over three years ago where I saw the Devils brain exposed.

Scene, October 14, 2017 - MC
I was looking at a man I know back the devil down a hallway and then against the wall. I saw this wall rotated and both of them went into another room. The way the wall rotated reminded me of a trap door into a secret room. I saw inside this room and it was mainly open space. I saw the floors were hardwood. Another prophecy I heard this man prophesy to the devil was he (the devil) was going to get his head cut open and this was going to happen with him (the Devil) facing 50 degrees to the north and something was going to happen. I knew something was going to go wrong though.

Then I saw the devil lying down in the middle of this room and his head was slightly cut in the back. I knew the devil felt this and it hurt him. Then I saw the devils brain, which looked like a human brain, fold out on each side from the center. I knew the devils brain was going to be worked on. It was being exposed. I saw this small purple looking creature with big soft looking eyes and I knew there was an exact replica of this creature on the other side of the Devils exposed brain. I saw this creature up close and it winked at me. I knew something was going to go wrong in this procedure concerning the devil’s brain being exposed.

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