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The Lord said, "My people don't know
the questions they should be asking!"
the questions they should be asking!"

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Many say these are harsh words!


Man Child on Display

Sabbath Judgment Meeting, June 29, 2020 - MC

Prepare to receive. How do I prepare, Lord? Give Me your left hand, Child. Father, I choose to willingly give You my left hand (I then lifted my left hand to the Lord while I kept my right hand on the judgment table to receive). I will punish the heads of the wicked. I will punish them for their sorceries, enchantments and rebellion. I will give them over to their imaginations and they shall be consumed. The days of their trouble shall come swiftly upon them and overtake them, for they have rejected Me. I will raise up My lamentation and woe against them through your hand - it shall be written. Keep a steady hand, Child, and waver not. I have anointed your hand to be a witness against all nations that have rebelled against Me. My rod of judgment shall be raised up against each and every one of them that My mighty works may be performed. I am bringing judgment to the physical and spiritual. I have told you this and yes, it is true. I will judge the rebellious ways of the peoples and the gods in whom they have worshipped. Just as I judged the spiritual and physical in Egypt, I am doing so now. I will perform works which have not been performed.

Keep a steady hand, Child.... You must not doubt, Child. I have many things to say and you must transcribe as I give them to you. My sayings are Holy, undefiled and unblemished. Many of the sayings I hear from the prophets are perverted by the enemy. The prophets speak foolishly and in error. They have not been aware of the subtle perversions of the enemy. A lot of them I have not called nor spoken to. I will judge them and their errors of foolishness that has misled My people. I will judge the pulpits of the false prophets who preach in error when I have not spoken to them or revealed to them anything. Many run erroneously without My blessing, believing they are free to commit these sins.

Tell My people this must no longer be for I am bringing My judgment. Tell them theymercymust turn back to Me that I may sanctify them. Their zealous acts of ignorance will not save them in the days of trouble. If I have not sent them, they must turn back to Me to be sanctified that erroneous ways may cease. Keep your feet planted in Me, Child, for many do not abide in Me. They are not fed from the true vine. There are many vines from which a person can be fed, but many are not fed from the true vine. My Church, My Church, My Church! Look at yourself and judge yourselves this day. What vine are you abiding in? I must judge you, for you have forsaken Me and eaten of another body. You have been beguiled just as Eve was beguiled. I see your works, your labor, your fruit and it is half rotten. It has been consumed with the canker worm. These following days and months are solemn, for I do not rejoice over you. I have a remnant whom I am raising up who has followed Me and trusted Me with their lives. They in whom I have given them authority shall be your judges. I am setting heads and leaders over My remnant. Established positions and authority I have inaugurated to do and say all I command them. It is so, for I have spoken it.

Many will say these are harsh words, but I tell you they are the truth. Deal with them. The sugar coating on the ears of My people must be burned off by My ministers of fire. I am raising them up in My remnant. I tell you also, My remnant shall hear the words of My Man Child. For I have set him over the nations. My remnant shall hear the words of My Man Child and shall also heed them. For I have given all things into the hand of My Man Child. For I have sanctified him to rule over the nations and all the beasts of the field, the fowls of the air, the creeping things and all that dwells in the sea. I have given into his hands the heavenly bodies also, that they obey at My given word through him. I have legally done so. Amen. Adjourn the meeting.

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