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the questions they should be asking!"

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Trees of the Mighty Shall Topple


Man Child on Display


Sabbath Judgment Meeting, January 20, 2021 MC

The trees of the mighty shall topple over. They stand in array and have fortified themselves in each other and not Me says the Lord. Their strength and might have deceived them and their great height has made them proud. I speak of those who stand in array against Me and those who stand in array against My kingdom purposes. It is not enough to disagree and search out a matter, but they choose to continue to do evil in My sight and to blaspheme. I will begin to expose the mighty ones and they shall topple over. Their fall shall be heard many days from the great height they shall come down from.

mercyStrategically placed high-mindedness will be exposed. The coverups will be exposed with a lit match that will continue to burn as I deem. My match being moved around to light things on fire to burn and expose. The smoking mirrors shall be seen for what they are. The dictator and orchestrator shall both be uncovered. Who can stand before My match? Will it not burn here a little and there a little as I command it? Yay, it will, and it will not go out but a continual flame it shall burn. Many will mock but they do so out of fear. My match will burn and it will kindle all I command it to.

Everything I am about to do and bring forth I will do in doubles. My doubles cannot be matched. A second wind of victory to strengthen those who would have given up. I will also strengthen many by My match. Many gathered today for a fortifying that shall be uprooted. See beyond, My Children, see beyond. Limit not My words by shallow vision. Fortify yourselves in Me, My Children and drink of My waters. That is all, Child. Adjourn the meeting. 

Report from Roy Sauzek, during his 30 minutes meeting on this same day.1-20-2021, I saw the following:
Vision, I was on a caterpillar dozer clearing away brush and other types of vegetation around a creek or gully. Suddenly my viewpoint changed in the Vision. I was looking at the main part of a mammoth tree (not the bottom) and it was shaking, beginning to topple. It was leaning maybe 10 to 15%. Possibly going on to 20%. The scene changed to me being able to see my caterpillar dozer at the bottom of the tree pushing on the tree trunk. It looked impossible, like a little toy caterpillar pushing on one side of the tree. This tree had no leaves and it seemed to me it was much taller and bigger than any structure known to man. It's limbs were humongous. (Symbolically it may be important to record that the caterpillar dozer was one of those I was familiar with as a young boy, a D4 vintage of those used in World War 2.)

It is not unusual for the Lord to use the Man-Child and me together to form a more complete picture. The tree I saw has been alive a long time. It is fairly obvious that over some time the Lord is going to expose some high minded people hidden in high places who have fortified themselves together as the prophecy reveals.

I think it important to write clearly for everyone reading to understand that in the last paragraph where the Lord said, "Many gathered today for a fortifying that shall be uprooted," that the Lord is talking about the swearing in of Joe Biden as president of the United States and all others installed because of this.

The Lord has already revealed in His Prophetic Time Clock information that an illegal election has taken place!


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