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The Lord's Prophetic Time Clock
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The Prophecies of Jacob Metz


Man Child on Display

( Prophecies of Jacob Metz, establishing at the Lord's direction. A record of events! )

The Prophecies of Jacob Metz

Vision, October 29, 2017- MC

Early this morning while lying in bed I had a vision and saw myself standing in Roy’s living room and Jacob, Marilyn’s grandson was standing in front of me. Roy was in there as well along with Marilyn to our left by the brown love seat. The first thing I told Jacob was to always listen to Marilyn, his grandmother, because she has the counsel of the Lord. He is to always listen and heed what she tells him so that he may be blessed in what he does. Then I started prophesying to Jacob about what the Lord was going to do with him concerning his gift of playing music, and because he has glorified God in all that he has done, the Lord was going to raise him up as a mighty one in the earth. I was prophesying over Jacob that his music would reach the nations, including places like third world countries and even Russia. Then I was looking at Jacob and I saw waves of water coming out from his feet, and they kept coming out from him about two to three feet. I understood the water coming out from his feet represented him walking by faith in what was being spoken and prophesied over him. I remember telling Jacob the word of the Lord was with him and in his mouth, along with many other things.

The things I was shown about Jacob Metz this morning in the vision kept coming back to my mind. The Lord said to me, “Yes, I have words that I want you to speak over Jacob. This must be done in person. For My words that you speak over him shall cling to him as the clothes on his body. Write the vision that I gave you this morning, for it is of Me. The word of blessing must be spoken over him. He will be a prophetic ministerial unto Me. Many words I will have you speak over him. It must be done legally. Add too nor take away what I show and tell you to do. Though the enemy tried to sift him as wheat in the beginning, he has been created a vessel of honor for My servitude.

Meeting, June 8, 2018
Write with the authority I have given you. Pray for Jacob that no unrighteous yoke come upon him. Do this when you prophesy over him. Tell him he must receive (meaning the prophesy and prayer) and resist any and every unrighteous yoke that is presented. Tell him to be not afraid. That he has My blessing. Tell him I have yoked him to the nations, but not with a yoke of bondage, but with a yoke of blessing. Prophetic blessings for all who will receive. You shall title his prophecy: The Prophecy of Jacob Metz. I understood this prophecy would go into the Book of Prophecy’s the Lord has started with me, and this prophecy concerning Jacob Metz will be titled as the Lord gave it and put inside the book.

Prophetic Meeting, June 19, 2018 – Marilyn, Roy, Faith, and Kyle
At the beginning of this gathering in the Healing Room, it began as a time of fellowship. Marilyn shared what GOD gave her that morning in her meeting. We got there a little earlier and Marilyn read to us what GOD said. GOD said, “You know the purpose of this
day. See to it. Clearly, precisely, no hesitation. See to every detail. Double check, double check. Follow protocol, follow protocol. Every purpose has protocol. Overlook nothing. Check, check, check, and check again. Monumental what you do here today. Focus. Perfect focus. I call forth perfect focus for this time. May there be great rejoicing. Great solemn rejoicing. Begin and end with solemn hallelujah’s. Concentrate on solemn. Breathe it in
(Marilyn gathered it together and breathed it all in) My solemn Powers. Yes, plural. Seal it Child, seal it Child. Forget not to seal it (Marilyn sealed GOD’s solemn Powers she absorbed with hallelujah.) I began to see how GOD had orchestrated this even to take place on this day concerning Jacob and what GOD was wanting done.

Then Jacob arrived and we all began to fellowship in the LORD. This was the first time I had ever met Jacob Metz and actually had conversation with him. GOD began to work among our fellowship and sow into Jacob seed that GOD has taught the group to catch Jacob up on things. This concerned High Praises, washing at the Laver, GOD’s voice, Marilyn’s mantles and her seeing GOD’s words, the law of faith, and many other things. GOD also brought up that this prophetic gathering with Jacob was a first-fruit of many things intertwined into one. It was the first-fruit of what GOD is bringing forth, the first-fruit in meeting Jacob and prophesying over his life, the first-fruit of what GOD is bringing forth in the Healing Room, and the first-fruit of the joint anointings in operation in the Healing Room. GOD also told Marilyn in her meeting that morning that this day was monumental. The Hill God calls The Place also was brought up and we were able to explain to Jacob more in depth what The Hill is and how it was brought forth. Jacob didn’t know anything about The Hill, but after explaining some things, Jacob understood.

Afterwards we all stood to wash at the Laver. GOD told Marilyn in her meeting that morning to start and end the meeting with Hallelujah’s, so we all spoke Hallelujah’s before beginning. Then Marilyn explained several things we speak before washing. This was so Jacob would understand what was happening as we all washed. Then we all washed in the Healing Room. After washing we explained to Jacob as we circled up to become one in the LORD. Roy explained to Jacob we circle up like this because we become one in circling up because the Bride is one person. Before continuing on, Marilyn explained to Jacob that this was the first time Marilyn and I have operated together in the joint anointings. Marilyn explained to Jacob GOD has done this because there is more Power because of what my anointing covers and what her anointing covers, it is now joined for the purposes that GOD is bringing forth for the Healing Room. GOD also told Marylin Jacob would be the first for this joint anointing to be operation for. Roy then told Jacob he and Faith were there as witnesses, which Jacob understood. We continued forth, and one of the instructions GOD had given Marilyn for us to do was cover Jacob with righteousness, HIS Spirit of righteousness.

Marilyn and Kyle were about to begin the demonstration of the joint anointing and everything GOD has commanded to do over Jacob Metz. But before continuing further, Marilyn again explained to Jacob more concerning the joint anointing and how GOD has shown it to her. Marilyn explained how the joint anointing as she was shown coming from us is big and round at the base and gradually goes out from us (to a point.) It is goldish in color, but not shiny gold. As Marilyn explained how the joint anointing looks to Jacob, GOD showed me Marilyn and I were to take the joint anointing and melt it inside the LORD’s fires in HIS Laver. Then we were to cover Jacob in the melted anointing.

I knew in melting the anointing in the fires would not do away with how Marilyn has been shown the two anointings are joined, but the anointing would replenish itself and remain the same way still. GOD does not run out of resources. I then explained to everyone what I was shown and how GOD has dealt with me about kindling the fires in HIS Laver. I explained to Jacob that GOD has given me a unique fire on my hands and this is part of the reason HE has dealt with me on igniting the fires in HIS Laver. After explaining this to Jacob I ignited the fires in the LORD’s Laver. I declared, “By the Power of Almighty GOD, I take HIS scepter of Righteousness and I kindle the fires in the LORD GOD’s Laver. (I did an act of stirring and kindling the fires with the LORD’s scepter.) Hallelujah, according to all that HE would have it to be, and every flame has its purpose, Hallelujah! I do this before all heaven and earth w/ANJ. I AAI this declaration w/ANJ. Afterwards, Marilyn and I took the joint anointing and dipped it down into the fires of the LORD’s Laver to melt. Then we scooped out the melted anointing from the Laver and covered all of Jacob’s body with it from head to toe.

We continued forth and I took the words the LORD had already spoken to me to speak over Jacob. This dealt with prayer and prophecy the LORD had commanded me to speak over him. I explained these things to Jacob before speaking them over him. That this was the LORD’s blessing over him that He has commanded me to speak. I explained that I was going to get silent and wait after speaking these things over him to see if there was anything else the LORD wanted me to prophesy over him. Here is what I spoke over Jacob first, beginning with the words the LORD already gave me to speak, which I prophesied over Jacob.

The Prophecy of Jacob Metz
The LORD says, “For MY words that you speak over him (Jacob) shall cling to him as the clothes on his body. You are to be a prophetic minstrel. Though the enemy tried to sift you as wheat in the beginning, HE has created you a vessel of honor to servitude. No unrighteous yoke (can) come upon you. You must receive this prophesy and prayer, and to resist any and every unrighteous yoke that is presented. Be not afraid. You have the LORD’s blessing. The LORD GOD has yoked you to the nations, but not with a yoke of bondage but with a yoke of blessing. The prophetic blessings will come from you for all who will receive. Hallelujah.

After reading the prayer and prophesy the LORD had given me to speak over Jacob we all got silent to see if there were any other words the LORD wanted to speak over Jacob for a blessing. As we were in silence the LORD ministered to me and told me to speak and to not be afraid. I knew more words were coming to be prophesied over Jacob. I stood in front of Jacob with both my hands out and began to prophesy as the LORD gave me to speak.

Hesitate not nor be afraid, Jacob. The Lord knows you have many questions. Questions that will be answered in due time. Let your feet walk with the winds of the Spirit, for they shall lead you to the nations. The LORD GOD shall use your voice and your hands to worship prophetically to bring blessing, praise, and healing to the multitudes. Worry not nor be afraid but trust in the HOLY SPIRIT. The LORD GOD has sealed you with HIS blessing and has given you a prophetic mantle as a minstrel, Hallelujah. HE has volunteered you to this work and chosen you in the earth to do this. Let no doubt enter your heart, nor your spirit, nor your mind. You have glorified the LORD in your footsteps, and you shall glorify the LORD yet more in the footsteps to come. For you have given HIM honor and praise through all of your infirmities and the things you have been through, saith GOD. Because you have boasted in your infirmities rather than complaining and blaming and pointing the finger, you have allowed the Power of CHRIST to rest upon you. The LORD is going to exalt you. HE is going to place you on a platform that has been built and prepared for you to minister unto the LORD. HE shall pour back into you, to the people, Hallelujah. Doubt it not. For the LORD GOD will prove. HE will prove this to you. HE will prove it to you, Hallelujah. Do you receive the prophetic mantle the LORD GOD has given you? Jacob answered and said, “Yes.” Do you receive this prayer and blessing and prophesy over you by the LORD? Jacob answered and said, “Yes.” So be it.

Marilyn then spoke on what GOD showed her to prophesy. GOD said through Marilyn over Jacob, “From your depths, your very depths, HE will give you the words that will come forth from your depths as tidal waves.” ‘So be it.’
Kyle prophesied again and said, “Your prophecy, Jacob, shall not go unheard. It shall be heard and proven.” Marilyn proceeded forth in a command the LORD had already given to her, that she was to put her right hand on Jacob’s throat. Marilyn proceeded forth and did so as the LORD commanded her to do. The words the LORD gave her to speak were, “He shall sing. He shall sing MY praises. Charge is going into your (Jacob’s) voice. GOD told her to clasp her hands together, and so she did, and Jacob was to also clasp his hands together, which he did. This was to seal the physical and spiritual together. We all spoke and sealed with hallelujah’s.

Another duty given to Marilyn by the LORD, for the joint anointing concerning Jacob, was to lay hands upon him to be inoculated with Power, peace, praise, for GOD Almighty’s purposes. Marilyn and Kyle then placed both their hands on Jacob’s shoulders. Kyle’s hands were upon his left and Marilyn’s on his right. Marylin spoke and said, “Father, we lay our hands on Jacob and inoculate you (Jacob) with Power, peace, praises for the LORD’s purposes. Yes, we inoculate you. Hallelujah. Power, peace, praises for the purposes of Almighty GOD.” Marylin explained to Jacob afterwards that inoculated means “major shock.” Marilyn asked Jacob if he receives it. Jacob replied with, “Yes.” Marilyn continued forth and explained to Jacob something else GOD had shown her previously, which Jacob needed to understand. Marilyn explained how she saw letters from words, but they were parts of words. Marilyn did not see the actual words themselves, but she knew it was parts of words. They were in red and they were about a 1/16” in width of thickness, which she knew wasn’t from a regular pen. Then GOD said to her, “Covenant words, Covenant words. My Covenant with him (meaning Jacob). She explained what was happening was GOD’s covenant HE was making with Jacob. Marilyn then asked Jacob, “Do you receive the covenant, enjoined with the LORD in covenant? Jacob answered with, “Yes.” Then Marilyn said further GOD told her on June 14, 2018 what she was to allow and agree to. Marilyn proceeded forth and said, “As matriarch of this family, I agree to and allow this blessing and prophecy upon my grandson, Jacob Emmet Metz. And I AAI w/ANJ Son of Almighty GOD.” Jacob afterwards spoke again and said, “I receive this blessing and prophesy.” We all began to praise the LORD and declare hallelujah’s, that GOD’s will be done.

Roy also said during the time when Kyle was prophesying, GOD said to Roy concerning Jacob, “I will perform it in him.” We ended with solemn hallelujah’s as GOD had given Marilyn that morning. Marilyn was shown and began to surround Jacob with hallelujahs that they go with him wherever he goes. Roy, Faith, Marilyn, and Kyle began covering Jacob with solemn hallelujah’s. Mrs. Faith said she saw a golden light shining down on Jacob as the hallelujahs went around Jacob. What GOD wanted done was accomplished! Marilyn asked Jacob if he receives, and Jacob responded with, “Yes.”


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