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the questions they should be asking!"

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Man Child on Display

Sabbath Judgment Meeting, May 4, 2021
My judgments through you will solidify your son-ship in Me and the position I have placed you in. I have chosen you and that is enough. My choosing will bear witness as I choose it too. Let no thwarting of the enemy trouble your steps, Child for I have placed judgment in them that he is afraid of. Soon you will be a lit flame to light My judgments in many places. I have called you to share both suffering and the burden, to share these matters with Me. We go it together. You shall become a channel - a holy channel of judgment for both good and evil. This channel shall be intermingled with My Holy fire. You shall become an express highway for My judgments to flow through as I see fit. A Holy Highway of judgment that must be built. This is the next leg in your walk that you are approaching. Your lane has already been prepared by Me. We are marching forth, We are marching forth and My Man Child will lead. Judgment has to come first in whatever manner I choose to present itself. It must come forth for My purposes (Imercy suddenly saw a mans hand spreading and dropping change all around - the change appeared to be US Mint/coins) With it will come change as I have purposed.

You have been going through My calibration, Child for you must be calibrated. This hasn’t been easy at times but it is necessary. Your calibration shall be revisited as needs be. You shall remain in My accuracy though the enemy has tried and will try to skew. The enemy is out to disband My accuracy but he shall not prevail. I have said all these things to you first, Child that many may see and read. It is My revealing in My time in how I choose to do so. Rest in it.

-Time passed in silence-

Be not afraid to fulfill My next instructions. Go to and find an image and relic that resembles sun worship. Mar it with a sharp blade and label it Pasadena, CA. For this is where I have chosen to bring sun worship to judgement (I understood this was the beginning point of this judgment concerning sun worship) Fourteen days after you mar it and label it, bind it in linen cloth. This along with My other memorials shall be placed before Me as a witness and testimony. Fear not. Simple instructions, simple obedience. These are My Hallowed commands.

The rudder of My Spirit, My Core, is soon to reveal your next destination. I have told you to tend to your feet because they must be ready. Ready for every step to, in, and from the destination I have chosen for you. It will take sacrifice yet you have committed much to Me, therefore you are able. Wane not from My Holy purposes. You could not handle the magnitude of your obedience if I showed you because of the massive effects it has. Think of it now, My Children if you wane from My Holy purposes… Stay the course I have you on. Budge not. I will continue to reveal, lead, and guide.

I will end this session with a word to both believer and non-believe - Gird up your loins. For much movement is coming and things will be shaken. Gird up your loins less you teeter-totter and fall into a ditch. Gird up your loins in faith. To the non-believer I say do also and test My Word. The girding for each individual shall be different as the situation presents itself. Root yourselves in these words by faith and trust. It shall be an anchor for your soul.


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