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the questions they should be asking!"

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Sabbath Judgment Meeting, May 29, 2020 MC

A desperation cry from the wilderness. From the multitudes comes a desperation cry from the wilderness, which I have plunged them into. The cry shall grow louder and louder as many are forced into the wilderness with Me, a great wilderness cry. Many are not ready to enter the spiritual wilderness I have for them. They still cling to the luxuries of Egypt where their flesh is made full, yet I will have mercy. A spiritual parting I am bringing from flesh to Spirit - from Egypt to wilderness that My people may sacrifice unto Me the right things. I am sending forth My prophetic cry from the desert places where I have tested My servants, the prophets. I am raising My prophets up from the dry and parched places where they have learned to only trust in Me.

A wilderness call is going forth this night and it shall prevail. From this judgment table I am ushering it forth. The wilderness of preparation and blessing, which I have prepared for many nations and not just one. Many will yearn to return to the Egypt I brought them out of, but their way shall be blocked off by fire. I must purge the Egypt out of the hearts of My people and those who are coming to Me. The spiritual bondage that has captivated the nations shall captivate no more. My Divine guidance shall be theirs and those I send to lead. An overthrow has alreadymercybegun in the spirit that I have spoken to you already, Child, that these things may come to pass. I will bring out of delusion those who have been deceived by false prophets. I will expose them that those who have fortified their strength in them may return back to Me. I am legally sounding the call this night.

Through My gavel of judgment I am sounding forth the call. This word that I have given you, Child, must be raised up for all nations to see that when these things begin to manifest, all shall know that I have spoken. From all walks of life, positions and authorities. This is a matter of life and death. But fear not, My Children, for My Divine guidance shall be with all who obey and follow. I will demonstrate My blessings of grace and mercy, which is now under a new covenant. I will provide in times of shortages and what may seem to be lack. For I am the Lord God of Hosts and I do not change. Come away with Me, My Children, and leave the altars of falsehood and vanities behind. For I have a land of promise prepared for each of you, even the nations. Satan shall prevent My Canaan no longer to My people. I have prepared significant milestones in My wilderness journey for each of you who trust in Me. Come, come, My Children for the hem of My garment awaits you all, that you may touch the High Priest of your salvation. This is only done by the contact of faith. The hem of My garment and its borders are big enough for all nations. Lean upon My breast, My Children, and follow Me. I am calling you to a place of safety but you must listen, for I have already begun releasing My judgments of righteousness into the earth. Heed the call, heed the call, heed the call that I am sending out tonight. For I am about to send out lamentation and woe throughout the lands. I will bring My judgment throughout major cities across the globe. My hand will touch Mt. Rushmore and many other tourist attractions, which have caused idolatry and pollution throughout the lands. I have many judgments to raise up against the nations, yet I am forewarning now that you may believe it is I, the Lord your God when they come to pass. I will bring a lamentation and woe upon the shadow of Egypt. Heed My call, My Children, and yet those who are even coming to Me now, and fortify yourselves in Me, your strong tower. I call, I call, I call you forth - each and every one of you to Me in full trust and obedience. Fear not, fear not. I will give you discernment through the power of My Spirit to lead My people and deliver them. This I will impart to you, Child, that you may do and accomplish all I have called you to. It is soon, it is soon. Yield and trust. Sound the gavel seven times for the call to go forth in all I have spoken. Do so now to adjourn the meeting.

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