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The Lord said, "My people don't know
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the questions they should be asking!"

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Sabbath Judgment Meeting, December 29, 2020

I will give the media over to their own vices. Their reports shall become their own calamities. Their platform is corrupted and they have tried altering the future with lying reports as bate to hook the faith of My people. The enemy has to contort the law of faith to bring forth substance just as I have to use the law of faith to establish things in the earth through mankind. You know this. I will plow through the media with one blow and ruin their channels of deception. They have corrupted the minds of people for far to long. They will try and replace the media with artificialmercyintelligence but this will come to its ruin also.

The dictators of the media sources I will judge. Some of them are more corrupt than others but I will begin exposing until My one blow. A mighty wind shall topple and destroy all the works of the enemy that the renewing of minds may fully begin. The media has been a persistent arrogance against this spiritual principle for My people. I will batter against their arrogance with My mighty blow. Their wisdom shall be brought to confusion and I will confound them by what is weak. No form of arrogance can function through what is weak, meek and lowly. My grace covers the simple. I have already orchestrated the doom of the media and it’s falling. This will also spill over into the Christian stations who have sided with what is evil.

There will be exposing - even those who have taken money for gain to side with the kings of the earth. I will expose you who have done these things that you be humbled and turn to Me lest you be condemned. I hate false witnesses. You are filled with all forms of corruption. I say “you” because I see all these sources of information as one. The records are being pulled. The days of accountability have come to a greater degree. For much has been given to many and they have trampled. I will require justice (I saw the wooden gavel) Adjourn the meeting by hitting the sounding block seven times. This is for the spiritual lines of delineation to become more noticeable that My people perish not. Adjourn the meeting.

I adjourned the meeting and hot the sounding block seven times as the Lord commanded me.

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