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The Lord said, "My people don't know
the questions they should be asking!"
the questions they should be asking!"

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A spiritual flooding


Man Child on Display

Sabbath Judgment Meeting, April 27, 2021

The fountains of the deep shall be broken up. A spiritual flooding, a spiritual flooding, a spiritual flooding. To move out of the way what would have prevented. A spiritual baptism to all nations who are willing to yield. Many need to develop their spiritual eyes. Too many rely on carnal sight. A massive development is underway that My people be prepared and their spiritual sight be keen. The things of the world dim your spiritual eyes, My Children. Many nations must be spiritually keen to see My movements. Be not grieved, My Children when My spiritual flood strips these things away for your lamps need to be full. I will issue leaders to help and aid those who are little in strength and lack oil.

mercyA spiritual rain is coming for the sight of My people that their spiritual eyes be keen. I wouldn’t give it if it wasn’t needed. I, Your Lord command the natural things and the spiritual things. Look up to Me, Child and receive the measure I have allotted to you now. It is apart of your birthright (I looked up - some time passed) Push it in, push it in (I did using both my hands into both my eyes). I have given you a double measure for each eye. There is purpose but also responsibility. Some adjustments will need to be made for you to settle in this new measure of doubles I have given you. Fear not.

Now, moving right along - My Core, My Core, I will soon give you your next journey. Follow My directives as I give the assignment. We are catapulting forward into the needs of many who need My instruction, My correction, My teaching, My love. Healing and deliverance will follow as you yield to Me, My Core. You are a prototype for many Cores, yet you are a first-fruit. The seed will produce after its kind.

(I suddenly saw a spear and the spear head. I could see the spear head up close and it looked very sharp and had more than two sides. The spear appeared to have four sides round about and every sideline closing the tip looked very sharp. I saw the spear and head start to spin very quickly). I have summoned a spear to be shot directly at the enemy’s heart. In one calibrated moment, in each and every situation and circumstance to penetrate and pierce that My love may flow in. To pierce and quicken those who have been enemies of the Gospel that they may feel the touch of My love. The touch of an everlasting love that will never fade away. That is why I have commanded to pray for your enemies. I am gathering My jewels that will reflect Me and who I am. A great gathering will soon begin. I have laid out the pathway of covenant. Many need to come out of the covenant of the world and into My pathway of covenant. Many are quick to make covenants in the world. Come out from them and into My covenant pathway. Seek Me and search your hearts. That is all for now. Adjourn the meeting.

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