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The Lord said, "My people don't know
the questions they should be asking!"
the questions they should be asking!"

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The Enemy Uses Thoughts
A testimonial teaching concerning
Satan and Evil Spirits!

Learn how Satan can visit every person on this planet in a twenty-four-hour period.


The book: Satan and Evil Spirits, the Enemies of Mankind.

Book Index:

Satan and Evil Spirits PDF of this section Satan Book One cover
1. Introduction The Enemy of Mankind. My Experience with the Devil
2. The Enemy of Mankind My Experience with the Devil.
3. How Simply Does the Enemy Use the Thoughts of People Against God's Purpose?
4. The Deep Seed of Anger
5. My Deliverance From the Spirit of Fear

5a Pain in Deliverance

Python Section PDF Python wide zip - Book Two 6th Ed zip - Cover zip
6. Python! Divination = Python. It's a Soul Thing. Familiar Spirit = Python
7. What! A Religious Spirit? Necromancer = Python
8. Four Faces of Python!
9. "This Spirit is Rampant in My Church!"
10. A Witness Concerning the Snake's Tactics!
11. Python Belittling the Work of the Cross Haughty = Python. Personal Experience With Haughty
12. The Python is a "Strong Man."

Depth Concerning Python
13. Introduction - Timeline Events
14. The Courts of Heaven
15. Python and the Mind of Man
16. It Takes a Flow Chart to Get Rid of Python

17. Python! The Second Time Through.

You are here at number 3 (How Simply Does the Enemy).


How Simply Does the Enemy Use the Thoughts
of People Against God's Purpose?

How can the enemy use thoughts against you, after God has told you to do something and you have decided to do it? Since the following incident happened, I have seen the enemy work repeatedly in situations where God has told someone to do something only to have circumstances change to keep that person from obeying. I'll let this experience speak for itself.

It was revealed to a friend and my wife that we were to go to Tulsa, Oklahoma. Since the Lord had not indicated the purpose, I had very little interest in going. I was very carnal minded at that time. Time passed and finally my wife and friend convinced me to go. We made plans and I arranged to be gone from work. Then the Lord revealed to me in the night that the enemy would try to stop me from going. He also revealed that this would occur at my place of work.

As I recall the events of that week before our departure, I had no idea how the enemy would attempt to stop me. I was, as you could understand, more alert and even wondered if something were going to fall on me. I didn't know what to expect. I was operating a feed mill at a grain elevator and there were many things that could happen in one of those places. I had to deal with many people and a variety of situations. The week started normally, but about half way through it we started getting an unusually large, I should say overwhelming, number of orders. This sparked a concern by the manager since I was planning to leave. If he hadn't known the Lord had told us to go, he would have told me I couldn't go. I wound up in his office to talk about it as it was apparent that we were overloaded. That kind of lets you know the picture of the situation. On top of that about a day before it was time to leave, the person who was to replace me came and said that I couldn't go because we were too busy and he wouldn't be able to handle it. My jaw must have nearly fallen to the floor. I couldn't believe my ears. You see, this young man was a workaholic. He would go home from work and farm until two or three in the morning, day in and day out. He loved any work that was a challenge. (To tell you of his capabilities, soon after this incident, at a very young age, he started managing a branch elevator and feed mill.) Normally, he'd tell you he could handle anything and was the type that would tackle anything! This was completely out of character for him!

I reminded him of the time he was going to Wyoming and was worried about being away, leaving me with more responsibility. I had told him not to worry about the place because I would make sure everything was done, "I could handle it." As I was reminding him of this, He suddenly got this funny look on his face and told me to go ahead, "He could handle it." Then he turned around and walked away. I was left standing there thinking, "That was really strange, what in the world is going on!" The orders kept coming in so I decided to stay after hours and work a little harder, still wondering how the enemy would try to stop me.

Then it came out! I never will forget it. While I was talking with a farmer as I loaded his pickup, he said to me, "I don't need this feed." I said, "What do you mean, you don't need this feed?" He indicated to me that he had enough feed to last way into the next month. He had just decided (entertained the idea) to get some more feed now because he wasn't sure what was going to happen next month. It was then that I realized that the enemy or spirits were putting thoughts into people's minds, which was causing the overload on me and the mill.

Remembering where the Bible says Eve was beguiled in her mind, I began to understand the "out of character" performance, and the funny look of the young man who was to replace me while I was gone for the Lord. I asked the very next customer if she was getting her feed a little early? She said, "Yes." I didn't pursue the subject any further with her. There was no reason to.

With this feed mill incident God was showing me how simply, in every day life, a spirit and/or the enemy can give simple thoughts to people to come against God's plan.

4. The Deep Seed of Anger


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